motivation: Staying Positive - 05/23/16 06:18 AM

Abraham Lincoln failed in business, had a nervous breakdown, and was defeated in eight elections. Steve Jobs was fired from his own company. Oprah Winfrey was publicly fired from her first television job as an anchor in Baltimore for getting "too emotionally invested in her stories." Steven Speilberg snuck his way into success after being rejected by the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts multiple times. Vera Wang failed to make the 1968 US Olympic figure-skating team. Then she became an editor at Vogue, but was passed over for the editor-in-chief position.Just as the opening quote states, “Life isn’t … (1 comments)

motivation: Breaking Bad Habits - 05/16/16 06:26 AM

Our brains work on a trigger and reward basis—the so-called “habit loop”—which means it is easy to slip into a routine and difficult to fight back when the undesired behavior occurs.Of course, life moves so much smoother when we are able to do certain things on auto-pilot, however, that has definitely had an effect on breaking your bad habits.Identifying that bad habit is a great start. Once you are aware, you can start making a plan.Here are some great tips to breaking that bad habit once and for all! Create a habit diary – remember that awareness thing we talked about? … (0 comments)

motivation: Take Control of your Life... Success is a choice. - 10/26/15 05:03 AM

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” ― Bill Gates
Taking control of your life is a choice. A lot of people don’t really stop to think about it, but it’s true. Believe it or not, you choose how you live your life. You might choose to do what is going to lead you to success, or you might choose to waste your time letting naysayers and negative people drag you down—but either way, it is you who makes the choice.
This can be a surreal realization. To realize that you can literally choose success is a pretty … (15 comments)

motivation: Everyone has their own challenges in life, don't just give up on it. - 05/18/15 06:19 AM
We all have the best of intentions in planning things to make a better life for ourselves, but for some reason, we fall short. Right? We come up with reasons – excuses – as to why we can’t do something. Unfortunately, we let these reasons and excuses rule us and rob us from living an incredible life.   Imagine what your life would be like if you were born with no arms or legs and people teased you incessantly as a child. Would you just roll over and give up? Or, would you fight and make an amazing life for yourself?   Not sure? No … (1 comments)

motivation: 15 Keys To Workplace Happiness - 04/01/15 07:12 AM

We spend a huge portion of our lives at work. Even if you only work the traditional 40 hours in a week, you’re still spending nearly 1/3 of your life at work. This can be a scary fact for some to face.
But if, with the right conditions, you derive a sense of joy from your work, feel a sense of connection, and believe that you create a positive impact on some portion of the world (however small) through your work then work becomes much more than just a paycheck.
Because so much of your life is spent at … (3 comments)

motivation: You can accomplish anything - 03/30/15 06:41 AM

Some people stop moving forward because they don’t believe that they have what it takes to accomplish the next objective. This could happen in many different ways. Some people don’t apply for promotions, for example, because they simply don’t believe that they could possibly get them. Some people don’t even think about starting a business because they don’t think that they are ‘smart enough’ to do so. Some people shy away from volunteering for special projects because they doubt whether or not they have the skills necessary to be useful.
These are all relatively common types of thoughts for … (1 comments)

motivation: Make Every Day Count - 03/25/15 07:40 AM

Make every day count. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computers, really did a good job of summarizing this idea when he spoke this quote into existence…
 “For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: 'If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?' And whenever the answer has been 'No' for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” -Steve Jobs 
What are you going to do today? You, just like every other … (0 comments)

motivation: It's those little things in life... - 02/19/15 01:38 AM

With the pressures of being a mom, dad, wife, husband, employee, taxi service, care giver and all the other things we do in life, it’s hard to take a moment to enjoy a little peace, quiet and happiness. 
Many of us look for big, monumental occasions to give us meaning, to provide us with happiness. It’s the birthday celebrations, the anniversary parties, the big holiday to-dos that we look forward to where we can finally say: “I’m happy”. In the end, though, those a just events and once the lights go down and the party is over, it’s time … (1 comments)

motivation: 9 Habits That Will Help You Build Wealth - 02/16/15 12:53 AM

While a six-figure inheritance or high-paying job can land you in the top 1% of earners, it’s the little things — your money habits — that often make the difference between a life of prosperity and one of constant financial stress.
Just ask CFP® David Blaylock, who doesn’t simply advise his clients on the merits of good money habits — he practices what he preaches.
For example, “I do a periodic review of all the subscriptions I have — the ones that hit my credit cards each month,” says Blaylock. “You’d be surprised at how many subscriptions we all have … (1 comments)

motivation: Never Give Up On Yourself - 01/05/15 10:25 PM

If you've ever looked in the mirror and wondered if you should just ‘give up’ on that big goal that you've been pursuing, then you know exactly what it’s like to doubt yourself. Feeling this way is surprisingly normal, actually—though that doesn't make it any more pleasant.
From time to time, we all ask ourselves if we’re doing the right things—but it’s important not to let this mindset discourage you so much that you truly do give up on yourself and your goals.
As it turns out, the only way to guarantee defeat is to give up when you … (1 comments)

