madeline island: Trying to find "LaPointe, Wisconsin" on Google Earth? It's All About How you Type the word "LaPointe" - 02/07/09 02:34 AM
Google Earth is a fun and useful utility, but it's far from perfect.
I found myself searching for the town of LaPointe, Wisconsin on Google Earth yesterday evening.  And depending on how you type the town's name, you get entirely different results.
LaPointe is the commercial zone on Madeline Island, located at the southwestern tip of the Island.  LaPointe Township includes the entire island.  Madeline Island is one of the twenty-two Apostle Islands in western Lake Superior, situated about seventy-five miles east of the Duluth-Superior metropolitan area.
There seems to be a sort of eternal debate among Islanders (and summer residents) … (2 comments)

madeline island: Madeline Island Ice Road Plowed Last Thursday - 01/26/09 03:39 AM
Here's an update on the current condition of the ice road between Bayfield, Wisconsin and Madeline Island.
According to the ice road "Hotline", the road was plowed last Thursday.  I'm told the ice is now safe for cars and light trucks and the ice thickness will increase now that some of the snow has been removed from the ice surface. 
Accumulating snow may have the effect of insulating the ice from the cold air above it, slowing the increase in ice thickness.  The folks who maintain the ice road make an effort to keep the ice plowed once it has grown thick enough to support vehicles.
I … (2 comments)

madeline island: It Looks Like the Madeline Island Ice Road is Finally Open! - 01/19/09 06:25 AM
I spoke with my friend Steve McHugh (owner of the new Bell Street Gallery) around Noon today and he informed me that the "ice road" between Bayfield, Wisconsin and Madeline Island opened this morning.
Steve said the ice road is currently open to "cars and light trucks". 
Aft view of the windsled "Ice Angel IV" near Madeline Island
A midday call to the Windsled Transportation Hotline (715-747-5400) didn't announce the ice road opening, but the recorded message is supposed to be updated later today. 
I'd strongly suggest re-checking the Windsled Hotline number before you schedule a trip across the … (4 comments)

madeline island: Madeline Islanders Cheer Early Freeze-Up - 01/06/09 12:03 AM
Winter has arrived in a big way on Madeline Island.
Approach to the ice road on Madeline Island
On New Year's Day, the Madeline Island Ferry Line made its last trip before freeze-up, slogging through the slushy passageway which threaded through the forming ice between Bayfield and La Pointe, Wisconsin.  The much-anticipated ice road is now forming across the two miles of Lake Superior that connects the mainland with the Island.  And Islanders are thrilled about it.  They see the ice road as a bonus, something that saves them from the expense of ferry (and windsled) fees.
Within the … (1 comments)

madeline island: Is Lake Superior Ice Formation Being Affected by Global Warming? - 01/05/09 10:12 PM
A recent University of Minnesota Duluth study claims that Lake Superior is a prime example of global warming and its effects.

The "ice road" to Madeline Island begins to break up in Spring of each year.
According to a recent article in the Duluth News-Tribune, the Lake Superior winter ice cover has, in general, diminished over the last thirty years, with a corresponding rise in average lake water temperature.  And another study by a local Bayfield resident who researched weather data back to 1857 claims that today we are seeing an average of forty-five fewer ice-covered days in our area of Chequamegon Bay than there were in the … (1 comments)

madeline island: Minneapolis Photographer Steve McHugh Creates New Bell Street Art Gallery on Madeline Island - 01/01/09 10:42 AM
The summer of 2009 will bring the opening of a new art gallery on Madeline Island.

The Bell Street Gallery is the creation of Steve McHugh, a well-known professional photographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Steve has been a Madeline Island summer resident for nearly two years now. 
Steve saw one of our commercial listings, located at 807 Bell Street, this past summer.  He was able to look beyond the rustic facade and the bright red paint job that adorned the building.  Steve and his wife Mary fell in love with the location and the property's commercial potential, so they purchased the property in October … (6 comments)

madeline island: Autumn Comes to Madeline Island..A Few Days Ahead of Schedule - 09/20/08 03:10 PM
It's a bit chilly here tonight.
The temperature right now is 49 degrees.  The sky is clear and a low of 37 to 42 is predicted for tonight. 
Today it seemed like tourists switched suddenly from t-shirts and shorts to thick sweaters and fall jackets.  A couple of guys walked into my real estate office this afternoon looking for firewood for their campsite at the State Park.  We chatted briefly about real estate prices and they took a brochure and business card with them.  I gave them a small bundle of split oak for their campfire and in return, they left me … (26 comments)

madeline island: The Isles are alive, with the sound of money - 08/20/08 02:46 AM
Thanks in part to the Wisconsin State Bureau of Aeronautics, Madeline Island is receiving nearly four million dollars worth of gravel. 
The Madeline Island Ferry dock is a beehive of activity, with bargeloads full of gravel for road and sanitation and airport projects being delivered daily.  Every time the crane swings from barge to the giant hopper on the ferry dock, you hear the sound of money being poured onto the Island.

Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle presented the Town of La Pointe with a check for $1.2 million on August 11.  That portion came from the Bureau of Aeronautics, to … (3 comments)

madeline island: What works for sellers and what doesn't - Lessons learned from a real estate auction - 08/08/08 04:23 PM
On Saturday, July 19th, I attended a real estate auction on Madeline Island.  To my knowledge, this was the first time a Madeline Island residential property had ever been offered at public auction.
The auction of the Campbell estate on Equaysayway Lane seemed more like a social event than a real estate liquidation.  There were approximately seventy people in attendance.  Most turned out to be spectators rather than participants.
From the perspective of some who attended the auction, the result of the bidding was less than spectacular.  The highest bid received for the estate home portion of the property (valued for taxes … (12 comments)

madeline island: Madeline Island summer resident campaigning for Minnesota U.S. Senate seat - 08/08/08 03:48 PM
A friend and client of mine is making a run for United States Senator from Minnesota.
Attorney Priscilla Lord Faris, daughter of retired Minnesota Attorney General and Federal Court Judge Miles Lord, announced her candidacy for U. S. Senate in Minnesota on July 15.  Faris will be opposing incumbent Senator Norm Coleman and DFL-endorsed challenger Al Franken in the Senate race.

Priscilla and her husband Wayne became summer residents on Madeline Island seven years ago.  I'm proud to say I sold them their Madeline Island home.  Priscilla's no rookie when it comes to political involvement.  Her family has a long history of involvement in Minnesota politics.  Among other … (4 comments)

madeline island: Alternative Energy Committee formed on Madeline Island - 07/04/08 12:47 AM
An Alternative Energy Committee has been formed by former Town Chairman Burke Henry, along with Larry Bean and Alan Fischlowitz, to study the feasibility of using wind, solar or other alternate energy sources on Madeline Island.   The committee will research the possible future use of these technologies by individual Island homeowners, as well as investigating community-wide solutions that may employ these technologies.
The committee has received study grant money from the Apostle Islands Foundation and from Wisconsin Focus on Energy.  The first phase of the committee's research was centered around evaluating various locations on the Island as potential wind turbine generation sites.
The Wisconsin Department of … (4 comments)

madeline island: Downtown La Pointe, Wisconsin stormwater project underway - 06/22/08 08:06 AM
From now through the end of June, expect to see road closures in portions of downtown La Pointe, on Madeline Island.
Various roads in downtown will be "intermittently closed" during the next several weeks.  Last week, a section of Big Bay Road from the intersection of Colonel Woods Avenue and Main Street extending to the La Pointe Town Hall was under construction. 
The project is part of a storm sewer renovation and expansion plan for the La Pointe commercial district.  The current phase of this project should be completed in advance of this year's Island Fourth of July celebration and parade. 

madeline island: Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce Membership Dinner to take place on Thursday June 26 - 06/22/08 08:01 AM
The Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce will present its Membership Dinner, to be held on Thursday June 26 at the "Lightkeeper's Lodge" in La Pointe, Wisconsin.
Situated next to The Pub Restaurant & Wine Bar, the "Lightkeeper's Lodge" is a new lodging and special events facility.  The Lodge is scheduled to open officially on July 1 and preview tours of the building will be held on June 26th.  The finished "Lightkeeper's Lodge" will feature six deluxe hotel suites and two standard hotel rooms, plus a large area for private parties and community events.
The Membership Dinner will begin with a social hour at 5:30 p.m., with cash bar.  … (0 comments)

madeline island: Madeline Island proclaimed "great weekend getaway" by Minneapolis Saint Paul Magazine - 06/07/08 02:48 PM
Madeline Island received a fantastic "plug" from the folks at Minneapolis - Saint Paul Magazine in its May 2008 issue.
Minneapolis Saint Paul Magazine proclaimed Madeline Island a "great escape" and added, "regulars prefer to keep Madeline Island a secret."
Well, the secret's out.
Reporter Beth Doole is obviously impressed by the Island.  But perhaps the greatest truth in her review of Madeline Island as a summer destination, is her comment,
"The real reason folks come here, however, is to do nothing: wake to the lap, lap of waves on the dock, halyards clanging on boats offshore; soak in the sunsets … (2 comments)

