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This is a Truth Connection. Rain- it blesses everyone Agents all over the world can talk. My goal is to have every home change to compact energy efficient lights. Save the world. One bulb at a time.



I've tried everything...including a smaller Planner. This year along with outlook, treo I have a franklin planner and purse. I'm loving the purse. Its shallow so I don't have to dig far..its long so I can get a lot in and still see it.It has a front and back so I know the order in the purse. Its ...
 Merry Christmas to all. From the Beach in California. What to do for yourself this Christmas...Buy yourself a present Take your dogs for a walk while we have a break from the rains Take a card to your neighbors and a spice gift from Penzy's Spices Torrance Ca Visit a friend at Starbucks in Redon...
It's Christmas. What can we share to create a meaningful moment for our children?There is so much progress with birthday parties now...they don't open presents now they take them home and do it where they can appreciate it ( well after the sugar high) and keep the cards and write thanks you's and...
It starts with the have to run the show starting there...decide what you want to look like and choose what you want to do to make that happen.We are architects and directors of our LIVES!!!  Hooray!!! A lot of people know I started taking Isagenix products in June. That worked really ...
THE WORLD: New to the world is an inside peek of the language of the gamers w00t. It is a victory and triumph word combining whimsey and new technology and in a world of electronic communication.It follows on the heels of 2006 best word.."truthiness" from Comedy Central Stephen ColbertWords that ...
Adam Janeiro is my number one agent of choice in the area. There are tons of agents good and bad covering the area but he is amazing. Google him and find out what a generous teaching agent he is.This agent is all the giving as an example he gives to his clients, gives to the other Realtors and by...
We saw whales last week. We saw dolphins. Five fun dolphins played in the surf. On the Avenues in Redondo Beach there are street lights along Catalina. Really early they are just standing there and as the dawn comes up there will be a seagull perched on each one. It is later after they leave, a r...
Weather in Redondo Beach. The big rain coming was I didn't put my ad in the paper. And when the sun was out all weekend I just put up signsI did an open house Saturday and showed property Sat and Sunday. So, I am putting in ads for next weekend.Really, the weather report made it sound l...
Buyers market and low interest rates are together at last. What a beautiful blend! That is huge news.It is rare good news. It's been 9 years since this real estate phenomenon has occurred. Yes, the deal is, that you have to be ready, qualified, have a good fico score, and all the traditional lend...
Have you noticed the swing into sales in the last week? The South Bay means a lot of things in California. In Southern California it includes the 10-mile stretch of beaches called Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach. All three fall south of LAX airport. Something nice is slightly fel...

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This is a Truth Connection. Rain- it blesses everyone Agents all over the world can talk. My goal is to have every home change to compact energy efficient lights. Save the world. One bulb at a time. If every home in the USA changed even one bulb it would save on the emissions of 800 Thousand cars. Real Estate ownership leading the way for financial security. Linking to every interest, South Bay, Beach areas, Views of the mountains and ocean, Vacation spots, investments, success where everyone wins and feels right at home