active rain: Social Media its like popcorn, it explodes - 05/01/13 08:09 PM

active rain: is a good deal - 09/10/08 02:06 AM
I read a lot of complaints about and people being mad at paying Active Rain 9 dollars a month.
I really think we have been driving around active rain's playground for free for a long long time and I hope they do make some money. The have upgraded the playground equipment, made it safe and nice for us, and they watch over us with loving care. Sure it's made up of us.  Aren't we so lucky!
I just opened up my email to see an ad from at 49 dollars a month. Such a deal compared to 9 dollars … (6 comments)

active rain: no sleep for the inner voice at Inman and - 07/22/08 10:04 PM
My inner voice woke me up
Here I am in San Francisco at the Inman conference. It is my great summer adventure. How could I sleep anyway! Today at REBarcamp I felt like I was now part of the 60's radical scene that I actually sort of missed. We were in a great wonderfuland strange rented building. We took a streetcar the F to go there. 1.50 one way and a cab ride back 10 bucks.They fed us lunch! I would give credit to the name on the box but oops I forgot. Am I that client that just can't quite remember my … (0 comments)

active rain: 515 S. Broadway, Redondo Beach 90277 on Google - 07/14/08 04:21 AM

Google your listings agents! Todays blog by Jeff Dowler set me on a google flurry.
This is newer in a mixture of homes mostly older with one newer than this listing. There is an amazing Historic home on Broadway. I have showed it and wish my buyer was ready to buy but didn't. There is a new townhome on Broadway and the prices range from 1.7M to 785K...That one is mine.
Eight are for sale.  Want to live in a million dollar neighborhood?  Check it out!
ML# S Type St# St Name City Area TG# L/S Price Br/Ba YrBlt Sqft … (2 comments)

active rain: Drive around in Active Rain - 06/08/08 02:15 AM
If you haven't spent enough time learning at active rain it is time to drive around for a little bit.
I was just searching photos when up came Kristal Kraft. Her 2007 year in review, her photo instructions anytime, anywhere, read a huge library of her blogs. Wow.
Internet communication on the ipod. It can seem overwhelming when you blog and ask about The future of Iphones and wonder if you will get one now with the voice. The "Talkies took over film" Remember?
I predict that the virtual person speaking into the camera will break down a lot of walls.

active rain: is a blog site better than a website? - 06/07/08 01:45 PM
Is a blog site better than a website? YES YES YES. It is such a no brainer to have a site that is really the real person and not a store bought example that we buy stick out in space and just rent out our photo.
That is a bit unkind but its kind of true. The website I had reminded me of an old planet rolling around in space like a shoe. It really had little change or even hope of change. My only ownership was that I paid for it. Think of how we personalize Does it have a … (3 comments)

active rain: I wrote a comment and it was viewed as possible spam - 10/29/07 08:09 PM
wow I commented on some comments on my blog and it looked like spam to active rain.
I wrote a very impassioned comment on Global Warming - from a series of comments on my own blog.
I hope it returns and gets viewed. I don't know all the ins and outs of commenting or commenting on the blogs.
I learn as I go. I think its funny that I may have spammed myself out of ignorance. My 27 year old son says I spam all the time when I send an email to more than one person. If it were not for him I … (8 comments)

active rain: Comments on active rain are so valuable - 09/15/07 01:23 AM
Comments on active rain are so valuable. I confess that I was feeling a lot of bubbling grumbling over the list of repairs I got. I wanted to get back in the positive 1/2 glass full of water I usually have and ACTIVE RAIN writers have given it back in spades. I thank you for being the very best. I feel part of a wonderful community here. It is beyond borders of companies and States. We have a common bond and I just LOVE IT. Thank you, each and every one for these comments.
Its like a school scene in a good … (3 comments)

active rain: SOLD ! 634 Meyer Lane # B Redondo Beach, California - 08/24/07 08:47 PM
 2002 new in 2002 and 2363 sq ft. Two Good to Be True? It's the real deal  Click here for Virtual Tour
4 Bedroom 2.5 bath family and bonus rooms   765000 and live at the beach  S948504 This property sold after being on the market over 3 months in the summer. It was appraised at 760K and the new owners are pleased to have something this big, and this new near the beach. Hardwood flooring direct access to unit with 2 car garage, three bedrooms upstairs and one downstairs give ample privacy for a teen, mother in law or office. People say when … (2 comments)

active rain: Sharing the information wealth as a playground - 07/05/07 02:18 AM
Sharing is like multiplying in a divided world. Its healing, hearing and happening on active rain.
Have you invited anyone to join?  This group is full of the best and the newest. Sharing is the foundation of this active rain concept. Rain falls on everyone freely and repeatedly. I am new to the blog world. This fun place has given me a playground. Ok I know some of the group is in the higher grades than me. The shy kids and the shiny kids here all have a place to hang out together.
I'm learning so much from others. I encourage you to read … (0 comments)

active rain: Read the Groups - 07/05/07 02:08 AM
I'm hooked on Groups.
One morning focus has filled my cup to the brim. I have only just started and love what Active Rain has done.
In researching the groups stories, start and staying power I have an "Alice in Wonderland" feeling of growing and shrinking in each place. I encourage you to start your summer with a travel through Active Rain Groups.
Travel the eco friendly, the statistics, the serious and the sublime. Its really really fun. Get to know the one place that we have that we can actually all get along and have a voice. Its the movie "Contact" and the … (4 comments)

active rain: Success of Active Rain Thank You! - 06/19/07 11:21 PM
Two weeks ago I received a phone call. A smart seller checked out her area on the internet and landed on the active rain summaries. She called several agents in the South Bay area inc. Redondo Beach, Ca. and listened to their voice messages. She called, we made an appointment and landed the listing. This led to a connection to a relocation company and I have one thing to say...  Thank you Active Rain!
Lynne Pope
Remax Execs South Bay

Lynne  Pope, "Out of the Blue" solutions for perfect homes (eXp realty, MFA,Hermosa Beach,Redondo Beach,South Bay )

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