hoffman estates realtor: Hoffman Estates IL Real Estate - Market Improvement for May 2012 - 06/13/12 01:38 AM
Hoffman Estates IL Real Estate - Housing Report for May 2012 How to describe the current market for Hoffman Estates IL Homes?   We have actually been seeing a distinct improvement for the last 12 months.  Interest rates have never been lower with affordability being the best it's ever been.   The months supply of inventory for Hoffman Estates IL Homes has been steadily decreasing and has actually kept our recovery on an even keel. We have 19% less in housing inventory then we did a year ago.  Too many homes on the market makes it more competitive and prices are forced downward.   … (0 comments)

hoffman estates realtor: Hoffman Estates IL Real Estate - What have home prices done? - 02/24/12 06:27 AM
There's been much talk (chatter by the national talking heads) in the media about our Northwest Suburban and Hoffman Estates home values returning to a previous level. I read these reports constantly, day in and day out and wonder to myself 'How do they know this stuff when I don't even know it!'Real estate is unique in that it is very local in nature. In fact, real estate is so unique it can even be broken down further to say that neighborhoods even in the same town will been effected differently. What happens in one subdivision doesn't necessary happen in another. … (14 comments)

hoffman estates realtor: Hoffman Estates IL Homes - Should I rent or should I buy? - 12/06/11 08:37 AM
Buying wins!  At least here in our Northwest Suburban Chicago Area. Hoffman Estates home prices and mortgage rates have fallen so far that the monthly cost of owning a home is more affordable than at any point in the past 15 years and is less expensive than renting in a growing number of cities. If you are a buyer why not take advantage of this opportunity? Ok, you're skeptical, here is more ammo that purchasing is a great idea!
But the current Hoffman Estates market situations gives you as a buyer great opportunities that have never been seen before.  Homes that … (4 comments)

hoffman estates realtor: Hoffman Estates IL Homes - How long will it take to sell? - 07/17/11 07:30 AM
Welcome to the roller coaster ride for Hoffman Estates Homes!  In this gyrating edition of June's market update I'm going to decipher for you the current market trends (cause that's what I do) and tell you about time on market.  A more complex word that some use might be 'absorption rate'.  So how long will it take your Hoffman Estates home to sell?Let's begin with the use of the economic basic of supply and demand. Obviously in this market we have too much supply. When that happens the time it takes to sell your Hoffman Estates home also goes up. Buyers have a … (4 comments)

hoffman estates realtor: Hoffman Estates Illinois - Village Profile and wide open spaces! - 07/12/11 12:26 PM
Hoffman Estates   has a quiet suburban setting, an abundance of open space and a wide variety of recreational and educational opportunities that make it a great place to live.  Some 35% (approximately 4,000 acres) of land is in forest preserves, parks and golf courses, so open places abound.  So that's 1/3 of the community land dedicated to the preservation of natural ecology and trees. The Forest Preserves are also complemented by the 585 acres of land in uses as parks and recreational areas. Recreational facilities, from racquetball to archery, horseback riding to handball, tennis, golf, boating and fishing are all easily found nearby. 
There are also 30 playgrounds; … (0 comments)

hoffman estates realtor: Hoffman Estates IL - Housing Market December thru February 2010 - 03/27/10 03:16 AM
Hoffman Estates Housing Market - December '09, January and February 2010 What's up with the Illinois and Chicago Market real estate you ask?  
The impact on foreclosures in our market is substantial and their impact on prices since a buyer would obviously prefer to buy a foreclosure that had the same features as one being offered through a regular seller.  It is also having an impact in opposite directions - again, foreclosure sales up and prices go down!  As a consequence we have 'Two Levels of Pricing':  Many markets have two levels of pricing – distressed sales and traditional sales. … (1 comments)

hoffman estates realtor: Hoffman Estates Illinois - Townhome Market Update June 2009 - Lyn Sims (847)230-7324 - 07/05/09 01:08 AM
Market Update by Price Range - April, May, June 2009 Diligently trying to keep both buyers and sellers informed on the local Hoffman Estates Illinois housing market has been my goal for many years.  This market update gives you the number of homes that have sold by price range so you get a feel for the current sales activity.  Which is up by the way!
102% over the last quarter!Is it the $8000 Tax Credit?  Is it the lower interest rates?  Or maybe just great values in the area? 
How can you use this information if you are a buyer?   The price range … (2 comments)

hoffman estates realtor: Tax Appeal Process - Cook County IL - Schaumburg Township - Schaumburg Illinois - 04/30/09 11:46 AM
Striking fear into the hearts of all tax payers in Cook County!Bungling?   You bet!Inept and Monstrous Behavior?   You bet!Totally obscure policies and ridiculous thinking!    Why sure!Just like Godzilla trampling Tokyo in the old movies - here comes Cook County ripping and smashing their way into your wallet!  The more they try and help - the more streets are smashed and chaos abounds!So what makes me jump on the 'way-back machine' to bring back an old behemoth like Godzilla?  The similarities to me are just striking.  Lumbering along on Chicago streets reeking havoc and just plain being stupid.  The … (4 comments)

hoffman estates realtor: Hoffman Estates Illinois Townhome Market Update - March 2009 - 04/27/09 01:05 PM
Hoffman Estates Illinois Townhome Market Update by Price Range - March 2009
Always trying to keep both buyers and sellers informed on the local Hoffman Estates housing market has been my goal for many years.
This market update gives you graphs of the Multi-family homes (townhomes, quads, condos, duplexes) that have sold by price range so you get a feel for the current sales activity.  Which is up by the way!  There have been 22 total sales with the lowest price of $57,500 for a 2BR 1BA condo.  I'm sure you'll agree that's a great deal for Hoffman Estates!

