madeline island: Why Did the Neighbor's House Sell But Ours Didn't? - 03/01/15 11:43 AM
Why Did the Neighbor's House Sell But Ours Didn't?
This is one of the toughest conversations we find ourselves having with a seller.  One of our listings shows up with the words "Sale Pending" next to the address and other  area sellers promptly contact us, asking "what are we doing wrong?"  or "what should we be doing differently?".
The answer isn't always the same.  It's not always about price.  Sometimes, it's about the condition of the home that received an acceptable offer (or the homes that didn't).  And other times, the reason is almost inexplicable. 
In our largely second … (5 comments)

madeline island: Unique Homes May Take Longer To Sell - 03/01/15 10:08 AM
Let me say that Margaret Rome's blog post on unique homes (and longer time frames required for selling them) spoke loudly to me the moment I read it.
Our real estate brokerage on Madeline Island (as well as our Minneapolis & Saint Paul Minnesota office) has dealt in extraordinary homes for years now, and they can certainly be a challenge.  It takes a patient and savvy seller to understand that the market for such homes is much thinner than you'll experience if you are trying to sell something more conventional and less unique.
Everything in the process, from pricing to marketing and negotiations, requires … (0 comments)

madeline island: 2120 North Shore Rd, LaPointe WI - Outstanding Post & Beam Estate Home - 01/29/15 01:37 AM
2120 North Shore Rd, LaPointe WI - Outstanding Post & Beam Estate Home
Picture a massive organic post-and-beam structure, built in 1812 and crafted in Vermont from centuries-old timbers. In the early 2000s, the timber frame structure was carefully dismantled and shipped to Madeline Island, where it was lovingly repurposed as a luxury vacation home in 2003.

2120 North Shore Road on Madeline Island is the ultimate Lake Superior home, a classic example of rustic elegance on a grand scale. The hand-hewn antique timber frame masterpiece is sited on eighteen secluded and heavily wooded acres, with over nine hundred feet … (2 comments)

madeline island: "I Wanted to Buy That Home" - The House That Got Away - 11/04/14 04:47 AM
"I Wanted to Buy That Home"
Every year, we are given the privilege of representing and marketing a handfull of exceptional properties in our Madeline Island and Bayfield, Wisconsin real estate marketplace.  And each year, when these properties sell, we invariably hear from at least one or two folks who call us up after the sale closes and they wistfully lament, "I wanted to buy that home"  or "I was going to buy that home".
This statement always moves me to ask, "Why didn't you purchase it then?"  And the list of excuses comes forth from these would-be buyers in a torrent.  We … (23 comments)

madeline island: 1150 Big Bay Road, LaPointe WI - Sunset Bay Value on Madeline Island - 10/21/14 02:45 PM
1150 Big Bay Road, LaPointe WI - Sunset Bay Value on Madeline Island
If you're searching for luxury and comfort in a secluded Lake Superior setting on nearly four acres, yet close to the Town of LaPointe, you've found it.  1150 Big Bay Road combines wooded privacy and plenty of room with close proximity to town shopping, restaurants, the Madeline Island Airport and the Madeline Island Ferry Line.
A year-round home with sunset views of the Bayfield mainland, 1150 Big Bay Road is one of the best values currently available on Madeline Island.
Highlights of this property include:
An extra-wide … (2 comments)

madeline island: Peak of Fall Color Season Nears on Madeline Island and in Bayfield WI - 09/28/14 08:11 AM
Peak of Fall Color Season Nears on Madeline Island and in Bayfield WI
Signs point to a peak in the fall color season this weekend in the Apostle Islands area.  In just the past few days, fall color appears to be near its peak, particularly on the northwest side of Madeline Island (North Shore Road).
I've always been told that the choice of the first weekend in October for Bayfield's "Apple Festival" weekend is aimed at bringing autumn tourists to visit at the peak of fall colors.  If that's the intent of the Bayfield Chamber of Commerce, then I'd say things are … (2 comments)

madeline island: Bayfield Apple Festival - 09/26/14 07:26 AM
It's great to see fellow blogger Bob Crane post something about our Bayfield, Wisconsin Apple Festival!
The first weekend in October is one of the year's biggest events in the Apostle Islands, with thousands of visitors to Bayfield (and also to Madeline Island) for the weekend.  Apple festival is sort of a conclusion to our tourist season, although visitors continue to come to the area in significant numbers throughout October and much of November.
It's quieter and more serene in the area this time of year.  The leaves are in color and there's the occasional scent of a camp fire in the air.  … (3 comments)

madeline island: Never Underestimate the Power of Lake Superior - 09/12/14 02:17 AM
Never Underestimate the Power of Lake Superior
The video below tells the story of what happened on Madeline Island two days ago.  We're told that the storm which struck the Island on Wednesday tore as many as sixty crib docks off the shore.  

