rhode island: Block Island; Rhode Island!!!!!!! - 02/23/08 01:37 PM
Though property in Block Island, Rhode Island has increased I feel that it is well worth it.  The amount of tourists has significantly improved and residential housing has also increased.  I enjoy managing my properties here and my clients love the area as well as I do.  The ferry system is great too...........it makes the island easily accessible, after all the years I have managed here shows great improvement.  This seems to also play a major role in attracting newcomers. 

rhode island: Kent County; Washington County; Rhode Island - 02/20/08 06:02 AM
People should really consider purchasing vacation homes or rentals in Rhode Island.  I manage properties in both the Washington and Kent County areas.  Both of these areas have some magnificent homes and places to rent on the water.  Rhode Island is known for for its beautiful beaches, lighthouses, and fresh seafood.  I truly love working in these areas.

rhode island: Kent and Washington Counties; Rhode Island - 02/18/08 01:43 PM
Though Rhode Island is a small state,  it is one of my favorite real estate places to do business in.  I truly love to manage all of my proprieties here because of the beautiful landscape as well as the many friendly communities. I manage properties throughout  the nation but the Rhode Island area ( especially in Kent and  Island )   are some od my most popular places I love to run.

rhode island: Rhode Island: Gotta love our lighthouses! - 02/08/08 03:22 PM
Does anybody love lighthouses? I obviously do. I confess-- they are my weakness. When I moved to Rhode Island, I  was finally able to get my fill. Little did I know I would also encounter my fill of quaint architecture, unique yards and gardens, and generous people. I am thankful my life brought me to Rhode Island. Not only have the real estate opportunities abounded, but  I have also encountered some of the friendliest people I've ever met.  

rhode island: Food in Kent Rhode Island - 02/08/08 11:38 AM
Does anyone like the food in Rhode Island?  I've traveled around the whole United States but the sea food here is beyond none! The selection and quality is incomparable.  Nothing is like have fresh lobster, crab, and fish.  Growing up in Florida, I've always been passionate about seafood.  If you're ever are by the shore, try the lobster or any of the fish.

rhode island: Rhode Island People are great - 02/08/08 09:28 AM
One of the things that I like best about Rhode Island is the overall feel of the people here.  I am constantly traveling all over the United States for properties, but when I come back here I get so excited to see all the familiar faces.  Rhode Island is a small state, but it is packed with a lot of punch.  Cheers to the beautiful atmosphere here and the great people.  

rhode island: Block Island: Washington County; Rhode Island - 02/06/08 06:21 AM
Since I do a lot of work on Block Island I often like to meet with clients over lunch at The Mohegan Cafe & Brewery.  It's perfect to meet with clients since its right by the ferry in Old Harbor and is also on Water street.  I always receive great service and the food is great for a casual lunch.....great place for a lower key business lunch.

rhode island: South Kingston; Washington County; Rhode Island - 02/06/08 06:01 AM
Land has been in a stand still in South Kingston.  I'm encouraging my clients to invest here, it's a great place for tourism and housing.  I love to visit this area.  I've talked with some members of the chambers of commerce their and the area seems to be on the role to economic development.  There are also many employment opportunities as well.  Truly a great area.   

rhode island: Block Island; Washington County; Rhode Island - 02/06/08 04:54 AM
Vacation rentals on Block Island are selling like hotcakes.  Everyday I have more and more clients asking me if there are any they can look at.  The property in the area is great but is hard for me to find more places to build.  I currently manage one property here but am looking to invest in another. 


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