madeline island: Art galleries open for the summer season in La Pointe and Bayfield, Wisconsin - 06/07/08 12:24 PM
Summer is a time for art gallery openings on Madeline Island!
Over Memorial Day weekend, Burt & Francie's, at 117 Rittenhouse Avenue in Bayfield) hosted an art opening featuring art works by local artists, including Kelly Nelson (the owner of "Island Thyme" gift shop in La Pointe).
Across the water, in La Pointe, the La Pointe Center Art Guild and Gallery hosted a "Winter Works" opening.  The exhibit is described as "an eclectic collection of mixed media" created by Island residents and summer dwellers.  The exhibit will run through June 8 on Madeline Island.

madeline island: June Events on Madeline Island - 06/05/08 07:12 PM
The Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce will be hosting two special events for members in La Pointe, Wisconsin during June.
On June 10th, the Madeline Island Golf Club will host a "Chamber After Hours" party for members of the Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce and the Bayfield Chamber of Commerce.  The event will run from 5 to 7pm and refreshments will be served.
On June 26th, there will be a Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce Membership Dinner at the newly-opened Lightkeeper's Lodge, located next to The Pub Restaurant in La Pointe.  The Lightkeeper's Lodge is Madeline Island's newest lodging and special events facility.  There will be a social hour and tours of the … (0 comments)

madeline island: Farmer's market, Island Thyme Spring Cleaning Sale top the list of Madeline Island weekend happenings - 05/31/08 02:49 PM
"Island Thyme" gift shop in La Pointe, Wisconsin is having a Madeline Island "Spring Cleaning Sale"!
Today and tomorrow from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. both days, Island Thyme will be presenting a plant sale with Free Hand Farms of Ashland, Wisconsin.  The plant sale will include potted perennials, annuals, herbs and vegetables.
Quiet Creek Farm has its own market stand, located at the corner of Le Sueur and Main Streets, from  9 a.m. until 1 p.m., with produce, flowers and fresh pork available for purchase.
The Madeline Island branch of Bremer Bank is now open Monday through Friday each week, from 9 a.m. until … (2 comments)

madeline island: Madeline Island resident rows to Duluth to promote heart health awareness - 05/31/08 02:48 PM
Madeline Island resident Michael Murphy takes his rowing very seriously.
Murphy recently rowed his diminutive seventeen-foot boat, the "Mikerowave" from the Bad River area (near Odanah, Wisconsin) to the Duluth, Minnesota lift bridge and back again, to promote public awareness of the need for cardiac health.  The nearly 140-mile round trip took Murphy about nine days.
Murphy works for the National Healthy Heart Project, which is administered through the Indian Health Service and provides health assistance to over thirty Native American tribes across the United States.  Murphy also works at the Ashland County Memorial Medical Center in the hospital's emergency room walk-in clinic.
Murphy is a staunch advocate of rowing as an … (0 comments)

madeline island: Skip the Bong & Blatnik bridges in Duluth - taking the Highway 39 bridge route via Oliver to Superior, Wisconsin and beyond - 05/31/08 02:46 PM
If you're headed north on Interstate 35 from Minneapolis - Saint Paul toward Duluth and plan to cross over into Wisconsin, here are alternate routes you may want to try over the congested Fourth of July weekend.
[NOTE: I drive back and forth to and from Madeline Island from the Twin Cities quite a bit, and scenic routes like these can really make the trip more serene and fun!]
Instead of taking the Bong Bridge (Interstate Highway 2) into Wisconsin, take the Minnesota 210 exit near Black Bear Casino and head east through Carlton, Minnesota.  This route takes you past the Thomson Hydroelectric Dam site and … (0 comments)

madeline island: Lots of downed trees on Madeline Island following a blustery winter & spring - 05/31/08 02:45 PM
Visitors to Madeline Island this summer may notice a few more downed trees than usual on the Island.
Spring storms which included high winds and near-record waves played a role in taking down a greater than normal number of hardwoods and pines on parts of the Island.
It's not uncommon to see some downed trees on the Island.  The soil in most parts of Madeline Island is red clay, with occasional rock outcroppings or boulders, particularly on the north end of the Island.

Photo above: Fallen tree on Madeline Island shows typical shallow root system found in clay soil.
The … (0 comments)

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