During the ferry crossing from Bayfield, Wisconsin to LaPointe (Madeline Island), we counted well over one hundred pieces of floating debris, including dock planks, timbers and downed trees.  
Here's what the dock looked like before Wednesday's storm:

Notice how the planking atop the log cribs has been completely swept away … (2 comments)

madeline island: Tell Me Again That Statistics Have No Meaning - 09/10/14 01:38 PM
Tell Me Again That Statistics Have No Meaning
Our Wisconsin real estate company, Madeline Island Realty, achieved another milestone recently.  Our virtual tour statistics indicate that our real estate virtual tour photographs have received over a quarter of a million views in the past four years .  And those same virtual tours have received over thirty thousand visits during the same time period.
Those are some serious numbers, especially for a relatively small niche market like Madeline Island and Bayfield, Wisconsin. 

As of today, our TourFactory virtual tour website is receiving over ten thousand views per month.  For a small "boutique" real estate firm with three … (2 comments)

madeline island: Seller Asks What it Will Take to Get His Home Sold - 08/28/14 04:09 AM
Seller Asks What it Will Take to Get His Home Sold
This is a question which we receive from determined and motivated sellers fairly often.  The answer may not be perceived as good news by a seller, but it's a truthful reply.
When a prospective buyer sees the value in what you're selling, and they can picture themselves owning and enjoying the property you are offering, that combination of factors generally results in an offer.
Price is probably the most significant issue in getting your home sold.  If a buyer sees your home as overpriced, it will likely drive that buyer away.  … (0 comments)

madeline island: Sellers, Keep an Eye on Your Competition - 08/28/14 02:37 AM
Sellers, Keep an Eye on Your Competition
Sellers, if you don't think you have competition out there, think again.
Start by taking a look at your price bracket.  This season we have seen a significant number of homes enter the market priced between $500,000 and $750,000 on Madeline Island (and elsewhere).  Yet showing traffic is down in the over half-million price range. 
There's competition in your neighborhood.  For example, the 2013 sales season brought a number of homes on the South Shore Road area of Madeline Island into the market. This year, the majority of homes for sale appears to have shifted to the … (0 comments)

madeline island: Current Pending Sales by Madeline Island Realty - 08/28/14 01:40 AM
Current Pending Sales by Madeline Island Realty
Now that we've reached the end of August, an updated real estate Market Report seems appropriate.
As of today, August 28, the following Madeline Island Realty listings are Pending:
3752 Big Bay Road, LaPointe Wisconsin
2231 North Shore Road, LaPointe, Wisconsin
240 Wilson Avenue, Unit 209, Bayfield, Wisconsin
Madeline Island Realty also recently procured a buyer for a home in Polk County, Wisconsin, located at 1726 108th Street, in Balsam Lake WI  (property listed by Quorum Realty, Green Bay Wisconsin). 
On August 8, the sale of 4327 Chippewa Trail, LaPointe, Wisconsin was closed.

madeline island: SOLD - 2260 Big Bay Road, LaPointe Wisconsin 54850 - Vacant Acreage - 04/16/14 03:09 AM
SOLD - 2260 Big Bay Road, LaPointe Wisconsin 54850 - Vacant Acreage
This is a significant sale for our Madeline Island real estate market, even if it happens to be a sale under one hundred thousand dollars.  This eighteen-acre parcel near Big Bay Town Park is evidence that buyer interest in vacant land on Madeline Island appears to be rebounding at last.
We wrote about this sale earlier when it was under "Pending" status, and we discussed what an improvement in vacant land sales on Madeline Island will mean to the local real estate market.  Vacant land sales have lagged behind sales of existing … (0 comments)

