rich gaasenbeek: CRM 2018 - IXACT CONTACT - Actually Your Automated MARKETING Tool - 01/08/18 10:16 AM
Actually Your Automated MARKETING Tool
Upcoming Webinar:
Double Your Business With Marketing Automation
Join IXACT Contact as it hosts a webinar with ActiveRain on 
Tuesday, January 9th at 1:00 pm ET 
"How to Double Your Business With Marketing Automation"
 Start out 2018 on the best path forward by discovering the right real estate CRM and Marketing Solution. Led by Rich Gaasenbeek, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, attend to learn why entire Brokerages adopt IXACT Contact Technology.
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rich gaasenbeek: 4 Ways You’ll Fail Your Real Estate CRM - 05/25/16 12:46 PM
Dear Readers -
In this post, Rich Gaasenbeek explains about using a CRM. When I read his post, I agree with everything he says. I LOVE using the IXACTcontact CRM.
The reason is  simple: IXACTcontact WORKS - both simply and EVERY TIME.
The features seem endless! I love two in particular - any contacts I enter to my SmartPhone go directly to my Contacts - no double entries for me! Also love the leads captured from my emails automatically showing up as contacts!
Well, more than two, I guess - a newsletter, templates for letters, reminder options, an optional website … (4 comments)





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