motivation: Doing as much as you can with what you've got... - 12/15/14 11:44 PM

As it turns out, some of the most successful people who have ever lived were people who got stuff done one step at a time. Everyone wants to succeed at the big stuff—but it’s when you develop an eye for the ‘smaller’ things that you really begin to make the world a better place. 
Not as many people care about the smaller things—but small things add up to make big things. Long-term goals are achieved in small portions, and small portions of goals are achieved in our daily routines and rituals. Choosing to succeed often begins with the ‘random’ … (0 comments)

motivation: 3 Tips for Staying More Focused at Work - 12/02/14 02:45 AM

Work is a huge part of our lives—though it can admittedly be difficult to focus on it sometimes. Distractions are everywhere, and even those who usually don’t have a problem keeping their ‘eye on the ball’ can suffer from a lack of ability to focus around the holiday season.
Here are a few tips that might help you to stay ‘on target’ as you navigate a busy, yet important holiday season at work. Some of these tips may not work for everyone, but there’s a good chance that at least one of them will give you an edge … (2 comments)

motivation: Tips for having the best Thanksgiving ever! - 11/24/14 04:34 AM

As Thanksgiving approaches, many people are experiencing different thoughts and feelings. Some make a sincere effort to be thankful, while most deal with stress related to the holiday season. Some face unusually difficult financial problems during the holidays. Some, for one reason or another, have trouble with family dinners. Some might be wondering how they are even going to be spending the holidays. Maybe their families live far away, or maybe everyone is too busy to get together. 
Regardless of your situation, here are four tried and tested tips that can help you to have the best Thanksgiving ever—even if … (2 comments)

motivation: Do good things really come to those who wait? - 11/19/14 04:28 AM

Let’s propose a situation. A young man is sitting in a café, waiting to order. The waitress finally arrives—and he is suddenly awestruck with how beautiful she is. He fumbles around with his menu, trying to order without looking stupid. There is no denying that he would love to take her out to lunch sometime—so what should he do?
Well, let’s say that he says to himself good things come to those who wait. Maybe, in his mind, he thinks that if he holds off and doesn’t ask her out, that they will end up meeting a different way, … (0 comments)

motivation: Don’t live life afraid of mistakes... - 11/11/14 04:21 AM

Does it really hurt not to try?
Trying not to make a mistake is not always the same as not trying—but it is a line that can be difficult to spot when we start to think cautiously. Whether you’retrying to start a business, finish a project, or effect real change in your life, fear of failure can alter many of your decisions. Is it possible that your fear of making a mistake is keeping you from making bigger leaps that could pay off in the long run?
Don’t live life afraid of mistakes
Whether the mistakes you … (1 comments)

motivation: What really makes us happy? - 11/03/14 11:15 PM

What really makes us happy?
As the holidays approach, it might be time to have a very honest discussion with ourselves about what really makes us happy. What do we really need to be content? Why do we often feel the need to keep buying and acquiring more?
Buying things isn't wrong—but when we have to spend money to gain temporary happiness,we must admit that there is definitely possibility that we are looking for happiness using the wrong methods.
Instead,let’s take a moment to step back and imagine the perfect life. But instead of picturing what you would have in your perfect … (0 comments)

motivation: Live For Yourself and For Those Who Matter To You - 10/27/14 06:35 AM

“Just keep being true to yourself, if you're passionate about something go for it. Don't sacrifice anything, just have fun.” - Blake Lewis
If you really think about it, we don’t remain very true to ourselves a lot of the time. Husbands and wives will fight with each other because of things like stress and money, though they will go to work and force a smile onto their face for the boss that they despise. Parents will take out their work frustrations on their families while putting all of their effort into doing well at a job that they don’t even … (2 comments)

motivation: Manning Up... Taking Control of Your Life. - 10/13/14 07:28 AM

Taking control of your life is a choice. A lot of people don’t really stop to think about it, but it’s true. Believe it or not, you choose how you live your life. You might choose to do what is going to lead you to success, or you might choose to waste your time letting naysayers and negative people drag you down—but either way, it is you who makes the choice.
Choose today not to let anything stand in your way
I have a challenge for you. Today, look in the mirror and imagine where you want to be tomorrow. Next, think about … (1 comments)

motivation: Recapture The Power of Productive Habits - 09/22/14 06:16 PM

Habits are usually emotional
One thing that we need to realize about habits is that they tend to be emotional. You might not think of it this way, but waiting until the last moment to get up after hitting the snooze button a dozen times and then rushing off to work to be consistently five minutes late might actually be an emotional dependency that you will need to resolve before you can hope to enact the newer habit of getting up early. This is not always the case, but it can be significant—and it is important that you evaluate such … (1 comments)

motivation: Too Busy With Work? Take Some Time Off And Rediscover Serenity… - 09/15/14 07:28 AM

Spend 3 minutes meditating every day
Meditation doesn't have to be incredibly deep to be effective. Find a nice peaceful place,sit on the ground, close your eyes, and just ‘be’. Don’t think about work,don’t think about money—don’t think about anything but the here and now. If you can do this once every day, you will be amazed at the difference that it can make.
Keep things in perspective
Getting insulted by your boss can be very hurtful and discouraging, but keeping things in perspective can help to neutralize feelings of anger or resentment—both of which contribute to a life of … (5 comments)

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