home selling advice: 5 Eco-Friendly Ways to get Clutter out of your Home - 05/16/19 10:49 AM
5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Get Clutter Out of Your Home
Did you know that clutter in your home can cause you stress? Getting rid of clutter and organizing your home can definitely make your life easier and less stressful, but if you do it the wrong way, you could be causing more stress for the environment. If you want to tidy up your home without negatively impacting the planet, try following these tips:
Get into Green Cleaning    
Before you declutter, you may want to stock up on some eco-friendly cleaning supplies. You’ll want to clean and maintain your home after all … (4 comments)

home selling advice: Home Seller Closing Costs - Schaumburg Homes - Lyn Sims (847)230-7324 RE/MAX Suburban - 06/22/12 04:03 AM
Home Seller Closing Costs
There are more closing costs in the average real estate transaction than just the Realtors© commission!  Here are a few examples of standard closing costs (updated 6/13/19) in our Northwest Suburban Illinois area ~

Survey - Sellers in Illinois are responsible for giving the buyer a plat of survey of the property. The price for a plat of survey can range from $500 to $800.  In our area it cannot be older than 6 months.  Usually with townhomes or duplexes where you own the land this would apply also.
Recorded release of mortgage - Verifies that your mortgage has been completely … (11 comments)

home selling advice: There is a Difference Between Decorating and Home Staging - 04/28/12 04:41 AM
There definitely IS a difference between Decorating & Staging as this post points out!  Just because your home is wonderfully decorated doesn't mean it appeals to the most amount of buyers. It could actually be too personalized for the market.
Read on and get great advice from Kathy Nielsen a popular stager in Atlanta.
One of the biggest misnomers when it comes to preparing your home for the market is that staging is a lot like decorating. The truth of the matter is that while there are some things that are similar, there are some huge differences between the two.

home selling advice: Schaumburg IL Real Estate - 10 REASONS NOT TO STAGE YOUR HOME - 02/07/12 06:14 AM
Are you a seller that just LOVES people traipsing through your home? Looking forward to at least a 6 month market time minimum? I'm always trying to bring my readership great advice and trends. Even though staging is not a trend - some people still aren't convinced of it's advantages.
Great staging advice on what 'not to do' when selling your home & why getting staging advice could be a real benefit for you.  Thanks to Janet Jones in Hawaii.
1.  We want to test the market for 90 days.  And on the 91st day?  Price reduction--and 90 days worth of potential buyers … (5 comments)

home selling advice: Staging your Schaumburg Home to Sell, Phase 5 - 11/04/11 03:13 AM
Welcome back to Stage-apalooza and this is the last and toughest Phase 5.  This is an agonizing phase for most people because it deals with clutter.  Unless you'rea hoarder you know that you possibly have too many trinkets and chotchkie scattered about. These are distractions that buyers do not need to see! 
Here's help and suggestions on how to unclutter your home and show your home's maximum storage potential.  You are after all selling space and storage.  
Salvation Army Locations Lookup
WINGS (Women in Need Growing Stronger) Resale Stores
Recycle an old refrigerator & make $$
Prepacking Video Checklist
Depersonalizing Video Checklist

Staging and readying your home … (6 comments)

home selling advice: Staging your Schaumburg Home to Sell, Phase 4 - 10/04/11 01:46 AM
Welcome back to Stage-apalooza and in this 4th Phase of the program I want to talk about updates and repairs to your home.  
It's common knowledge that buyers are looking for the home with the least amount of work and the best price.  If you have a misconception that buyers want to 'do it their way' you are unfortunately going to be in for a rude awakening 180 days down the road and your home still hasn't sold!
Now that I've burst your balloon what can you do? You can prepare your home to be the most neutral that it can be to … (5 comments)