madeline island: Three Tips to Help Get Your Madeline Island Vacant Land Parcel Sold - 04/12/14 11:06 PM
Three Tips to Help Get Your Madeline Island Vacant Land Parcel Sold
We receive phone calls from owners of vacant land parcels on a regular basis.  This season, I'd say that vacant vacant land inquiries from owners wishing to sell are at the top of the list.
If you follow this blog, you've noticed that we write about real estate market conditions each month.  The market for existing homes in the 54850 zip code has been brisk over the past nine months.  By contrast, the market for vacant land appears to be stagnant.
When lots and land aren't selling, … (4 comments)

madeline island: Don't Count on Riding the Madeline Island Ferry Until After Easter - 04/10/14 03:31 AM
Don't Count on Riding the Madeline Island Ferry Until After Easter
The Ashland Daily Press  has made it official (via the Madeline Island Ferry Line) that travelers to and from Madeline Island should not expect to see ferry service resume until after Easter, at the earliest.  The demise of the "ice road" between Bayfield, Wisconsin and the Island has forced the resumption of windsled travel, but that doesn't mean that ferry service can begin yet.
The ice is so thick this year, perhaps as much as three or four feet thick, that it isn't possible to get across the bay … (5 comments)

madeline island: Vacant Land Sales Will be a Sign of a Sustained Real Estate Recovery - 04/03/14 11:41 AM
Vacant Land Sales Will be a Sign of a Sustained Real Estate Recovery
My friend and real estate colleague, broker Liane Read (whose company, "Sea to Sky Premier Properties", sells real estate in Canada's Southern Gulf Islands, including Salt Spring Island) writes an excellent blog about her area market.  I just finished reading her exceptionally well-written April 2014 Market Report and I happened upon something she wrote which I agree with one hundred per cent.
In her most current market report, Li wrote "I've always thought that raw land sales mark the turn into a true sellers market".  And the same holds true for … (1 comments)

madeline island: Madeline Island Ice Road Coming to an End for the Winter Season - 04/03/14 10:42 AM
Madeline Island Ice Road Coming to an End for the Winter Season
I received unofficial news that the "Ice Road" from Bayfield, Wisconsin to the Town of LaPointe on Madeline Island is nearing its end for the 2013-14 Winter season.  Warmer temperatures and deteriorating beach approaches on both ends of the ice road have taken their toll on the ice road during the past couple of weeks. 
A winter storm warning is in effect for the Chequamegon Bay/Apostle Islands area, including Bayfield and Madeline Island, with snow accumulations predicted to be up to a foot of wet, heavy snow.  The Madeline … (2 comments)

madeline island: We Made Sales All Winter While Other Area Realtors Were on Vacation - 04/03/14 01:14 AM
We Made Sales All Winter While Other Area Realtors Were on Vacation
For as far back as I can remember, real estate agents on Madeline Island and on the mainland (Bayfield and other northwest Wisconsin towns) have been giving their clients the questionable advice that "no one comes up here to buy in winter, so you might as well take your property off the market until next April or May". 
If you bought into that bad advice last autumn, you made a major mistake.
Between mid-September of 2013 and today, buyer interest in real estate on Madeline Island and in the Apostle … (4 comments)

madeline island: Once You've Tested the Market, You Need to Act Upon the Results - 03/30/14 01:11 AM
Once You've Tested the Market, You Need to Act Upon the Results
I've had quite a few recent conversations with homeowners in the Apostle Islands and South Shore area lately, all of those conversations centered around the search for a price that will bring results.  These would-be sellers have something in common, and that something is frustration.
The situation appears to be worse on the mainland, compared to our recent market upturn on Madeline Island.  Properties in Bayfield County, particularly those priced at over three hundred thousand dollars, aren't exactly flying off the shelves.  A lot of sellers appear to be stubbornly holding … (0 comments)

madeline island: Outstanding Value on Madeline Island - 951 Snow Place Lane - 03/22/14 04:48 AM
Outstanding Value on Madeline Island - 951 Snow Place Lane
Here's a Madeline Island listing that has been completely overlooked by buyers.  951 Snow Place Lane, LaPointe WI combines large, private acreage with a comfortable home, close to the Town of LaPointe and right next door to the Madeline Island Airport, all at a remarkably low price.
This property is bank-owned.  The bank wants it sold.  We rarely see bank-owned properties for sale on Madeline Island, but this one is filled with desirable features.
Spacious Year-Round Home, 3 Bedrooms and 3 Baths 24 x 36 Insulated and Heated Utility … (1 comments)

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