staging advice: Is Scruffy stopping you from selling your home? - 03/25/14 07:14 AM
In offering advice to sellers on how to market their homes I've asked a guest, Teresa Colby-Dokubo a home staging expert in the Schaumburg Area to give us examples of most asked questions that she receives on a regular basis.  I'm a huge fan of staging your home and this is great advice on a very important subject - the pet odors that you might not know that you have! Here's some great tips on thinking (and smelling) like a buyer prefers.

Animal odors can turn off potential home buyers and prevent your home from selling!  Animal odors are … (7 comments)

staging advice: Will potential buyers really 'love' your wallpaper? - 02/15/14 11:18 PM
In offering advice to sellers on how to market their homes I've asked a guest, Teresa Colby-Dokubo a home staging expert in our area to give us examples of most asked questions that she receives on a regular basis.  I'm a huge fan of staging your home and this is great advice on a very important subject - the dreaded wallpaper discussion!  Keep it or lose it?

Will Potential Buyers Love Your Wallpaper?
"I love my wallpaper!" – This is a comment that I often hear when conducting real estate home staging consultations.  I also hear, "I don't like my … (17 comments)

staging advice: Staging Luxury Real Estate: Before/After Photos - 12/18/13 11:37 PM

Staging is important no matter what size home you have! This is a great example of taking a blank new construction home & giving it character to appeal to the most amount of potential buyers.
I'm not saying that new construction is 'the best' but whatever home in whatever style and age can benefit from staging.  It removes the clutter that buyers can't look past & puts your home in it's best possible light. Focus on the benefits & the best use of the space.
Thanks to Kristine Ginsberg for her talents.
 Staging New Construction Luxury Real Estate
Staging new construction … (3 comments)

staging advice: There is a Difference Between Decorating and Home Staging - 04/28/12 04:41 AM
There definitely IS a difference between Decorating & Staging as this post points out!  Just because your home is wonderfully decorated doesn't mean it appeals to the most amount of buyers. It could actually be too personalized for the market.
Read on and get great advice from Kathy Nielsen a popular stager in Atlanta.
One of the biggest misnomers when it comes to preparing your home for the market is that staging is a lot like decorating. The truth of the matter is that while there are some things that are similar, there are some huge differences between the two.

staging advice: Schaumburg IL Real Estate - 10 REASONS NOT TO STAGE YOUR HOME - 02/07/12 06:14 AM
Are you a seller that just LOVES people traipsing through your home? Looking forward to at least a 6 month market time minimum? I'm always trying to bring my readership great advice and trends. Even though staging is not a trend - some people still aren't convinced of it's advantages.
Great staging advice on what 'not to do' when selling your home & why getting staging advice could be a real benefit for you.  Thanks to Janet Jones in Hawaii.
1.  We want to test the market for 90 days.  And on the 91st day?  Price reduction--and 90 days worth of potential buyers … (5 comments)

staging advice: Hoffman Estates IL Homes - The Mistake Many Sellers Make Relisting In The Spring - 02/03/12 09:36 AM
It's that time of the year again for the 'SPRING MARKET'. Sellers always seem more optimistic about listing their homes at this time of the year but will it really make a difference? What are the chances of their home selling?
It's not only the time of the year that makes a home sell or not sell as this post suggests. Trying the same thing over & over again hoping for a different result is just 'real estate madness'.
Maybe it was you - not the market?
Thanks to Sharon Tara for this great post.  I have featured her many times … (5 comments)

staging advice: Schaumburg Homes - Ten things to REMOVE before you start showing your home for sale! - 02/03/12 09:27 AM
Boy, I just can't say some of these suggestions enough when it comes to staging your Schaumburg home for sale.
I'm going to keep at it until everyone gets the message on preparing their home for the market! YES, it's that important.
Thanks to Lindsey Hasford of Minnesota for this post.
Everyone has heard rumors of de-cluttering when it's time to sell your home. But, what does that really mean?  Before going hog wild and moving out... here's a few of the most important things to consider removing before you list your home for sale.
10. Personal photos. I don't always … (0 comments)