hoffman estates realtor: Hoffman Estates Local Market - Hoffman Estates Illinois Real Estate - Lyn Sims (847)230-7324 - Hoffman Estates Realtor - 11/01/08 07:05 AM
What if 2008 was the best year to buy real estate and you didn't do it?  
This time may be your "best opportunity" market in years!  Mortgage interest rates are low and prices in Northwest Suburban Illinois are still holding fairly well, generally area prices are flat.  The median price home sale in Illinois is actually UP at $198,768*.  The Chicago Median Price for a home is $264,271* which is also UP. 

hoffman estates realtor: Chicago Northwest Suburbs - Smart Time to Buy in Hoffman Estates or Schaumburg! Lyn Sims (847)230-7324 - 08/04/08 06:33 AM
Now is a Smart Time to Buy!  Here's what's available by Price Range in Hoffman Estates and Schaumburg!
Now is a great time to buy a home, say the financial gurus at the Wall Street Journal, so GET OFF THAT FENCE!   (Not to mention is just huuuurtsssssssss after awhile!)The Journal calls it a buyers market and offers these suggestions for first-timers getting their feet wet. While their advice is solid, it's not revolutionary, but some potential customers might find it reassuring.
Remember this is a place to live not a stock market investment, they say. Lenders want buyers to spend … (0 comments)

hoffman estates realtor: Hoffman Estates Illinois - Arts & Crafts Fair - June 28th & June 29th 2008 - 06/24/08 09:42 AM
Arts & Crafts Fair
This year, the Arts & Crafts Fair is on Saturday, June 28, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Sunday, June 29, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the weekend before the Fourth of July Festival. It will be held on the Police Department grounds at the corner of Gannon Drive and Golf Road. Free parking will be available onsite and at Hoffman Estates High School.
Looking to buy or sell a home in the Hoffman Estates Area?  Over 20 years experience in the Northwest Suburbs!

Lyn Sims at RE/MAX Suburban (847)230-7324

hoffman estates realtor: Hoffman Estates Dog Lovers ~ I-Vest-a-Dog Program June 30th to July 2nd, 2008 - 06/24/08 06:14 AM
This is a great program that provides Kevlar Vests for our Police Dogs in the Chicago Metro area!  Why would Police Dogs need Kevlar Vests???   Cause people try and stab them and shoot them!  They could use your help and protection!
Jewel 'Shop & Share Days' will donate a portion to this great group from June 30th to July 2nd, 2008.  Please click below to print the coupons (to share) 3 on a page.
Official Website
Donation Info - they accept Pay Pal!

Many thanks to our friends at the Illinois State Police Forensic Science Center of Chicago for setting … (0 comments)

hoffman estates realtor: Hoffman Estates Illinois - $239,900 3BR Lyn Sims - Chicago Northwest Suburbs - 06/18/08 06:22 AM
Lyn Sims at RE/MAX Suburban (847)230-7324    CALL ME TO HELP YOU GET STARTED IN A HOME NOW!
Website is:  www.LynSims.net            Email her at:  LynSims@remax.net

hoffman estates realtor: You've got to sell your home - so now what??? Northwest Suburban Schaumburg Area Homes, Lyn Sims (847)230-7324 - 04/10/08 08:24 AM
Selling Your Home
Sometimes, life just hands us the inevitable: just when everything seems right with your home, something happens and you have to sell it!  It could be that unbelievable job opportunity that you just can't pass up OR twins or triplets!
No matter what your reasons are for selling, remember that now is no time to dawdle, the process of preparing a home for sale can take a month or more.  You've got work to do!  So, here's how to start:
1. Take a Fresh Look at Your Home
Your home looks great to you, but a buyer wants to see it since … (0 comments)

hoffman estates realtor: Schaumburg/Hoffman Estates Area $163,900 to $228,900 Lyn Sims (847)230-7324 RE/MAX Suburban - 03/10/08 05:24 AM

hoffman estates realtor: Northwest Suburban Chicago, Hoffman Estates IL, Homes Available and Market Times, October 2007 - 10/09/07 06:49 AM
There is a larger amount of inventory thruout the Chicago Northwest Suburban Market which includes the Hoffman Estates/Schaumburg areas.  Sellers are competing to make their homes standout and enhance their chances of getting an offer.  Prices have held between 3 to 4% from the listing price over the last 9 months of 2007.
Here is a chart of ACTIVE Single Family Home Prices in Hoffman Estates with the MARKET TIMES posted as "Average Days on the Market".
There are currently 235 single family homes available with an average sale price of $376,700 with the Average Market Time of 181 days.
There have been 280 … (1 comments)

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