madeline island: Missinne Greenhouse & Landscaping in South Range, Wisconsin serves the NW part of the State - 05/30/08 06:37 PM
In a couple of earlier posts, I wrote about the challenges of gardening on Madeline Island and in the south shore areas of Douglas, Bayfield and Ashland counties in northwest Wisconsin.  In those posts, I outlined several sources for gardening supplies:
I've been hunting for gardening and landscaping resources and last week I stumbled upon this one.  Missinne Greenhouse & Landscaping is located in South Range (close to the intersection of County Roads B and K, just west of the town of Poplar and the Lake Nebagamon area).
Missinne Greenhouse has just about anything you'll need to get your … (2 comments)

madeline island: 12% of Americans Plan to Spend Economic Stimulus Money on Vacation Travel - Come Visit Madeline Island! - 05/21/08 02:37 PM
According to the news services, the Federal Government estimates that twelve per cent of Americans plan to spend their "economic stimulus" rebates on vacation travel.
The local television news reported this eveing that the average gasoline cost will be about $58 round trip for someone in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota) to vacation in Duluth.  That's about five dollars more than last summer.
So I'd estimate it would cost a little over $60 for the same Twin Cities resident to make the round trip to Bayfield, Wisconsin for the ferry journey to Madeline Island.  That's not as bad as I thought.
My … (9 comments)

madeline island: Great Places to Dine on Madeline Island This Summer - My Recommendations - 05/21/08 09:53 AM
If you've never been to Madeline Island before, you'll hear plenty of opinions from newspaper travel columnists and websites about what to see and enjoy.  Here's my personal list of places to eat and relax while you're visiting the Island.
Restaurants - You've got choices on Madeline Island when it comes to dining.  If you're looking for casual dining or lunch in the town of La Pointe, stop at the Beach Club or Grandpa Tony's, both on Main Street, close to the ferry landing.  The Beach Club offers alfresco dining on the patio and plenty of indoor seating.  Grampa Tony's offers items like pizza, … (4 comments)

madeline island: Madeline Island Businesses Opening as Spring Unfolds - 05/12/08 04:54 PM
Despite the slow arrival of spring, Madeline Island businesses are opening and tourist traffic is beginning to pick up!
Here are a few of the La Pointe business openings scheduled for the month of May:
Bremer Bank - Open May 13, 20 & 23, from 9am to 2pm.  Beginning May 27, the bank will be open Monday through Friday from 9am to 2pm.
Island Carvers - Currently open, Saturday, 1 to 4pm. Beginning May 15, Thursday through Saturday, from 11 am until 4pm. Open May  22-26, from 11-4pm. Beginning May 27, Monday through Saturday, from 11- 4 pm.   
The Island Grocery Store on Main Street (across the … (11 comments)

madeline island: More Resources for Madeline Island and Other North Country Gardeners - 04/30/08 05:44 AM
Yesterday, I posted about the challenges and how-to's of gardening on Madeline Island.  For that matter, gardening anywhere in the far north can be a challenge!
I'm following up with a post about resources for gardeners who want to tackle gardening on Madeline Island.
There's a quote from a Clint Eastwood movie where he says, "This is an island.  If you didn't bring it with you, you ain't gonna have it"!  And that's certainly true when it comes to gardening or landscaping on Madeline Island.  You could hire a nursery company to deliver what you need, but you may want to consider transporting … (0 comments)

madeline island: Wisconsin "Epic Vacations" Commercial Features Apostle Islands & Lambeau Field! - 04/30/08 04:54 AM
This morning, on the CBS affiliate television station in Minneapolis & Saint Paul (WCCO Channel 4), I noticed a thirty-second commercial for "Wisconsin Epic Vacations" that opened with video footage of the Michigan Island lighthouse, located just off the northern tip of Madeline Island!

[Michigan Island Lighthouse in the Apostle Islands, Ashland County, Wisconsin] 
It turns out that the commercial was intended to promote tourism on behalf of Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers football team. 
In addition to all the photos of Lambeau Field and the Packer Hall of Fame Museum, plus photos of "keeper-size" fish jumping next to a boat, the … (2 comments)

madeline island: Bayfield and Iron River, Wisconsin to be Featured in Upcoming Episodes of PBS "Venture North" Series - 04/29/08 12:53 PM
The PBS Venture North series is described as an "essential guide to life and adventure at the tip of Lake Superior".  And the popular series on public television plans to feature the Wisconsin towns of Bayfield and Iron River in upcoming episodes.
The episode featuring Bayfield will air on May 22 and will replay on May 25.  That segment will highlight Good Earth Gardens in Bayfield, which supplies flowers and vegetables to well-known area restaurants, including Lotta's Lakeside Cafe in La Pointe, on lovely Madeline Island.
The Iron River feature will be part of the June 12th program, which will rebroadcast on … (0 comments)

