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Sometimes you have clients that just don't make any sense and in fact harm themselves. Their lack of decision making ability sometimes astounds me.  Here's the story on this one seller - I listed the house over a year and a half ago and then cancelled it because the prices were plummeting in the ...
Real Estate Market Update - Northwest Suburbs - June 2012 You might find this housing report interesting if:  1)  You are thinking of selling your home in the Northwest Suburbs soon and want to see what's really up with our market. 2)  You don't know what to believe because there are conflicting...
I place many ads on CraigsList and I go through them to be sure that my ads are standing out with all the many real estate listings.  Purusing the ads one just happened to catch my eye that at first seemed 'original'.  OK, I'll bite, let's see what you have to say after you've gotten my attention...
Let's start with a few recent emails or phone calls that I've recently gotten.  While I am listening to these people on the phone I am either shaking my head and my eyes are wide open in disbelief at their stories. Here's a couple that I've recently heard - I'm a ready & willing buyer but I have ...

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