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Rents are expected to rise at about 3% a year according to a KCM post.  I happen to agree based on what I have seen over the last few years. There has been a tremendous shift where renting is absolutely necessary when someone might be coming out of a short sale or foreclosure.  The ability to buy...
Top Selling Schaumburg Subdivisions by Price Range Well you must be interested in Schaumburg if you're here!  Or are you just curious?  This is a short piece on the top selling subdivisions in Schaumburg over the last few months (June thru October 2008).  There were a total of 113 single family s...
Local Pumpkin Patch Farms- go pick pumpkins at a local farm in the Schaumburg and Cook County areas.  Listed by County Below. When there's a crisp snap in the air, nothing beats a day at the local pumpkin patch farm. It's guaranteed to put a Jack-o-Lantern-sized smile on everyone's face! This is ...
Donors Choose - a new way to give & help with much needed classroom funding! is a great online charity and newer way to give back to the community and actually fund projects that teachers have posted for their classrooms.  As an example, I took a request from a teacher in Streamw...
Another Schaumburg Township reassessment notice has just been mailed and what can you do if you think the assessment is too high?  First a few explanations on why the tax bills are so high and the #1 culprit is the school systems and the revenue they need to generate each year.   I for one no lon...
The foreclosure & the insane listing agent .... They don't always go together but lately I'm not so sure.  Let me entertain you with a little story about a poor little house that's been vacant for years and neglected.  One day the poor little house finally came on the market for a ridiculous pric...
The Sun-Times printed a great article the other day on inventory levels and prices for our surrounding Chicago area.  Some areas are doing better than others and the same with pricing. The more demand that is put on the market, prices have no where else to go but up. Ahhh bliss, right? But my que...
Top House Hunting Worries for Buyers Home buyers are definitely feeling the pressure in this changing market.  Some areas are good, some hot and some are totally over heated.  The top worries amoung home buyers was done in a recent survey by Trulia: Mortgage interest rates would rise before I buy...
This really should be illegal ..... Negotiated a successful contract for a buyer on a foreclosure that had just come back on the market.  With all the reams of paper involved in a bank contract there was lots of back & forth emails between the listing agent & myself.  With the final sending of th...
Schaumburg Townhomes & Condos - Are prices increasing?Schaumburg townhomes and condos are selling at a better pace and at better prices. Based on the monthly numbers that I will show you, our housing prices are fluctuating in spite of the media reports to the contrary. Many areas of the country h...

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