weltanschauung: Mind your manners…Don’t be a Keyboard Warrior! Weltanschauung 101 - 01/19/18 01:56 AM
Dear Readers -
Diana Zaccaro from Cocoa Beach FL boiled down the Weltanschauung to a powerful and clear statement -one we may all benefit from remembering:
“Mind your manners…Don’t be a Keyboard Warrior!”.
Diana Zaccaro   writes in a concise manner, making strong points as she does. In her profile, she states, " I believe in specializing in what you know and, since I’ve lived and worked on the beach for so many years, I consider myself an expert on the local area."
Her knowledge of Cocoa Beach FL benefits her Clients and others who read her posts. See what you think of these: 
 Lead Generation      Localism … (10 comments)

weltanschauung: January Blog Jumpstart Challenge - 2018 Design For YOU & YOUR Future - 12/29/17 08:16 AM
January Blog Jumpstart Challenge -
  2018 Design For YOU And YOUR Future 

 ***  FULL DETAILS NOW POSTED  January 5th, 2018  *** 
Your participation in the 2018 January Blog Jumpstart is for YOU and YOUR FUTURE. This is not a "contest" against other people - it is a Challenge from you to yourself. Just imagine it as a plain old set of "school" lessons or "assignments" designed to enhance YOUR Blogging skills.
The only competition you face is YOURSELF. Topics vary widely - whatever you choose to write is fine - the results are the benefits to you.
SUGGESTION???? Push yourself to learn something … (10 comments)

weltanschauung: Ask An Ambassador - ActiveRain Rules & Guidelines 'Genuine Effort' - 12/15/17 04:03 AM
Dear Readers -
Anna Banana Kruchten from Phoenix AZ as an Ambassador often shares gret information with the ActiveRain Community. This post is no exception. AR is so wonderful because of the Guidelines and Philosophy from the Founders.
Anna Banana Kruchten CRS,CRB clearly presents her thoughts on KNOWING ActiveRain when you are a member. That means knowing what magic formula has helped the Community to stay strong all these years.
Thanks for your continued service to our AR Community, Anna!
Check out some of her other posts:
Strength to Stop a Bully
Simply Listening
Musical Instruments Museum
All … (4 comments)

weltanschauung: Ask An Ambassador: ActiveRain Commenting Etiquette - 03/07/17 11:54 AM
Dear Readers -
Liz and Bill Spear from Mason Ohio contribute so much to our ActiveRain community. My personal thanks go to them for this very important post.
ActiveRain provides us a platform to build our businesses and experience success. It is critical for each of us to understand the CULTURE of ActiveRain if our community is to remain strong.
For me - ActiveRain is a BNBR* safe place.
The reason that AR is a safe place for us to grow our businesses is due to the foresight of the Founders who wrote and the early … (9 comments)

weltanschauung: 2017 Blog Jumpstart Challenge - Weltanschauung = Your Personal Success - 01/21/17 05:09 AM
2017 Blog Jumpstart Challenge -
Weltanschauung = Your Personal Success

Here is another selection of Weltanschauung posts to enjoy.
 Anna Banana Kruchten   Community Built on Shared Learning
 Debe Maxwell    Local Market Knowledge
 Kathy Streib    Personal Responsibility
Patricia Feager   Courage
 Jeff Dowler     Local Expertise
ActiveRain = Connect, Learn Share
A culture exists and grows and flourishes when its values are known, respected and shared with all members of the community.
Explore a sound World View carefully crafted by AR Founders and celebrate the success of your personal life and your business life.
MORE SOON -- AR limits the number of "@"s per post!

weltanschauung: The Weltanschauung OR ActiveRain Founders World View of the Community - 01/20/16 03:32 PM
The Weltanschauung OR
ActiveRain Founders World View of Community
The "W"
The ActiveRain Founders used their personal experience in real estate to design a set of values as they established the CULTURE for their dream community. And their dream flourished, reached "adolescence" and struggled a bit, and now, thanks to Ben Kinney's amazing rescue of the ActiveRain Community, passes to an evolving maturity -- held together by the Weltanschauung and the Community Guidelines*.
Weltanschauung, as defined by Wikipedia is:e
A comprehensive world view or worldview is the fundamental cognitive orientation of an individual or society encompassing the entirety of the individual or society's knowledge and point of view. A world … (3 comments)

weltanschauung: 2016 Blog JUMPSTART - Weltanschauung Posts for You to Enjoy - 01/06/16 08:45 AM
2016 Blog JUMPSTART -
Weltanschauung Posts for You to Enjoy
Let's take a look at some posts from ActiveRain Members about the 'W'.
1.           Sharon Alters                        2.              Dick Greenberg                 3.               Evelyn Johnston                                                               
4.           Bob Crane                              5.             Patricia Kennedy                6.      Bob Crane, his own 'W'   
7.          Christine Donovan               8.          Jerry … (5 comments)

weltanschauung: WELTANSCHAUUNG - Recent Posts about Our ActiveRain Founding Principles - 01/28/15 04:09 PM
Recent Posts about
Our ActiveRain Founding Principles

As part of the 2015 BIG Blog Jumpstart Challenge, members were asked to reflect on the ActiveRain Weltanschauung or World View in English.
Here are only a few of the many contributions from the 2015 Challenge.
No rhyme or reason to the choices here - - - just went to search bar, wrote in WELTANSCHAUUNG and then - there they were! No particular order either ...
 Please leave the link to YOUR Weltanschauung post in the comments if I haven't included yours in the List.
We want to … (5 comments)

weltanschauung: Active Rain Weltanschauung - 01/27/15 12:32 AM
Dear Readers -
Noah Seidenberg from Metro Chicago shares his thoughts about the powerful influences on ActiveRain.

