apostle islands: Town of La Pointe, WI Closes Municipal Buildings - 03/19/20 02:26 PM
The Ashland Daily Press has reported that all municipal buildings in the Town of La Pointe, Wisconsin were officially closed yesterday until further notice, presumably because of concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.
The closing will be in effect until further notice. Meetings in municipal buildings are canceled, except for those scheduled by appointment.
Numerous similar closings are being reported along the south shore/Apostle Islands region, from Ashland and Odanah to Madeline Island, Washburn and Bayfield. The Red Cliff Tribe of Lake Superior Chippewa closed its "Legendary Waters" Casino today, following a similar move by the Bad River Tribe at their own casino. The … (0 comments)

apostle islands: New Cellular Phone Tower Completed on Red Cliff Tribal Property - 02/03/20 05:11 PM
New cellular phone tower completed on Red Cliff tribal property
For more than two decades, I've griped about the poor (largely nonexistent) cellular coverage on Madeline Island and in neighboring Bayfield, Wisconsin, as well as most of the Chequamegon Bay and Apostle Islands area. And wirelesss Internet coverage in and around Bayfield and LaPointe, Wisconsin has been equally bad.
As far back as August of 2009, I blogged about the problem in my Madeline Island Real Estate blog, in a post entitled "Cellphone Secrets - How to get a Cellular Phone Signal on Madeline Island.
But times have finally changed. The new 300-foot … (2 comments)

apostle islands: Midwest Real Estate Data is Coming After Pocket Listings - Stay Tuned - 10/22/19 06:43 AM
Midwest Real Estate Data is Coming After Pocket Listings - Stay Tuned
Inman News published this news story yesterday and it's already sounding an alarm among agents who live off of "pocket listings". MRED (out of Chicago) has had a longstanding policy opposing pocket listings. Now MRED has taken the next step, asking NAR to adopt a nationwide ban on pocket listings.
Whether you agree or not, pocket listings are considered anti-competitive. In some cases, pocket listings may even be a Fair Housing violation. Asking NAR to adopt a national policy against pocket listings is a big deal, and it will impact agents all over the … (2 comments)

apostle islands: Amazon's Agent NEO app Could be a Game Changer for Real Estate Agents - 12/06/17 10:21 AM
Amazon's "Agent NEO" app Could be a Game Changer for Real Estate Agents
Inman News is talking about this. I haven't seen it mentioned on Active Rain yet, but it's certainly getting attention elsewhere. And if you've missed it, you might benefit from doing a little research.
Agent NEO is Amazon's latest foray into providing a service to the real estate profession. The Agent NEO app is currently in Beta testing. It looks like both large and small brokerages are applying to test the new app.
Who couldn't use another way to reach real estate consumers? Alexa has become a popular way to keep … (17 comments)

apostle islands: Pocket Listings...They impact Appraisal values. Don't do it! - 07/04/17 02:11 PM
Appraiser and blogger Mary Thompson has really hit it out of the park with this post.
Sellers, want to see yourself get ripped off by selling your property without exposing it to the market?
Just fall into the "pocket listing" trap (or more gently put, "private listing"). It's a windfall for the agent who takes a pocket listing on your property.  But it's a disaster for establishing comparable sales in your local market.
The point of this blog is to remind the real estate agent community that pocket listings are often absent from market data. This is the data that reputable agents and appraisers … (4 comments)

apostle islands: A Crib Dock Can Add Value to Your Waterfront Property Shoreline - 04/11/16 06:33 PM
A Crib Dock Can Add Value to Your Waterfront Property Shoreline
In our geographic area in northwest Wisconsin (the Apostle Islands region of Lake Superior), it's not uncommon to see what are sometimes described as "permanent docks" or "crib docks" along the shoreline.  Among the twenty-one Apostle Islands, Madeline Island is home to perhaps a couple hundred of these crib docks.
Construction of these crib docks generally consists of oak cribs, pinned together with heavy iron spikes and filled with large brownstone boulders. The rock-filled cribs are then "topped" with planking, allowing a dock surface that can be equipped with mooring cleats or dock … (7 comments)

apostle islands: Get Info on Bayfield to La Pointe Ferry Service Interruptions via Text - 03/17/16 12:25 AM
Get Info on Bayfield to La Pointe Ferry Service Interruptions via Text Message
The winter storms in the Apostle Islands area yesterday and today were a reminder that travelers here need to pay close attention to changes in weather and transportation availability.
The Madeline Island Ferry Line made a couple of morning trips yesterday, then shut down for the rest of the day. This happens occasionally when gale force winds and high waves make ferry operation difficult, even dangerous.
Madeline Island Ferry Line users can now receive schedule updates on interruptions in service due to weather (or extra trips added to the schedule) via text message on your … (3 comments)