madeline island: Gardening on Madeline Island Can Be a Challenge, But It's Worth The Effort - 04/29/08 05:01 AM
One of my clients asked me about the feasibility of having a vegetable garden, with maybe a few flowers, on Madeline Island. 
I could write a book on the subject.  Maybe I should.
The good news is, La Pointe Township is in USDA Hardiness Zone 5.  That means you'll have a longer growing season than nearby Hayward, Wisconsin.  The reason for the isolated Zone 5 classification is the moderating influence of being surrounded by Lake Superior.  Once the water warms up in spring and summer, it holds thermal energy and the prevailing winds from the west and south cause a … (0 comments)

madeline island: Cue The Bald Eagle! - 04/28/08 05:24 PM
This is a true story that happened to me a couple years ago while I was showing lakeshore property on Madeline Island.
I was on the north end of the Island with a couple, showing them lakeshore property.  We had looked at quite a few lake lots that afternoon and I think we were all a bit fatigued after hiking uphill and down for nearly three hours.
We hiked uphill to the bank of one property, overlooking Stockton Island.  The Lake Superior panorama was awesome and the weather was gorgeous.  My clients paused to take it all in.  And just at that moment, … (10 comments)

madeline island: Madeline Island Celebrates Earth Day With an Island Clean-up - 04/22/08 12:35 PM
Madeline Island residents and volunteers will be giving the Island a spring cleaning this weekend.
Sponsored by the Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce, the La Pointe School and the Town of La Pointe, the cleanup will take place Saturday, April 26.  Volunteers will meet at Joni's Beach at 11 a.m., with a community picnic and potluck (brats and hot dogs provided by the sponsors) at 12:30.   In the event of rain, the event will be moved to Sunday the 27th.
At 1 p.m., the La Pointe School children will present an Earth Day program.  And the kids will be making birdfeeders out … (4 comments)

madeline island: Aftermath of Lake Superior Storm Friday Leaves Trees Down in Washburn, Wisconsin - 04/13/08 05:57 AM
My friend (and ActiveRain member) Mike Arnao called me today to fill me in on the aftermath of the west Lake Superior storm which finally ended yesterday.
Mike told me that mature pines and hardwoods were down in Washburn, Wisconsin.  In some cases, trees were snapped off by high winds.  Street signs were down as well and debris from the windstorm was strewn around parts of town.
Madeline Island and the mainland town of Mellen received the most snow.  Both locales received fifteen inches of wet, heavy snow during the course of the storm.
The Madeline Island Ferry Line shut down Friday for … (2 comments)

madeline island: Move Over, Webcams - Dashboard Cameras Are the Latest Video Tech Gadget - 04/11/08 03:40 PM
You've seen lots of Webcam sites online.  Now get ready to see DashCam videos.
DashCams have been used by law enforcement personnel for years.  Tune in to an episode of "Cops" and you'll see dashboard videos taken by highway patrol and police squads.  Now the same technology is available to the public.
The CarCam Voyager (priced at around $70 on eBay) is a slim, wireless dashboard camera that stores video to an SD card.  With up to 2 GB of memory, the CarCam allows you to store up to five hours of video.  The CarCam is perfect for bloggers!  Just pop … (24 comments)

madeline island: Winter Storm Warning Remains In Effect Until Saturday for Lake Superior South Shore - 04/11/08 02:37 PM
The National Weather Service is issuing bulletins which remind the public that a Winter Storm Warning remains in effect for the South Shore of Lake Superior, at least until Saturday.
The most recent National Weather Service bulletin as of this time mentions, "AN ADDITIONAL 1 TO 4 INCHES OF SNOW WILL ACCUMULATE ACROSS THE WARNING AREA OVERNIGHT".  The warning area includes part of northwest Wisconsin east of a line from Shell Lake to Port Wing, with Hurley, Phillips, Hayward and Ashland expected to receive the most total snowfall.
Lakeshore flood warnings and warnings about shoreline erosion have been issued for western Lake Superior east to the Upper Peninsula … (8 comments)

madeline island: Ice Road Video: Experience a Trip Across Two Miles Of Frozen Lake Superior - 04/11/08 02:18 PM
My friend John Lindquist was kind enough to send me a link to his YouTube video of a March 8 trip across the ice between Bayfield, Wisconsin and Madeline Island.
The movie provides a behind-the-wheel view of what it's like to drive the ice road to Madeline Island.  I've received many comments from visitors to my blog about what it's like to travel the legendary ice road across part of Lake Superior in midwinter.  Once you've watched John's video, you'll feel like a seasoned veteran ice driver!
The video illustrates what you can do with a dashboard camera and a little ingenuity.  John commented,
"My … (6 comments)