staging advice: Waiting to See How it Goes Before You Stage Your Home for Sale? Here are 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't! - 01/27/12 06:41 AM
The time to prepare you home for going on the market IS NOT after it is listed. Here's a good post on the reasons why after you list your home & things are not going well is a big mistake!
You should try for the biggest & best impact that your home can make! You should put your best foot forward in this market with all the added inventory and competition. Many people just don't care & it's shows. Make your home stand out with buyers.
Thanks to Kathy Streib in Florida for this well thought out advice. 
Home Staging Tips in Palm Beach … (3 comments)

staging advice: Staging is not Fraud! - 12/12/11 09:12 AM
There was a recent post written about buyers being alert and being able to see through 'Mezmerizing Staging Techniques' that really burned me up. We as an industry try to educate our sellers so that their properties will sell faster and they can get on with their lives.  Short sales, extended loan processing adds to more stress for today's sellers but telling buyers that sellers are trying to 'pull the wool over their eyes' by staging is just ridiculous! Staging is not magic. But I will say, that in some houses, it could be called that! Voila, and like Houdini the sellers … (97 comments)

staging advice: Staging Advice - Preparing your Schaumburg Home to Sell, Phase 3 - 09/28/11 03:56 AM
Is your home ready for it's internet debut? Staging is all about getting your home ready to be seen by all the interested buyers on the internet. So your home better be ready for it's first photo shoot!In this 3rd phase of my Stage-apalooza Series we will talk about how your home is perceived on-line as well as with initial curb appeal.Most professionals in our business agree that you only have 90 seconds to make a good first impression. That's not much time by anyone's standards. In fact, pictures of your home are so important these days I've decided to include … (2 comments)

staging advice: Staging your Schaumburg IL Home to Sell, Phase 2 - 09/22/11 06:08 AM
Welcome back to Stage-apalooza Phase 2.  This segment of the program is considered the 'meat and potatoes', the 'heavy lifting portion' of putting your home on the market to sell.  All parts and segments of staging your home are important and will eventually blend together to make your home shine on the market.  With proper planning and direction these videos will give you examples on what will make the largest impact for your future buyers. Sellers should not feel reluctant to stage their home.  It is just presenting the home in it's best possible light to future buyers.  Buyers in turn … (2 comments)

staging advice: Move Along, There's Nothing To See Here! - 09/21/11 05:16 AM
Staging advice .... Presenting your home in a positive light .... You only have 10 seconds to make a good first impression.  We've all heard these phrases if we are looking to sell our home currently.  This is an important feature of presenting your home to buyers.  This is really good advice from the buyers perspective.  Think on how buyers shop?  One, 2, 3, click and they are gone if they don't like what they see.
Great advice from Liz & Bill Spears near Cincinnatti, OH.
Move Along, There's Nothing To See Here! Click.....Click.....Click....scroll........NEXT!!
That's how your typical buyer is … (6 comments)

staging advice: Selling Homes - You only Have 90 Seconds to Make a Great First Impression - 07/19/11 02:09 PM

Selling your Schaumburg Area Home soon? With just a little time, effort and planning you can make the best first impression and optimize your chances of selling your home. This great advice shouldn't be overlooked.
Great post by Kristine Ginsberg of Elite Staging & Design in New Jersey.
Selling Homes - You only Have 90 Seconds to Make a Great First Impression
* According to NAR (National Association of Realtors), 90% of potential home buyers start their search on the Internet before ever stepping out with their Realtor. MLS photos are what draw buyers to your house so make sure they … (4 comments)

