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new york real estate experts: The Frustration is Real - 06/22/15 07:35 AM
That moment when we have to deal with the customer service department because of a screw up, we almost always question whether or not we really need these “wonderful” amenities.
 What’s worse is when we do everything right and we still get caught in the never-ending cycle of on-line payment processing, automated customer service emails and pre-recorded hold messages. Though some people still find humor in these kind of situations, just like the letter written below where he got caught in a digital crunch.
Dear Sir:
 I am writing to thank you for bouncing my check with which I endeavored to pay my plumber last month. … (0 comments)

new york real estate experts: Going FSBO? Think Again! - 06/12/15 06:48 AM

Some Highlights:According to NAR's Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers:
§ 88% of buyers look for their new home online
§ Using a real estate agent can net you 13% more than FSBO'ing
§ There is a long list of people that you will have to negotiate with when you decide to sell your home, using an experienced professional can help ease the process.



new york real estate experts: School's Out! Perfect Time To Sell! - 06/01/15 05:38 AM
Jonathan J. Miller, the president of the appraisal firm Miller Samuel shared his sentiments on selling at this time of the year: "Based on the number of contracts signed each month, the spring is still the ‘Super Bowl’ of annual real estate sales,” June is annually the top month for the number of contracts signed, which means the properties themselves were likely listed in May. Overall, June yields 90 percent more sales than December.
Here are five good reasons to make the decision to Sell:
1. Beautiful weather makes everyone a little happier. "May weather is ideal for selling a home because gardens are … (0 comments)

new york real estate experts: Everyone has their own challenges in life, don't just give up on it. - 05/18/15 06:19 AM
We all have the best of intentions in planning things to make a better life for ourselves, but for some reason, we fall short. Right? We come up with reasons – excuses – as to why we can’t do something. Unfortunately, we let these reasons and excuses rule us and rob us from living an incredible life.   Imagine what your life would be like if you were born with no arms or legs and people teased you incessantly as a child. Would you just roll over and give up? Or, would you fight and make an amazing life for yourself?   Not sure? No … (1 comments)

new york real estate experts: We Need to Sell Your House Twice - 05/05/15 05:21 AM

Every house on the market has to be sold twice; once to a prospective buyer and then to the bank (through the bank’s appraisal). In a housing market where supply is very low and demand is very high, home values increase rapidly. One major challenge in such a market is that bank appraisal. If prices are jumping, it is difficult for appraisers to find adequate comparable sales (similar houses in the neighborhood that closed recently) to defend the price when doing the appraisal for the bank. With escalating prices, the second sale might be even more difficult than the first. And … (1 comments)

new york real estate experts: Perfect Time to Buy a Home? - 04/29/15 06:28 AM
Recently, Freddie Mac published a blog post titled Mortgage Rates: Still the Deal of the Century. They explained that, if you are planning to purchase a home, now may be the time:
“If you are in the market to buy a home, today's average mortgage rates are something to celebrate compared to almost any year since 1971.”
And they let their readers know that there is no guarantee that rates will remain this low:
“Over the past few years, we've enjoyed a long run of historically low mortgage rates. While no one expects them to change dramatically overnight, they are expected to head up. Most … (0 comments)

new york real estate experts: Spring Cleaning? These Tips will Definitely Speed Things Up! - 04/20/15 06:49 AM

The good news is that there are some things you can do to not only make the job easier, but also to speed up the process so you can make it go faster.
1. Add a lazy Susan to your fridge
If you’re already taking everything out to give the fridge a good scrub, add a lazy Susan to each shelf before you restock. Being able to spin it to access things in the back will cut down on spills and make your next spring cleaning that much easier.
2. Disinfect your sponge
If you’ve got a big job to do and only one sponge … (0 comments)

new york real estate experts: Selling Your House This 2015? Now is the Time! - 04/15/15 01:44 AM

Every seller wants to get the best price for their house. We learned in high school that the best price for any item will be determined by the demand for that item relative to the supply of that item. We have reported that the inventory of houses for sale is well below normal numbers. There is historical evidence that the demand for housing is about to increase dramatically. Each year, more homes sell in May, June, July and August than any other four months of the year. Here is a graph of homes sales last year by month: 
Bottom LineYou want to make sure … (0 comments)

new york real estate experts: Yonkers, One of the 10 Most Healthiest Cities - 04/08/15 05:40 AM
Yonkers, NY Named One of’s Top 10 Healthiest Cities, 2015 Inaugural list identifies and ranks America’s healthiest cities        There are two parts to every great healthy city. The first is access to quality and affordable health care. The second is promoting and enabling a healthy lifestyle for its residents through infrastructure and amenities. With this in mind, has named Yonkers a Top 10 Healthiest City, 2015. Yonkers provides residents with exercise opportunities, good food choices and strong support networks to help live healthy lives. Our editors looked at data compiled by the County Healthcare Rankings as well as spending data … (2 comments)

