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Cash is king again? Conventional financing has officially taken back the crown for financing types in Hoffman Estates so far this year. I was poised to write about how cash has taken over the market from a national survey but was surprised to find that is not the case in Hoffman Estates!   Still ...
Cash is king again!Cash has officially taken back the crown for financing types in our area. Still have to wonder where all these folks are getting their cash to purchase these homes. Investors are obviously working with it so they can purchase those sub-standard properties that will not be able ...
Can you put a price on real estate experience? Veteran real-estate agents vastly outsell their rookie counterparts, according to one study recently published in the Wall Street Journal.   But by how much?  According to the study it's about $25,000 for the average house. "Veteran agents sell homes...
I did my first 'Tweet for Help' today on a Short Sale file that is hopelessly in limbo with NationStar.  It has been excalated 3 weeks with FNMA escalation dept and FNMA has been diligently after NationStar but still nothing has happened.  All paperwork is there waiting for NationStar review in E...
Wherever there is big money, there are scammers! I live in Cook County and if you've already broken into a smirk, you know what I am about to say here. There is a definite problem with scams and corruption running rampant in the muck. So let's talk about the tax base and how taxes are collected i...
Zillow using the 'F' word - Falsely reporting owners in foreclosure NBC News Chicago has taken up the story where Zillow has incorrectly reported homeowners in their system as being in foreclosure.  On top of making this just maddening, the homeowners really have no recourse with the company beca...
I follow a newer website called and they come up with some good suggestions in their email remodeling newsletter.  But today I saw this new craze where you put your shower where the tub is. Hmmm? I'm not sure if this is a good idea blending both areas together. I've been through a few d...
Real Estate Market Update - Northwest Suburbs - August 2013 Welcome to the place to get those real estate questions answered about the housing market in the Northwest Suburbs! Our local inventory level has still continued to decrease and are still at insanely low levels. Multiple offers in many p...
Gee, Suze say's it's okay to buy a house ...... Suze Orman financial wizzo tells her followers that it's ok to buy a house with less than 20% down.  I don't know about you but I think this advice is about a year behind the market!  'Suze says' .....  that putting down 10% is ok as long as you sti...
Trash out companies get their 'comeuppance' ..... In what I think is a bold move, the Attorney General of IL has filed the first suit against a 'trash out' company called Safeguard for breaking into homes and threatening legal tenants.  This has been long overdue and it has taken the AG's office ...

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