staging advice: Home Staging - Simple "Tweaks" Can Make a Big Difference in how Buyers Feel About Your Home - 07/10/11 05:47 AM
A simple this or a simple that can make all the difference.  This is ANOTHER staging post that I feel gives great attention as to why staging your home is so important for buyers.  You are showing your home to it's optimum advantage using YOUR things.
With another valuable point of view, how come you (seller) didn't think of changing that livingroom around before?  Now it shows off all the great features - fireplace, windows and no longer blocking the entry into the room. 
Enjoy this post from Maureen Bray at Room Solutions in Oregon. You can never have too … (5 comments)

staging advice: What not to do in a real estate video! Where's the agents common sense? - 07/04/11 05:51 AM
This is by far one the most horrible videos that I've seen for a home.  I'm shocked that the listing agent thinks this would be of some value to a buyer.  I'm going to use it to discuss why this is NEVER a good idea no matter what.  How can this possibly sell a home?

Does the seller know this disaster exists and is on YouTube?
Photo of garbage cans and recycling bins on the patio?   And this is good because?
Kitchen cabinets all open like a photo requirement for the bank in REO's.  Why?
Is that drywall dust … (12 comments)

staging advice: Is Your House Ready For Its Photo Shoot? - 05/08/11 08:10 AM
I really don't understand it. As a Realtor I spend alot of my time just shaking my head. Why you ask?  When I go into homes with plenty of notice (days sometimes) the kitchen still looks like this .......
Do you as a seller think that this is making a good first impression to that buyer? What possible excuse is there for a Kitchen that looks like this?

I'm waiting!  (tick, tick, tick, 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand) But until you think of a good story, please read this great post by Chris Ann Cleland about your homes upcoming … (10 comments)

staging advice: Staging your Home - What rooms are the most important? - 03/09/11 01:18 AM
Staging Your Home - What rooms should be staged?
While making a good first impression is your obvious task when you sell your home which rooms are the most important?  This video gives suggestions and goes room by room with before and after ideas on where to put your energies first.
Foyer -
This is important because this gives that needed first impression.  Buyers make up their mind within a very short time about a house so don't blow it with a cluttered foyer. Tidy up the floors, remove boots and shoes and anything else not mandatory.  In fact, it might be a … (8 comments)

staging advice: Making the Most Out of a Small Bathroom - 12/20/10 06:05 AM
Making a the Most Out of Small Bathrooms It doesn't take a full remodel or removing walls to open up space in an otherwise small bathroom. Below are some cost-effective methods for making tiny bathrooms feel less closed in.
Pedestal Sinks Pedestal sinks are not only stylish - they also eliminate the boxy, space-eating traditional vanities that can close off small bathrooms. Switching from a traditional vanity to a pedestal sink will reduce some storage space in the room, so you may want to install small shelving above the sink or additional towel racks/hooks in the room.
Minimalist Storage When space … (1 comments)

staging advice: What types of Hardwood Flooring are best for pets! - 12/19/10 02:57 AM
Great post to read before purchasing hardwood floors or engineered floors. What will hold up best with pets?
Hardness?  Color?  Bamboo good?
Debbie Garner of Floor Coverings Intl. takes us thru the many selections and what would be the best choice for you based on your situation.
I get this question often from my customers - which type of hardwood should I use for pets?  It's a hard question to answer because truthfully all hardwood will dent and scratch over time - it's just a matter of how much and how much you can see it.  But I do not think … (5 comments)

staging advice: 8 Reasons Why your House Won't Sell - 12/13/10 12:58 AM
8 Reasons Why your Home Won't Sell 1)  Your Home is just not up to Snuff - There is plenty of stiff competition our there in the marketplace and buyers just don't want to deal with the updates you haven't wanted to tackle.  You can blame it on anything you want but if your home is outdated, it's not going to sell.  You can wish as hard as you can, it's just not going to happen.
2)  Your Home does not have 'Curb Appeal' - Notice that buyers cruising by your home point and laugh?  They don't want to trim the bushes, … (21 comments)

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