madeline island: We Have an Ice Road to Madeline Island - But Call the Hotline Before Using It !!! - 02/13/08 04:58 AM
Here's the latest on the status of the Ice Road between Bayfield, Wisconsin and Madeline Island..
An Ice Road between the mainland and the Island was plowed and marked last weekend.  According to my friend Mike Arnao, cars are now using the ice road.  Mike drove it this morning to and from the Island and he reports the ice road was in good driving condition this morning.

Photo above: Windsled "Ice Angel IV" ready for Madeline Island passengers. Note radar dome atop the vehicle.
My advice would be to check with the Ice Road Hotline before crossing the two miles … (34 comments)

madeline island: How Did Madeline Island Get Its Name? - 02/09/08 05:12 PM
This post is dedicated to my good friend, Karen Anne Stone, who suggested I write something about the history of the naming of Madeline Island.
The naming of the Apostle Islands went through several changes during recent centuries.  From native American legends and scant written records, we know that the Ojibway referred to Madeline Island as Moningwunakauning, which translated as "home of the golden-breasted Woodpecker".

Photo above:  Fourth of July celebration in front of the Madeline Island Historical Museum
French explorers and cartographers left their mark on the Apostle Islands region, referring to Lake Superior as "Grand Lac" on various maps from the early 1600s.  … (19 comments)

madeline island: Madeline Island Ferry Service is Shut Down & Windsled Service Begins! - 01/30/08 06:29 AM
The word is out that the Madeline Island Ferry Line has ceased making trips between La Pointe and Bayfield due to seasonal ice buildup in Chequamegon Bay.  The ferry Island Queen typically stops making trips between Madeline Island and the mainland when the ice reaches a thickness of eight to ten inches.  
The first windsled trips of 2008 were made last Thursday. 

According to one source, the ice is still not very thick and the windsled broke through the ice a number of times during the first few crossings.  But with temperatures yesterday and today in the single digits (with below-zerowindchill figures), … (12 comments)

madeline island: Golf Course Property On Madeline Island Can Be A Fabulous Investment! - 01/19/08 03:32 PM
Take a drive down Mondamin Trail on Madeline Island, or along Fort Road near the Marina, and you'll be looking at the future of Madeline Island residential property development.

Our Madeline Island lake frontage is about 92% developed today.  The cost of property with Lake Superior frontage has risen to a point that places it out of reach for many buyers.  And a lakeshore buyer who has spent $200,000 or more for a lake lot has only scratched the surface.  By the time the construction process is over, that same buyer will likely have well over $500,000 invested in the property.
But … (4 comments)

madeline island: Ice Road May Be Late This Year, But It's Still Possible - 01/19/08 04:02 AM
With the ten-day La Pointe, Wisconsin forecast calling for daytime high temperatures in the single digits, it appears likely that we'll see a switch from the ferry to windsled transportation to & from Madeline Island this year after all.  We may even get an ice road!
Temperatures began to plummet in the Chequamegon Bay area during the past week.  Ice is beginning to accumulate in La Pointe harbor and the ferry schedule is subject to change as a result.  Windsled crews are standing by, ready to take over if and when the ferry shuts down due to thick ice.
This season was the first time the Wisconsin … (4 comments)

madeline island: Get To Know Your Madeline Island Elected Officials - Local, Regional and State Government - 01/18/08 03:34 PM
I find that some of my clients, especially those who own property as summer residents on Madeline Island, don't know how to contact the elected officials who represent La Pointe Township.

You'll find complete information, including contact information, on our elected officials by visiting the Project Vote Smart website.  Project Vote Smart is a non-partisan information source about national, state, regional and local elected officials. 
The Project Vote Smart site provides biographical information for each elected official, plus contact information (email, phone, fax and mailing address).
To reach Town of La Pointe staff, use the following numbers:
La Pointe Town … (5 comments)

madeline island: Wisconsin Senator Bob Jauch's Office Discloses Over $2 Million Available for Improvements in Madeline Island County Roads - 01/17/08 04:49 PM
Recently, the office of Wisconsin Senator Bob Jauch (District 25) announced the availability of $2.1 Million in the State budget for improvements in the County Road system on Madeline Island.
The available funds are part of Federal monies provided to the State of Wisconsin for various highway projects.  Senator Jauch was able to secure the funds specifically for the purpose of undertaking Madeline Island road projects.