home selling advice: Top Winter Selling Tips - 12/22/10 04:01 AM
Top Winter Selling Tips Keep it Cozy:
You may be energy conscious during most winter days, but when potential buyers are on the way you will want to turn the thermostat up a few degrees in advance. You want you home to be comfortable for a wide range of visitors.Time the Light:
Having indoor and outdoor lights on timers is not only smart from a security standpoint, but it can also make your home look warm and inviting to buyers passing by when you're not at home. Make sure there is enough outdoor lighting to properly show off your home during … (4 comments)

home selling advice: 8 Reasons Why your House Won't Sell - 12/13/10 12:58 AM
8 Reasons Why your Home Won't Sell 1)  Your Home is just not up to Snuff - There is plenty of stiff competition our there in the marketplace and buyers just don't want to deal with the updates you haven't wanted to tackle.  You can blame it on anything you want but if your home is outdated, it's not going to sell.  You can wish as hard as you can, it's just not going to happen.
2)  Your Home does not have 'Curb Appeal' - Notice that buyers cruising by your home point and laugh?  They don't want to trim the bushes, … (21 comments)

home selling advice: Home Staging - See how it can Really Open up the Space - 10/28/10 03:58 AM
HOME STAGING TIP - This post gives the best reason the have your home staged in my opinion - to show off the space your selling!  Even in a smaller home a room can feel spacious.
This post is from Maureen Bray a stager from Portland Oregon. She has given us a great 'tutorial' here with before & after pictures.  You don't have to fill every single square foot of your house with furniture!
I'm going to keep after you sellers until you get this stuff!  Enjoy!

                                      Home Staging can Really Open up the Space, even in a Portland … (11 comments)

home selling advice: Cook County Fingerprinting - Just Press Here Please! - 06/22/10 03:58 AM
More real estate lunacy! In an effort to curb fraud our area of Cook County has enacted a new law that to me has gone totally over the top!  In order to close on a home, the seller must put his fingerprint on the title document which then gets transferred to the buyer.  Typical 'give me your thumb please and press here' only there are no police present.  Has fraud gotten that out of control?  
Normally at a closing the sellers and buyers present the title officer their drivers licenses or any form of official identification at the closing.  This … (48 comments)

home selling advice: HOME SELLING ADVICE - Staged for Sale with 'before' and 'after' pictures - 06/09/10 08:00 AM
STAGING YOUR HOME WORKS!  Well that's the 100th time I've said it here on my blog.  Here are some great before & after pictures from a victorian home in Rockford that Michelle Hess from Simply Staged worked on.
People want to see a home they can live in, not 'how it could look' or 'how it should look'.  There are just too many homes on the market for buyers to choose from and they will just go on to the 'next' one.
Don't be a 'next'!.  We're outta' here!

Touring this Rockford Victorian home is truly an exploration.  With the many rooms … (4 comments)

home selling advice: 10 Home Staging Tips to Make Your House Look like a Model Home - 06/06/10 05:58 AM
Can't go wrong with 10 more Home Staging Tips from an area stager that been on HGTV, Julea Joseph.
Keep all these important tips in mind when getting your home ready to sell.

What is it about Model homes that make them so appealing?  Is it the freshness of all new; is it the sassy paint colors, the perfectly placed furniture, art and accessories or the beautiful groomed backyard that makes you want to plop right down on that comfy club chair, or light the grill on the patio?  Well.... Yes to all the above.  A builder hold hosts to … (3 comments)

home selling advice: The Top 20 Tacky Staging Techniques - 05/24/10 04:46 AM
Sellers Advice here!  The Top 20 Tacky Staging Techniques will give you some great ideas on what not to do. If it looks phony or contrived - get rid of it. 
Plastic plants - plant them firmly in your recycle bin.
Wine bottles near the whirlpool?  It's not the Sybaris (only in Chicagoland) folks.
The picture below looks like someone put a rose thru a shredder.  How romantic!  It's making me swoon.
Angela Voss a stager from Washington gives you these great suggestions on how not to make yourself the laughing stock of the real estate community!  We take pictures of all this … (3 comments)

