family: Family is Everything - Their Opinions Matter - 09/24/14 08:35 AM
Family is Everything - Their Opinions Matter

Taking family photos isn't always fun, especially when you have 6 kids to coordinate during the long and often arduous process. They were very adamant that they wanted "their" pictures to be FUN. So these are two shots that we took which the children deemed "fun enough" to keep.
That's the thing about kids. People don't always realize that children have opinions. Mine have lots and lots (and lots) of opinions, especially my daughter. They are fun and extremely funny, but opinionated. Very much so. I don't mind though, because they let … (3 comments)

family: Family is Everything - My Family is So Cool - 09/18/14 08:12 AM
Family is Everything - My Family is So Cool

This is a picture of my one and only daughter, Sarai (pictured - age 6), my younger sister, Sandra, and my son #3, Elijah (pictured - age 5). We were having a "Hot Wheels" birthday party the year the twins turned 3. It was the first year that the twins were able to have a birthday party since they had been hospitalized, so this was a big deal. We have 5 boys and altogether, we have 7 boys in our family. That means, there are lots and lots of cars … (4 comments)

family: Family is Everything - Hanging Out With Family - 09/10/14 12:05 AM
Family is Everything - Hanging Out With Family

That's my youngest sister, Haizle, and my one and only daughter, Sarai at one of many, many (many) family get-togethers. We have lots of cook-outs. We have lots of family dinners. We have lots of family "events." And we have lots and lots (and lots) of fun!
One of the most important things that our family believes in, besides God, is hanging out together. Let's face it... Hanging out together keeps a family together. If you go long periods of time without being with your family, you get used to not … (3 comments)

family: Family is Everything - Making Cheese (and Memories!) - 08/26/13 06:48 AM
Family is Everything - Making Cheese (and Memories!)

This is a shot of two of the littles in our family - my son #3, Elijah, and my nephew, Alexander. Elijah and AJ (as we call him) were born a mere 6 months apart. As a result, they have grown up doing lots of things together. Here they are at Lake Farmpark making cheese. Elijah and AJ are not the only ones who do lots of things together in our family. The older set of kids are now ages 18, 17, 16, and almost 15. The younger set of kids are … (2 comments)

family: Family is Everything - A Big Family - 08/19/13 09:18 AM
Family is Everything - A Big Family

Here is my family - there are 16 people in our immediate family (one of my sisters is missing here). This was a picture taken when the twins (who I'm holding) were christened. We were almost all there with my pastor, Mark Ribbins. This was a great day. Of course, it didn't look nearly this full when the first child was christened. There were only 7 of us at that point. But over time, our family has expanded and expanded and expanded some more!
Big families aren't that bad. I don't know what … (2 comments)

family: Family is Everything - Birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese - 08/13/13 04:46 AM
Family is Everything - Birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese

Our family is large - there are 16 people in our immediate family. That means, we have lots of birthdays around here. As a result, we have lots and lots of birthday parties. Now, other than the 7 adults, we have essentially created 2 groups of kids: the big kids (ages 18, 17, 16, and almost 15) and the littles (ages 8, 7, almost 7, and 5 year old twins). The littles love having their birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese. It's the highlight of their existence. We're trying to … (1 comments)

family: Wordless Wednesday: Cleveland Botanical Gardens - Yoga "Tree" Position - 08/07/13 12:48 AM
Wordless Wednesday:  Cleveland Botanical Gardens - Yoga "Tree" Position


P.S. If you need a Virtual Assistant who knows how to help you keep your family a priority, let's talk about it. Lead Management, Listing Coordination, and Social Media Marketing are my true loves. (But don't tell my husband that!) And if you need a service I don't provide, I'm happy to refer a quality Virtual Assistant who can!  

family: Family is Everything - A First Camping Trip - 08/06/13 01:43 AM
Family is Everything - A First Camping Trip

If you know me, you already know that I'm a mom of 6. (Don't be alarmed - they all have the same mom and dad!) We have 5 boys and our one and only daughter. Here she is above with the same look coming and going on her very first camping trip. Sarai is a Girl Scout Brownie and not only was this her first camping trip, but it was her very first time going away from home when she was not going to be with one of her Auntie-Mommies. Much … (2 comments)

family: Family is Everything: Our First Graduation - 07/29/13 01:07 PM
Family is Everything - Our First Graduation

We've got our first high school graduate in the family among all of our children! Our family is so close that we tend to claim each of the kids as our own. It started out as a joke when one of the kids called "Mommy" and it was actually an "Auntie" they were speaking to. So the running joke became that the kids call all of us "Auntie-Mommy." As a result, when one of the kids is struggling, we all help. When one of the kids has an accomplishment, we all celebrate. … (0 comments)

family: My Re-Entry Into the World of Blogging - 07/29/13 04:37 AM
It's been a while, hasn't it? I haven't written on my blog in two years. That's a long time. Where have I been? I scaled back my business to take care of my kids, particularly these two:
My twins got really sick. Not sick with colds, but hospitalized for quite a few months and then they needed serious therapy for many more months. During times like that, you really put things into perspective and figure out your priorities pretty fast. Mine were my kids - not just the ones in the hospital, but helping the other 4 deal and … (2 comments)