Noah believes in the benefits of community available via ActiveRain. He sees ActivRain as a place to enhance his real estate skills and better serve his Clients. Enjoy his perspective!

Have a happy day -Lynn
PS   Just in case I haven’t thanked you personally, I really appreciate every time you stop by to read and/or comment on my posts. L.
Active Rain defines Weltanschauung as "the guiding principles and philosophy of an organization; a world … (2 comments)

weltanschauung: 2015 BIG Blog Jumpstart Challenge - CHART - Enjoy Seeing Your Progress - 01/08/15 05:04 AM
2015 BIG Blog Jumpstart Challenge
Enjoy Seeing Your Progress
Hello from the Penguin!
Hope you are enjoying the 2015 BIG Blog Jumpstart Challenge 
                                   C O M B I N E D
with Debbie Reynolds' RINGING & SINGING in the Rain Challenge.
Get points for both at the same time!
Kerrie La Guardia, our lovely and talented Community Manager, said,
"Sure - 'Double Dipping' is fine - in fact, I encourage it ..."
Both Challenges reward Community Interaction and Involvement.
You only need 24 posts before January 31, 2015
Want a hand … (7 comments)

weltanschauung: WELTANSCHAUUNG or Shall We Say Atlanta GA LIVING RIGHT with ActiveRain - 01/31/14 02:19 PM
or Shall We Say Atlanta GA LIVING RIGHT with ActiveRain
Reading the Weltanschauung again reinforces my belief that participating in the ActiveRain Community is the best professional move I ever made. I cannot choose one of the ten principles but I can make a short summary of all ten --- LIVING RIGHT with ActiveRain.
The Weltanschauung of AR encourages co-operation yet allows for differences of opinion. The principles encourage respect for one another in our work and in our interactions with one another.
Perhaps Number Ten is the true summary.
"ActiveRain believes that it is in the best interests of real estate professionals … (2 comments)

weltanschauung: My thoughts on Weltanschauung - 01/17/14 11:18 AM
Dear Readers -
Liz Harris, from Arizona, shares more well-thought out comments on the Weltanschauung or Founding Principles of the ActiveRain community. Again, the Founding Principles are the focus of a post to acquaint us with Liz's choice of the element that speaks most clearly to her.
    Hopefully you will explore the "W" for yourself!
Have a happy day -
Weltanschauung is the guiding principles and philosophy of an organization; a world view. 

Being that the number 1 value is based on us members, it is important to remember this at all times. Active Rain has built this arena for … (0 comments)

weltanschauung: Weltanschauung: the guiding principles and philosophy - 01/17/14 11:07 AM
Dear Readers,
Dagney Eason, from Connecticut, shares her view of the Weltanschauung with us. The ActiveRain founders gave us a structure and that structure has allowed our community to mature and grow.
The strength of our founding principles depends on our members knowing the principles. Share this post about the Weltanschauung with others - you will be glad you did!
Have a happy day -
Weltanschauung: the guiding principles and philosophy
Active Rain Meet Up at Dagny Eason's house December 2013
·  We understand that the value of the ActiveRain community rests entirely with its members. We … (0 comments)

weltanschauung: Have You Heard of Weltanschauung? - 01/15/14 12:53 PM
Dear Readers,
      Kristen Hamilton of California  sent a post contribution to the 2014 BIG Blog Jumpstart Challenge on ActiveRain. Her focus is on the Weltanschauung of the AR community. I am so grateful that the Founders spent time thinking about the foundations for the AR community!
Have a happy day -
Have You Heard of Weltanschauung?

What in the world is Weltanschauung? Weltanschauung is pronounced “welt·an·schau·ung”. Webster dictionary defines this term as “World view; philosophy of life; a framework through which to interpret the world”. Additionally, it refers to the framework of ideas and beliefs through which an … (6 comments)

weltanschauung: Weltanschauung: #10 Resonates with me! - 01/15/14 12:42 PM

Dear Readers,
    Please enjoy this wonderful post from Marnie Matarese, from Florida.  The Weltanschauung or "guiding principles and philosophy" of ActiveRain, offers us an almost idyllic method for participation in the real estate world.
Marnie chose #10 which puts the focus on LEARNING. What will be your choice in the 2014 BIG Blog Jumpstart?
Have a happy day -
If you are participating in the ActiveRain "Big Blog" Contest for January, you will have the opportunity to brush up on the "Weltanschauung: the guiding principles and philosophy of an organization; a world view".  When reading the "World View" and being … (0 comments)





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