home selling advice: Updating your Kitchen or Baths? Need help with what to do? - 05/22/10 06:19 AM
Updating your Kitchen?  Need help with what to do? I recently picked up Consumer Reports Kitchen Planning & Buying Guide 2010 that really gives a good broad range of suggestions and things not to miss.  Lately with the down market I've been seeing many homeowners installing lots of upgrades that they won't be getting their money out of.  Granite counters are the most popular and best example.  
If you live in a small home, quad or average townhome - let's face it you've been sold a bill of goods by Home Depot and Lowes. Every consumer forgets they are in the … (6 comments)

home selling advice: It's just too painful to continue - my eyes, my eyes! - 05/04/10 02:50 AM
Here's another installment in The Glamorous Job of a Realtor©.  This was just too good to pass up and I had to show you the latest decorating trends for the Kitchen.
Scroll slowly to savor the moment .....

The floor matches the cabinets which I will have to remember when I remodel in the future.  My eyes hurt a little bit while looking at the cabinets but I guess they will adjust after a few years.

Don't forget you saw this new decorating trend right here first!  Stand aside HGTV. 
Stay tuned for our video tutorial entitled 'Tacky things to … (19 comments)

home selling advice: Create An Exterior Sanctuary To Gain An Advantage When Selling - 04/28/10 10:51 AM
Curb Appeal - do you have it?  Do you want it?  This is a great post on how to create the 'WOW' factor when you put your home up for sale.  Most buyers will not even go into a house if they don't like how your home looks on the outside!  It's really that important!  Buyers will just sit in their car - stare for a few moments and stay 'Next'. 
Enjoy this post from John Mulkey and don't forget that your exterior should show as well as your interior! 

In today’s competitive housing market, sellers can create an exterior sanctuary to gain an advantage when … (2 comments)

home selling advice: What to do when the Seller is their own worst enemy? - 04/21/10 07:42 AM
Ever begin to have problems with a client from the moment the ink dries on the listing agreement?  Ever have strange questions that make you wonder if your client is paranoid?  Ever wonder what you did to deserve this!Problem clients can be a handful and even though we try and educate them to the home sale process and guide them along, some are just not going to want to be helped and I always wonder why! I have a client like this right now.  She has to sell her home and yet fights every showing that something is not going to … (6 comments)

home selling advice: I Know It Hurts, But What You Need or Want from the Sale of Your Home Doesn't Matter - 04/16/10 10:32 AM
Sellers advice here. You home will sell for what it is worth today, in today's market.  This is a great post from Peggy Wester in Grfton Wisconsin.  She brings up a delicate and excellent point about market value and your home.  It's not what you want for the house or how much you need to have.
It's what the market will substantiate at TODAY's number. 

It seems like things are getting tougher and tougher in the world of real estate. More and more "for sales" are popping up, interest rates have creeped up a bit, the buyer … (9 comments)

home selling advice: Sellers May Not Realize That...... - 04/16/10 01:05 AM
Sellers here's some good advice - there's a good amount of information that I've given for sellers preparing their house but there are some things that agents wish they could say to sellers in these instances!  Dead animals adorning the walls (taxidermists), guns out to possibly show the sellers prowess.  These things HAVE TO BE put away for your home to show in it's best light.
Throw in some humor like an agent from Texas, Greg Nino did and I'm sure I'll be making my point.  Enjoy, and oh by the way, an above ground pool is nothing more than … (7 comments)

home selling advice: Home Sale Staging - It's not a bunch of 'Hooey' and here's the reasons why! - 02/05/10 03:40 AM
Yes I said HOOEY!  You are making a sad mistake Mr. or Ms. Seller by not paying attention to a trend that is now becoming mandatory.  Think buyers won't care or don't care how your vacant home shows?  Read the stats here. 
Now before you say, Oh Lyn, there you go whining again about staging!  Yep, I'm not going to stop because it's that important.  It's not about how YOU feel, it's about what your buyers will think or do think.  Got that?  It's about them. 
So enough of my mini rant and please read this post from a stager in … (5 comments)

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