madeline island: Madeline Island Ferry Line Resumes Trip Schedule - 04/09/08 08:27 AM
The Madeline Island Ferry's Running Again!
On Monday April 7, the Madeline Island Ferry Line resumed its trip schedule between Bayfield, Wisconsin and Madeline Island.  The ferry line website reports that it took the "Island Queen" just over an hour on Sunday the 6th to break a path in the ice between La Pointe and Bayfield. 
The Ferry Line also reports that it has invoked a fuel surcharge to the rates published on their website and in the printed ferry schedule.  This surcharge is due to sharp increases in diesel fuel costs since last summer.
The current abbreviated ferry schedule provides for eight trips a day, with the 7:30 … (4 comments)

madeline island: Ferry Season is Coming to Madeline Island – Coast Guard to Break Ice Next Week - 04/05/08 12:33 AM
The Duluth News Tribune reported today that the U. S. Coast Guard plans to operate ice breaking craft in the south channel of Chequamegon bay next week, on Monday or Tuesday.  They plan to open the channel for ferry crossings between Bayfield, Wisconsin and Madeline Island.
Once the channel is open, the Madeline Island Ferry line will undertake its first trips of the 2008 season, probably by mid-week.
There was a near-tragedy on the ice near Red Cliff (just north of Bayfield) yesterday afternoon.  It was reported that two fishermen on an ATV broke through the ice and they spent approximately … (2 comments)

madeline island: Market Report: Chequamegon Bay Region of Northwestern Wisconsin Mostly Spared From Foreclosures - 04/04/08 06:17 AM
The Chequamegon Bay area, including Madeline Island (Town of La Pointe), Bayfield, Washburn and Ashland is, for the most part, not suffering from foreclosures.
Last week, I spoke with Rick Geisen, a bank officer at Bremer Bank in Washburn, Wisconsin.  Geissen reported that Bremer is not seeing foreclosures at present.  He credited the bank's conservative approach to lending for the bank's good record in this area.
At present, there are no reported foreclosures in progress in La Pointe, Bayfield or Washburn, Wisconsin.  Ashland has five pending bank foreclosures.  All but one are priced at under $70,000.  The fifth is priced at $106,900.

madeline island: Gillman, Fischlowitz Take Town Board Seats in Close La Pointe, Wisconsin Election - 04/04/08 05:01 AM
Candidates Ric Gillman and Alan Fischlowitz took two open seats on the Town of La Pointe Board of Supervisors in last Tuesday's election.  Gillman received 96 votes and Fischlowitz received 92 votes.  Fischlowitz was formerly the Town Zoning Administrator in the late 1990s.
Incumbent Town Board member Hamilton Ross received 88 votes.  Candidate Holly Tourdot received 57 votes.  There were six votes for write-in candidates, equally split between Mike North and Doug Griggs.
Madeline Island voters also chose to keep both the Town Treasurer and Town Clerk as elected positions. 

madeline island: Madeline Island Visitors - Ice Road Begins to Deteriorate Due to Warmer Temperatures - 03/12/08 04:34 PM
This evening, I had intended to drive across the ice between Bayfield, Wisconsin and Madeline Island.  Things didn't turn out exactly as I had planned.
Temperatures in the mid- to upper 30s and rain have begun taking their toll on the ice road that connects La Pointe and Bayfield.  When I reached the Bayfield approach this evening at around nine o'clock, the sandy approach was slushy and there was a sizable pool of water standing on the ice close to shore. 
Not surprisingly, longer mid-March days and warmer daytime temperatures usually signal the end of ice road season is approaching.  The weather forecast … (12 comments)

madeline island: What Will $4 A Gallon Gasoline Do To The Vacation Home Market? - 02/28/08 12:18 PM
If you’re a real estate agent, do you sell second homes? At what point will high gasoline prices hurt your business?How far do your clients drive to get to their weekend retreat, summer home or cabin?

Photo above: Weekend vacationers cross Lake Superior aboard the ferry Island Queen. 
Crude oil prices topped $100 per barrel today.  Industry experts are warning of $4 per gallon gasoline by summer.
My own clients from Minneapolis and Saint Paul drive three and a half to four hours, one-way, to get to the south shore of Lake Superior (Bayfield, Wisconsin area, including Madeline Island).  That's a … (53 comments)

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