apostle islands: Superb Brickyard Creek Waterfront Home in Bayfield WI - Sale Pending - 03/15/16 07:00 PM
Superb Brickyard Creek Waterfront Home in Bayfield WI - Sale Pending
One of our favorite Madeline Island Realty listings ever  is now a Pending sale.
Built by renowned Minneapolis & Saint Paul master builder Tony Eiden in 2003, this magnificent waterfront home in the Brickyard Creek development, adjacent to Roy's Point Marina, is in superb condition.
The exceptional view of Basswood Island (in the Apostle Islands of northwest Wisconsin) is an "up-close-and-personal" focal point of this luxury waterfront home. From the large, elegant tiled foyer and formal dining room to the dramatic wall of windows in the living room facing Lake Superior, the construction quality and attention … (8 comments)

apostle islands: Ours May be the Only Beachfront Real Estate Office on Lake Superior - 01/02/16 04:01 AM
Ours May Possibly be the Only Beachfront Real Estate Office on Lake Superior
To our knowledge, Madeline Island Realty enjoys the only beachfront residential real estate office on Lake Superior. If that is true, it would be quite a distinction, as Lake Superior has over 2700 linear miles of shoreline. By the way, that shoreline circumference equals approximately ten per cent of the way around our planet, measured at the equator (about twenty-five thousand miles). 
[Madeline Island Realty is next door to the Beach Club Restaurant, to the right of center in this photo.]
Madeline Island Realty is located at 809 Main Street, La … (2 comments)

apostle islands: Fifteen Years Since Our Office First Joined a Multiple Listing Service - 12/24/15 11:19 AM
Fifteen Years Since Our Office First Joined a Multiple Listing Service
I remember quite well the day that our company, Madeline Island Realty, became the first real estate brokerage on Madeline Island to join a Multiple Listing Service (MLS). It was at the beginning of 2001 that I begain having discussions with the folks at Northwest Wisconsin Multiple Listing Service in Eau Claire, Wisconsin about becoming a member. At that time, nobody on Madeline Island or in nearby Bayfield, Wisconsin had an MLS membership or uploaded their property listings to a Multiple Listing Service.
At that time, in our sleepy little corner of … (2 comments)

apostle islands: Madeline Island Sellers - Five Things to Watch if you Want to Sell Now - 08/26/15 06:32 AM
Madeline Island Home Sellers - Five Things to Watch if you Want to Sell Now
Sellers of Madeline Island homes and other properties need to watch these five crucial factors if they hope to sell their vacation home in 2015:
Watch the Calendar.  Labor Day weekend is less than ten days away.  After that, kids return to school (if they haven't already) and symbolically speaking, autumn returns to the Apostle Islands area.  Tourist traffic begins to slow, although weekend tourist traffic should remain lively on Madeline Island until early to mid-October. 
Like it or not, we are primarily a seasonal real estate marketplace, although … (2 comments)

apostle islands: Help With LaPointe, Bayfield & Ashland WI Short Sales - 08/11/15 04:26 AM
Madeline Island Realty Associate Broker Bob Kron Offers Help With Madeline Island, Bayfield & Ashland WI Short Sales, Foreclosure Sales and REO properties
For property owners with distressed properties to sell or buyers searching for short sale, foreclosed or auction properties in Ashland and Bayfield Counties of northwest Wisconsin, there's finally help available.  Broker Associate Bob Kron with Madeline Island Realty is an experienced and knowledgeable specialist in handling short sale listings, foreclosure listings and auction properties in the Apostle Islands area.
Bob Kron has a longstanding and impressive track record with bank-owned properties in the Apostle Islands, including homes and vacant land on Madeline … (0 comments)

apostle islands: August is Decision Time - Want Your Vacation Home Sold in 2015 or Not? - 07/28/15 01:07 PM
August is Decision Time - Want Your Vacation Home Sold in 2015 or Not?
In the northern United States, where shopping for a vacation home is a seasonal affair, the beginning of August is something of a decision-making moment.  In our northwest Wisconsin real estate market (the South Shore of Lake Superior, including Madeline Island and Bayfield, Wisconsin), August marks the beginning of "crunch time".  For many reasons, the price and condition of your home listing at this crucial time of year will make or break the success of your listing.
We often remind our sellers that they need to pay close attention … (0 comments)

