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This is a Truth Connection. Rain- it blesses everyone Agents all over the world can talk. My goal is to have every home change to compact energy efficient lights. Save the world. One bulb at a time.



wow I commented on some comments on my blog and it looked like spam to active rain.I wrote a very impassioned comment on Global Warming - from a series of comments on my own blog.I hope it returns and gets viewed. I don't know all the ins and outs of commenting or commenting on the blogs. I learn...
 U tube for real estate? Why not?  pictures have been selling houses for so long that our MLS fines agents that do not get a photo up in a short time. Our office has all kinds of support for agents on here it is our home made version the Hermosa Beach real estate condo.   Ok I know I co...
 The world is so strange sometimes. Global warming is here. It is real and yet there still are suggestions out there that its all hype.It is here and it has been here for some time. What do we do about it? Well here is something, a nationwide rally. "I thought you might want to do something impor...
Its fun to participate in imagining the top 10 images that best show your image in mind of Happiness and prosperity. I came up with some and posted it. This is what my view would look like.Beach scenes, baby footprints spreading out to parents on both sides and leading up to a family with grandpa...
Everyone I know in my area of Redondo Beach knows someone affected by these fires.Temecula. My daughters best friend saw the fire from her backyard and could not get out of the area to come stay with us. The freeway there was closed. They were directed to go some place I didn't know but to safety...
Walk on the LIGHT side, I like this saying more than "right" as Shakespeare paraphrased says" there is nothing right or wrong but our thinking makes it so." I woke from a dream and wanted to direct my thought out from fear about the world. Suddenly I remembered a game one of my kids had that had ...
We are surrounded in fires and we are safe. Everyone I know living here is affected by this right now.Palos Verdes is safe. Redondo Beach where I live is safe and is where people are coming to be with family.This is a 5 billion dollar disaster for California. Six degrees of closeness. We are a cl...
This is my last moment before I turn off the lights and walk around our neighborhood in Redondo beach to support        Lights OUT  LA  I am so glad my neighbors told me about it today as we helped them move a sofa. I just went online to see all the info about it...IT's called LIGHTS OUT AMERICA....
Real Estate is a relationship business. The people get to relate to you at the open house and you get to met the public in the one place they expect to meet you. Door knocking phone calling and going after business works for many but the latest is perhaps the oldest. Pure and simple it is showing...
Hermosa Beach Living Type: Condo Location: 1720 Ardmore Ave. # 118 , Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 Bedrooms: 1, Bathrooms: 1 full Price: $515,000 OPEN HOUSE 10/13 & 10/14 SAT & SUN from 1 - 4 PM Description: This spacious one bedroom one bathroom is light and bright with new paint, crown molding and P...

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This is a Truth Connection. Rain- it blesses everyone Agents all over the world can talk. My goal is to have every home change to compact energy efficient lights. Save the world. One bulb at a time. If every home in the USA changed even one bulb it would save on the emissions of 800 Thousand cars. Real Estate ownership leading the way for financial security. Linking to every interest, South Bay, Beach areas, Views of the mountains and ocean, Vacation spots, investments, success where everyone wins and feels right at home