new york real estate experts: The Ultimate Guide To Moving - 04/03/15 04:47 AM



new york real estate experts: 15 Keys To Workplace Happiness - 04/01/15 07:12 AM

We spend a huge portion of our lives at work. Even if you only work the traditional 40 hours in a week, you’re still spending nearly 1/3 of your life at work. This can be a scary fact for some to face.
But if, with the right conditions, you derive a sense of joy from your work, feel a sense of connection, and believe that you create a positive impact on some portion of the world (however small) through your work then work becomes much more than just a paycheck.
Because so much of your life is spent at … (3 comments)

new york real estate experts: You can accomplish anything - 03/30/15 06:41 AM

Some people stop moving forward because they don’t believe that they have what it takes to accomplish the next objective. This could happen in many different ways. Some people don’t apply for promotions, for example, because they simply don’t believe that they could possibly get them. Some people don’t even think about starting a business because they don’t think that they are ‘smart enough’ to do so. Some people shy away from volunteering for special projects because they doubt whether or not they have the skills necessary to be useful.
These are all relatively common types of thoughts for … (1 comments)

new york real estate experts: Make Every Day Count - 03/25/15 07:40 AM

Make every day count. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computers, really did a good job of summarizing this idea when he spoke this quote into existence…
 “For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: 'If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?' And whenever the answer has been 'No' for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” -Steve Jobs 
What are you going to do today? You, just like every other … (0 comments)

new york real estate experts: Location is KEY - 03/17/15 07:05 AM

A recent Demand Institute report revealed “nearly half of all American households plan to move at some point in the future.” Seventy-five percent of those surveyed in the report cited one or more ‘location-related reasons’ for their eagerness to move. Here are the top 5 reasons:
1.    Safer Neighborhood – 30%
2.    Closer to Family – 27%
3.    Change of Climate – 26%
4.    Closer to Work – 25%
5.    For a New Job – 23%
While the majority of Americans (74%) will move within their home state, for the 26% planning to call a new state home, it is important to know that prices in each state are … (0 comments)

new york real estate experts: Best Places To Live in New York! - 03/04/15 04:04 AM

A Westchester town took top honors in a well-known real estate website's recent 10 Best Places To Live in New York list. — a real estate website known for its catchy, algorithm-based top 10 lists — ranked Mamaroneck as the best town in New York state to live in.
In addition, Westchester towns made up 9 of the top 10 spots on the real estate website's list.
Steve Altieri, Mamaroneck town administrator, said that Mamaroneck's diverse population, community volunteerism, and coastal location were among the town's finer points.
"Mamaroneck is a coastal community, only 35 minutes from New York City, … (1 comments)

new york real estate experts: Are you having a bad day? Here are 5 Ways to Turn Your Day Around - 03/03/15 01:12 AM

Don’t be surprised… we all have them. In fact, for most people, a bad day at least once per week is a common thing. It could be caused by any number of things. Maybe it’s Monday and you would rather be anywhere than at work. Maybe you don’t feel good. Maybe you just paid the bills and have barely enough money in your account to cover getting to work and back for the rest of the week. Maybe you are tired of friends who put your down and managers who make it their mission to cause you misery.
 Whatever the … (0 comments)

new york real estate experts: Thinking of Buying? What are you waiting for? Read me :) - 02/23/15 04:29 AM

If you are planning on becoming a homeowner, or moving up to the home of your dreams in 2015, here are four great reasons to consider buying a home now, instead of waiting until spring.
1. Prices Will Continue to Rise The Home Price Expectation Survey polls a distinguished panel of over 100 economists, investment strategists, and housing market analysts. Their most recent report projects appreciation in home values over the next five years to be between 11.7% (most pessimistic) and 27.5% (most optimistic). The bottom in home prices has come and gone. Home values will continue to appreciate for … (0 comments)

new york real estate experts: It's those little things in life... - 02/19/15 01:38 AM

With the pressures of being a mom, dad, wife, husband, employee, taxi service, care giver and all the other things we do in life, it’s hard to take a moment to enjoy a little peace, quiet and happiness. 
Many of us look for big, monumental occasions to give us meaning, to provide us with happiness. It’s the birthday celebrations, the anniversary parties, the big holiday to-dos that we look forward to where we can finally say: “I’m happy”. In the end, though, those a just events and once the lights go down and the party is over, it’s time … (1 comments)

new york real estate experts: 2015: A Year of Housing Opportunity - 02/17/15 04:06 AM

Many believed that when the housing market crashed, so too would the desire of American’s to own a home again. Many reports have shown that, especially among younger generations, the American Dream of homeownership is still very much alive. Julián Castro, Secretary for HUD, recently summed up what it means to own a home in a speech at the National Press Club.
"Homeownership is still the cornerstone of the American Dream — a fact you can see in the lives of everyday folks. It’s a source of pride. It’s a source of wealth, providing both a nest and a nest egg. And it … (0 comments)

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