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This is a Truth Connection. Rain- it blesses everyone Agents all over the world can talk. My goal is to have every home change to compact energy efficient lights. Save the world. One bulb at a time.



I got organized with incoming mail.I read an article on it in Domino Magazine. It said get the following ready a trash cana magazine holdera bill caddy You ask ...a bill caddy??? I did.It is a beautiful thing that was invented as a napkin holder. The one in the magazine was silver and a joy to se...
This shot from the balcony in Hermosa Beach Sand section is a clue as to why Hermosa beach vacation rentals has some great places to stay. Alas, not this one. But I wanted you to know about the rental world growing in our beach area. Its really cool. Some people come and rent every year for a mon...
Each house has a different feel and each city. My last post was Hermosa Beach at Christmas and it looked like any day any month. Its really what they say about the Rose Bowl. People come here when they are showed in and watch our game here. But we really have a go at Christmas even without snow. ...
Everything I am doing means I'm not doing 2 other things that day. This is the year of being busyIs this normal?I am at a crossroad on the Remax convention and a Brian Buffini event turning point.Reason to go to Remax;I have not been to the Remax convention ever and I joined them last year after ...
Be a borrower or lender online? Or get and give and education on the lending and giving arena. The people post a short profile and members choose to lend or not.Lender social network?here they are... charitable giving and online le...
This place is ideal for so many people and animals. Each seagull takes one lightplole at a timewhen the little birds go there they all line up! here are the details 3 in El Segundoa few in Hermosa Beachmore  in the Palos Verdes Peninsula and Redondo Beach and the most in Torrance. That stands to ...
How do you get good deals? anywhere? This one I know about is in the Crenshaw District below  Baldwin HillsWhy might someone sell for less than they boughttransferred?do they have 2 loans?Or worse =-does one have a interest only ending and going up to an unreasonable rate?The homes and neighborho...
This is not a joke but it seems like one. LATimes sat. Jan 5 2008. page A14  I am not kidding! The Fed-iots announced further steps to cope with the credit crunch Friday saying this bail out of two banks at auction. Wouldn't 60 Billion dollars help out a lot of people losing their homes due the t...
I don't know what to do....maybe I just blog about it I got an email that I was me'med and to answer with Five Things about me so I posted it on a blog....but that must not be how you answer it... does anyone know what I do next??? I received an email from other agents kindly telling me what Med ...
This darn spam is a bad word. Nobody wants it and ever did. It was a disgusiting food oncesome fried it.I spammed before I knew better. That is when you send the same email to eveyone.that is when you forward some garbage you believe is trueLike....the fake perfume killer/rapistlike...our contry ...

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This is a Truth Connection. Rain- it blesses everyone Agents all over the world can talk. My goal is to have every home change to compact energy efficient lights. Save the world. One bulb at a time. If every home in the USA changed even one bulb it would save on the emissions of 800 Thousand cars. Real Estate ownership leading the way for financial security. Linking to every interest, South Bay, Beach areas, Views of the mountains and ocean, Vacation spots, investments, success where everyone wins and feels right at home