At the same time, the LaPointe Town Board has been reviewing the feasibility of purchasing nearly $3 Million worth of gravel for Island roads. 
In 2009, Ashland County plans to rebuild and blacktop County Road … (6 comments)

madeline island: 2008 La Pointe, Wisconsin Town Budget Up Seven Per Cent Over Last Year - 01/17/08 04:13 PM
The Town of LaPointe (Wisconsin) budget for 2008 will be up 7% over last year's levy. 
The total levy (including amounts for the Town of LaPointe, Ashland County, the Bayfield School District, the State of Wisconsin and Madeline Island Sanitary District) will be $5,849,971.31 for 2008.

The largest single portion of the total levy was for the Bayfield School District.  The School District portion of the budget is nearly $2.5 million.
Last year's 2007 levy represented an increase of 15% over the year before. 

madeline island: Winter Events Warm Things Up on Madeline Island! - 01/11/08 01:30 PM
On February 2nd, the Bell Street Tavern hosts the "Cabin Fever Reliever", with Big Top Chautauqua's Warren Nelson and the Blue Canvas Orchestra providing the music and entertainment.  The event starts at 5 p.m. and donations will be taken at the door.  The event is a fundraiser for Big Top Chautauqua events.
February 23rd is the date of the Fourth Annual "Big Ice Golf Tournament"in downtown LaPointe.  The course will be located across the street from Ed & Marilyn Hartig's Island Store, next door to the Madeline Island Realty office.  A mere $5 donation includes nine holes of golf on the ice!  Irons and yellow … (0 comments)

madeline island: Tentative 2008 Winsdled Schedule for Transportation Between Bayfield & Madeline Island - 01/09/08 06:36 AM
Okay, here it is, hot off the presses..the tentative windsled schedule for trips between Bayfield and LaPointe!

The following windsled schedule (for travel between Bayfield, Wisconsin and La Pointe, Wisconsin) is based on the 2007 schedule.  This will likely be the daily trip schedule in the event the Madeline Island Ferry Line decides to shut down due to heavy ice:
Monday through Friday, there would be ten trips a day.  The windsled would leave Madeline Island at 7:10 am, 9 am, 11:30 am, 3:45 pm and 4:30 pm.  Trips from Bayfield would take place at 7:20 am, 9:30 am, 1 pm, 4 pm … (2 comments)

madeline island: Madeline Island Windsled Information for 2008 - 01/08/08 12:28 PM
We don't know yet if we're going to get an ice road between Madeline Island and Bayfield this season.  But it's likely that we'll get at least enough ice to shut the Madeline Island Ferry Line down for awhile.

Photo above: Aft view of the windsled "Ice Angel IV" at Madeline Island
When the lake freezes, Windsled Transportation, Inc. takes over.  And now that we're well into the month of January, customers, clients and fellow Madeline Island enthusiasts are asking me where they can obtain reliable windsled and ice road information.  So here it is:
Call 715-747-5400 for recorded … (4 comments)

madeline island: Madeline Island Ice Road Prospects Growing Dim With Warm Winter Weather Predicted in January - 01/05/08 03:44 AM
The prospect of a nice long ice road season for Madeline Island residents isn't very good this year.  Warm weather has kept the Madeline Island Ferry running and forecasters expect more of the same. 

Madeline Island residents and visitors are watching the weather.  The ten-day LaPointe forecast through the middle of January calls for daytime temperatures mostly in the mid and upper 30s.  Today, the forecast is for partly sunny skies and a high of around 36.
There's not much, if any, ice in Chequamegon Bay right now, exept for Ashland and part of Washburn harbor.  The ferry passage between Bayfield, Wisconsin and Madeline Island is open water.  And there … (14 comments)

madeline island: EcoWood Offers Sustainably Harvested Wood Products on Madeline Island - 12/13/07 02:14 PM
EcoWood has become much more than the "Island sawmill".  It is a company dedicated to producing finished wood products, such as flooring, cabinetry, trim and decorative panels, in a sustainable manner.   The company adheres to an eco-friendly mode of operation that is unique in the Apostle Islands region of Lake Superior and northwestern Wisconsin.

