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Illinois is really not that boring!Money Magazine selected four Illinois towns for their annual “100 Best Places to Live” list. Bolingbrook (#43), Naperville (#54), Mt. Prospect (#56) and Arlington Heights (#59) all made the cut according to All four Chicagoland towns were chosen fo...
This is a funny but true post - No Nudes is Good Nudes!  If you are a seller ditch any of the 'racy' photos you might have or any unclothed pictures, photos, statues of ANYONE in your home.  Why make buyers feel uncomfortable if they are overly conservative? What would be your purpose? Buyers ex...
Looking on Zillow for real estate information? Not really accurate information provided or did you not know that? That's OK, the secret is out now.  Please enjoy this post from an agent in North Carolina, Leesa Finley. I Am A Local Real Estate Expert - Zillow is Not Whether you are thinking of b...
Listing your home soon?  Here's a couple of things you should know about 'Price'. There’s actually a few factors that are embroiled together – Price, condition, location.  Together all three will actually make your home either sell or be rejected by prospective buyers. Obviously in this market an...
Boy I wish we had Smell-A-Vision or do I?  This is a great post from Paula Hamilton in Texas about odors in homes that sellers are so used to they don't even notice them anymore.  Remember when Fido used to stink?  He still does!  You've just gotten used to it.  Your nose 'knows' that odor and b...
Hilarious and somewhat true.  If you don't have a sense of humor, keep moving.  I have to look at these homes all day long, so the wording involved (or carefully chosen? craftily chosen?) from MLS comments & advertising is absolutely dead on. Let me start of by saying that this is satire. And th...
What's the results of the tax credit with Roselle Home Buyers? I've been waiting to write this update now for quite sometime on Roselle Home Sales and to be honest, it sure is a let down!  Yep, anti-climactic end to the Home Buyers Tax Credit.  Like a sharp object aimed at a balloon, it's a total...
This is the 'Months Supply of Inventory' for Elk Grove IL Homes (Multi-Family which is townhomes, condos, quads, duplexes) from June 2008 to June 2010.This is also called the 'Conversion Rate' or how long and how much inventory is on the market in that particular town.  Obviously, the higher the ...
This is the 'Months Supply of Inventory' for Hoffman Estates IL Homes (single family only) from June 2007 to June 2010.This is also called the 'Conversion Rate' or how long and how much inventory is on the market in that particular town.  Obviously, the higher the rate, the longer the market time...
Schaumburg Townhome Market Snapshot - June 2010   The graph illustrates sales for Multi-family Schaumburg Townhomes, Condos, Duplexes, Quads from January to June 2010.  With all the media hype about the tax credit, I would have expected better numbers.  What I see here is the standard increases t...

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