family: Teaching Them To Praise the Lord - At An Early Age! - 08/26/09 09:18 AM
Teaching Them To Praise The Lord - At An Early AgeI read a post recently written by Loreena Yeo called If You Teach Them, They Will Learn. She talked about teaching her young son to love the Lord.  When I read that post, it made me think of my own children and my goals for them.We regulate their music so they only listen to songs that are appropriate for their ages. Remember this song?
Oh be careful little ears what you hearFor there's a God up aboveLooking down on you with love.Oh be careful little ears what you hear! The other verses … (13 comments)

family: Should I Jump For Joy or Start Crying? School Is In Session in Garfield Heights, Ohio! - 08/26/09 08:44 AM
Ok, Should I Jump For Joy Or Start Crying?  School Is In Session in Garfield Heights, Ohio!I have a dilema.  School is back in session in Garfield Heights, Ohio!  We now have a high school student <gasp!> who started yesterday, a middle school student who started today, and 2 pre-school students who start on Monday.  For the most part, all of them are excited about returning to school (good for us!).  Our eldest son has no feelings about school one way or another other than that he has "a lot of goals to accomplish this year so I have a lot … (5 comments)

family: Some days you sigh... - 08/08/09 03:45 PM
As a parent, have you ever noticed that some days you just have to sigh.  And I don't mean a light, airy little sigh.  I mean that great big SIGGGGGGHHHHHH!
Why?  Lots of reasons.  The kids were fighting all day.  The washer decided to spill water all over the basement floor.  The oven decided it will no longer preheat.  The dishwasher leaks water all over the kitchen floor.  One of the kids got into the bathroom, turned on the faucet in the tub and left it running (spilling water all over the bathroom floor as the tub overflowed).  Lots of reasons.

family: Friday Foto: Two of a Kind...Uh, NOT! - 08/07/09 08:58 AM
These two love to dress up, even when it is just their faces that get dressed up!
~Renae - Market 4 Real!_________________________________________________________________________________________________
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family: Hiring a VA is a Lot Like Potty Training - 08/05/09 01:01 AM
Hiring a VA is a Lot Like Potty Training when you think about it.
Typically when I write posts about my family, I start off by saying that I've got 6 kids.  That usually gives people quite a jolt so I like to say it first so that everyone can digest it and then get the shock out of their system.  (Yes, they're all mine.  Yes, they're all by my husband.)
One of our children is 2.5 years old.  He doesn't want to grow up - EVER. We had to forcibly remove all the pacifiers from the house in order to get him … (6 comments)

family: He Said I'm Not Cool - Can You Believe It? - 05/04/09 01:03 PM
As of 9:08 p.m. EST on Thursday, April 30, 2009, I am officially no longer cool.  I know - it's a shocker!While talking to our 14 year old about the Garfield Heights Middle School 8th Grade Dance, I started talking about what he was going to wear. He wants to wear a suit (a NICE one, Mom!).  He wants his Dad to take him (NOT you, Mom!).  He does NOT want me taking pictures outside or showing up at the dance to take pictures of him (only in the house, Mom!).  I look at my husband and calmly asked "What's HIS … (18 comments)

family: I've Done It 3 Times Already, So Why Can't I Do It Now? - 04/30/09 01:53 PM
I'm talking about potty training.  Thought I'd say that up front lest your minds wander...
Our eldest child potty trained rather easily.  He is often told the story of how one day he brought me a diaper, powder, and wipes, lay down in front of me and threw his legs in the air to be changed. After changing him, I had him face me and said "Kennyth, tomorrow, no more diapers." He said "No more diapers?"  I said simply, "No. You are a big boy. No more diapers for you. You're going to use the potty."  And Kennyth simply responded "Ok."  … (13 comments)

family: Is Your Real Estate Career Like Being A Parent? - 03/05/09 03:56 AM
On my recent blog post "I've Figured It Out: Real Estate Is Like Being Married," I received a comment from Sandy Aicher of Lake Norman Real Estate that prompted this new post.
Sandy said: "I haven't thrown in the towel yet! Still trying to make it work. It's a harder and harder job with no love in return almost every day, but I'm committed!"   Does this remind you of, well... YOU?
My children have taught me quite a few things about life.  I've been raising children since 1995 and one thing is for sure, the saying that you'll "wear your heart … (7 comments)

family: Dear Diary, My Passion Is...My Family - 02/23/09 03:18 AM
Most people with children feel some type of passion for them.  It is understandable.  Mothers go out of their way to protect and provide for their children.  Fathers get even more protective and want earnestly to be the one who "takes care of" them.  But for me, I've found that my passion for my family has found its outlet in several unique ways.
As a Virtual Assistant...
This is an awesome job that allows me to work from home and still be able to be there for my children.  When they are sick, I'm here.  When they need help with homework, I'm … (7 comments)

family: How a Day Can Make a Difference - or a Nap - 02/19/09 01:08 PM
Earlier today, I wrote a post called "Slowly Losing It..."  It was all about my kids, gotta luv em.  My kids and the grey hair they inspire.
By noon today, I was ready to throw in the towel.  I couldn't get some information I needed for a client, despite several phone calls.  For some reason, I couldn't get my login information to work on one of my clients' websites.  The dishwasher wouldn't start.  I couldn't get the kids on a schedule.  Our 4 year old and 2 year old fought constantly over every little thing.  Our 10.5 month old twins kept … (8 comments)

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