EcoWood uses only bio-diesel fuel to power its vehicles, sawmills and other machinery.  All buildings and kilns are heated with scrap wood, burned in a high-efficiency boiler.  Only wood harvested sustainably is used.  EcoWood does not clear-cut any forested areas in the process of obtaining its … (7 comments)

madeline island: December Calendar for Madeline Island Activities & Events - 12/13/07 02:05 PM
Life doesn't come to a halt on Madeline Island, even in December.  Here's a list of events for the month:
From December 13 through 15, there will be "The Art of Celebration Boutique" at the Boutin-Mahan Ferry Terminal in Bayfield.  The Boutique is open from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. each day. On December 15, meet Santa (and Mrs. Claus) at the Bayfield Pavillion, from 11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m.  Santa will arrive by ferry from the Island!  I hope he doesn't have to pay extra for the sleigh and all those reindeer.. On December 15 at 7 p.m., there will … (2 comments)

madeline island: Cross-Country Ski Trails at Big Bay State Park on Madeline Island Are Now Open & Groomed! - 12/12/07 06:58 AM
2008 Wisconsin State Park vehicle stickers may now be purchased on Madeline Island.  The 2008 sticker is now available at Big Bay State Park, at any Wisconsin DNR service center or online at
The cost for Wisconsin residents is $25 and for non-residents it's $35.  Owners of a second vehicle in the same household (vehicle must be registered at the same address) may obtain an additional vehicle sticker for half price.
Wisconsin State Park vehicle stickers allow unlimited visits to over sixty State parks, State forests and designated recreational areas. 
Both cross-country and downhill skiing condition reports may be viewed at

madeline island: Get Ready For Next Spring & Summer With "The Great Lakes Berry Book" - 12/11/07 01:47 PM
Here's a fabulous gift idea for someone who enjoys berry picking and making preserves..The Great Lakes Berry Book (by Bob Krumm) is a complete guide to finding and enjoying wild berries found in the Great Lakes region.
This book is a must for berry-pickers!  It includes identifying photos to assist in finding a particular berry. 
[NOTE: There's also a very useful section on what berries NOT to pick!]
My favorite berry in the book is, of course, the Thimbleberry, which is native to Madeline Island, the Michigan Upper Peninsula and a few areas in extreme northeastern Minnesota and bordering Ontario.  If you haven't … (4 comments)

madeline island: Help Is On The Way: Pronunciation Guide for Wisconsin City, Town & County Names - 12/11/07 06:12 AM
"Miss Pronouncer" has come to the rescue!
The Miss Pronouncer website is described as a "resource for audio pronunciations of cities, parks, lawmakers, Indian tribes, towns, counties, villages, forests and sports figures specific to Wisconsin".  The site provides audio guides to pronunciation of all the above, plus photos, fun facts, links to tourism resources and more.
You can look up names of legislators, candidates, judges, townships, county seat locations, parks & forests, Native American casinos and more.  There are even lists of famous folks from Wisconsin on television and in film, theater, sports, music, comedy, politics, business, art and science.  This site could … (17 comments)

madeline island: Madeline Island Neighborhoods: Nebraska Row in LaPointe, Wisconsin - 12/02/07 01:18 PM
When Colonel Frederick Woods and family, of Lincoln Nebraska, built a row of summer homes just north of what is now downtown LaPointe, their actions established the emergence of Madeline Island as a summer vacation destination.

Actually, summer visitors began trickling onto the Island in the mid 1800s.  Among the early visitors to Madeline Island were Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln and her son Robert, in 1868.  By 1895, the O'Brien and Grassie families had already begun constructing cottages along the shore.  Early visitors were drawn to the area as a haven for hay fever sufferers.  And the growth of railroads contributed … (8 comments)

madeline island: Madeline Island's Historic Grant’s Point Holds A Significant Place in American History - 12/02/07 10:00 AM
Tourists and Madeline Island visitors know Grant's Point for its fine estate homes and small public beach.  Some of the Island's most prized homes occupy the Point, which is located at the southern end of Madeline Island, next to the town of LaPointe, the Madeline Island Marina and Indian Cemetery.  But it should also be noted that Grant's Point holds an important place in the history and growth of white settlements in North America.

The Ojibway named the Island "Moningwunakauing", meaning "home of the Golden-breasted woodpecker".  Pierre Le Sueur established the first French fort on the Island in 1693, about … (0 comments)

madeline island: Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce Releases 2008 Event Schedule - 11/26/07 09:32 AM
The Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce, in LaPointe, Wisconsin, has released their preliminary Event Schedule for 2008.
February 2-4 brings the Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race to Bayfield, Wisconsin.  The race runs Saturday and Sunday, with two main races, plus a Sportsmen's Race and a Family Race over the weekend.
On February 23, the LaPointe Volunteer Fire Department sponsors its "Big Ice Golf IV" in downtown LaPointe.  Proceeds benefit the Fire Department operating fund.  The golf tournament (on frozen Lake Superior) takes place just off the beach across from Middle Road and next door to the Madeline Island Realty office downtown.

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