apostle islands: Don't Overlook The Best Home Values on Madeline Island - 06/20/15 11:03 PM
Don't Overlook The Best Home Values on Madeline Island
Sometimes, the "best buys" in a second home are right under your nose. We've made a selection of properties available for purchase which should be on your radar if you are seriously looking for a home on Madeline Island. In the next few days, we'll be highlighting one of these value-priced Madeline Island homes in each post. Below is our first property in our series of featured Madeline Island homes:
3348 Stockton Road, LaPointe, WI 54850
We have the blueprints for this magnificent Lake Superior log home in our office.  Ask any log home builder … (3 comments)

apostle islands: 6 of 7 LaPointe Luxury Home Sales Listed by Madeline Island Realty - 06/18/15 12:22 PM
Six of the Last Seven Luxury Home Sales on Madeline Island Were Listed by Madeline Island Realty
It's true. Since January 1 of 2012, there have been seven successfully-closed luxury home sales on Madeline Island which sold at over $500,000.  
Six of those seven luxury home sales were properties listed by Madeline Island Realty (three of those six luxury homes were listed by Broker Eric Kodner).
That means 86% of the upper-bracket homes sold in LaPointe, Wisconsin over the past 42 months were our own (Madeline Island Realty) listings.
Three of the upper-bracket sales where the buyer was procured by Madeline Island Realty were … (5 comments)

apostle islands: Showing Extraordinary Lake Minnetonka Properties This Morning - 03/20/15 01:54 AM
Showing Extraordinary Lake Minnetonka Properties This Morning
In the real estate business, not all days are like this one.  This morning I had the privilege of touring some remarkable properties in the Lake Minnetonka area of Hennepin County (about half an hour west of downtown Minneapolis).  These were anything but typical homes and lots. Prices over $1.5 million and above are not uncommon in the particular areas that we toured during the past several hours.
Our tour of properties for sale began this morning in Wayzata, on the west end of town.  We also took in parts of Deephaven … (3 comments)

apostle islands: Madeline Island Realty Recommended by Blogger Bob Crane - 02/22/15 10:54 PM
Madeline Island Realty Recommended by Blogger Bob Crane
We're very proud of this recent recommendation by ActiveRain blogger and forestland expert Bob Crane:
In Bob's blog post about buying land in Ashland County, Wisconsin, Bob wrote, "If you are interested in purchasing land in Ashland County, give my friend Eric Kodner a call". 
At Madeline Island Realty, we do  specialize in homes and land, not only in Ashland County but also in neighboring Bayfield and Douglas Counties of northwest Wisconsin.  It's gratifying to be endorsed by top real estate bloggers like Bob Crane and we're proud to … (1 comments)

apostle islands: Peak of Fall Color Season Nears on Madeline Island and in Bayfield WI - 09/28/14 08:11 AM
Peak of Fall Color Season Nears on Madeline Island and in Bayfield WI
Signs point to a peak in the fall color season this weekend in the Apostle Islands area.  In just the past few days, fall color appears to be near its peak, particularly on the northwest side of Madeline Island (North Shore Road).
I've always been told that the choice of the first weekend in October for Bayfield's "Apple Festival" weekend is aimed at bringing autumn tourists to visit at the peak of fall colors.  If that's the intent of the Bayfield Chamber of Commerce, then I'd say things are … (2 comments)

apostle islands: Word Gets Around - 09/16/14 09:35 AM
Word Gets Around
I received a voicemail first thing this morning from a Madeline Island property owner who has decided to sell his fine waterfront home.  He wasn't comparison shopping for a listing broker, nor was he trying to make a choice based solely upon the "lowest commission and highest sold price" formula. 
This seller had heard over and over again that Madeline Island Realty has sold more upper-bracket homes on the Island in the past three years than any other area real estate brokerage.  He did his own research, asked other Island property owners and made the decision to call us.   
People who own outstanding properties understand … (2 comments)

apostle islands: Seller Asks What it Will Take to Get His Home Sold - 08/28/14 04:09 AM
Seller Asks What it Will Take to Get His Home Sold
This is a question which we receive from determined and motivated sellers fairly often.  The answer may not be perceived as good news by a seller, but it's a truthful reply.
When a prospective buyer sees the value in what you're selling, and they can picture themselves owning and enjoying the property you are offering, that combination of factors generally results in an offer.
Price is probably the most significant issue in getting your home sold.  If a buyer sees your home as overpriced, it will likely drive that buyer away.  … (0 comments)

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