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  Yes or no? Should we? Could we? These are all the seller questions that homeowners might have when investigating or deciding a Short Sale. Great explanation from Judy Chapman from our own Northbrook IL Area. Maybe you’ve heard the term ‘Strategic Short Sale’ before. Maybe you haven’t. Here’s th...
For or Against the NAR Dues Increase?  You better speak up NOW! This email came today:To help provide you with the latest information and answer many of the questions that have been raised, the Leadership Team is holding a LIVE virtual Town Hall on Wednesday, April 13th, from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. ce...
Rescuing a lost soul should not be based on having a fence! Have been checking in and out of our local rescue shelters deciding if another dog is an option to add to my household (the Blog Dog says she needs a buddy!).  Even the possibility of an interim foster mom for an abused or neglected dog ...
Landlords be aware of new Illinois Laws coming on the horizon! Recently there has been a plethora of legislation in Illinois with landlord and tenant rights.  Here are a few highlights:SELLER DISCLOSURE-TOXIC MOLD(HB 1543, sponsored by Representative Dan Beiser), amends the seller disclosure law ...
This is another installment of my guest blogger, Gary Lundeen, and his continuing saga with Short Sale Reform.  Gary has single handedly taken it upon himself to write the Congress, all Senate members and the governors of each wonderful state.  It is my sincere hope that reform is on the way but ...
Heaven help us, we are surrounded by idiots!OUR LEGISLATORS ...... are concerned that foreclosures are 'skewing' housing market prices.  Now?  They are concerned now?  After how many years, depending on the regional area has the market been this way?This is an article from that came ou...

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