minneapolis: A Tripod is Still a Vitally Important Piece of Equipment for Best Results in Real Estate Photography - 07/25/10 11:23 AM
Let's talk tripods. 
Until someone figures out how to develop image stabilization that works well in all situations, photographic tripods will still be around.  In low light and for shots where you want a level horizon, a tripod is essential.  Yeah, you can level the horizon later on in most photo editing software, but you'll need to crop and you'll lose frame width.
The place where I see tripods least often used, and most often needed, is in video tours for real estate.  Going handheld with a videocamera when shooting a home tour is pretty unwise.  No one enjoys watching a jittery, bouncy image … (3 comments)

minneapolis: Minneapolis Photographer Steve McHugh Creates New Bell Street Art Gallery on Madeline Island - 01/01/09 10:42 AM
The summer of 2009 will bring the opening of a new art gallery on Madeline Island.

The Bell Street Gallery is the creation of Steve McHugh, a well-known professional photographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Steve has been a Madeline Island summer resident for nearly two years now. 
Steve saw one of our commercial listings, located at 807 Bell Street, this past summer.  He was able to look beyond the rustic facade and the bright red paint job that adorned the building.  Steve and his wife Mary fell in love with the location and the property's commercial potential, so they purchased the property in October … (6 comments)

minneapolis: Skip the Bong & Blatnik bridges in Duluth - taking the Highway 39 bridge route via Oliver to Superior, Wisconsin and beyond - 05/31/08 02:46 PM
If you're headed north on Interstate 35 from Minneapolis - Saint Paul toward Duluth and plan to cross over into Wisconsin, here are alternate routes you may want to try over the congested Fourth of July weekend.
[NOTE: I drive back and forth to and from Madeline Island from the Twin Cities quite a bit, and scenic routes like these can really make the trip more serene and fun!]
Instead of taking the Bong Bridge (Interstate Highway 2) into Wisconsin, take the Minnesota 210 exit near Black Bear Casino and head east through Carlton, Minnesota.  This route takes you past the Thomson Hydroelectric Dam site and … (0 comments)

minneapolis: Blogging On The Road In Northwest Wisconsin - 05/06/08 09:51 PM
Tonight I'm tapping this out on my laptop in the car, at a wayside rest stop on the east end of Superior, Wisconsin.  It's about 4:45 a.m. and I drove up here from Minneapolis late last evening, a trip of about 160 miles.  I'm on my way to Port Wing to show one of my listings there, a $1,150,000 log home on Lake Superior.
Thanks to the "miracle of technology" (a small wireless modem that plugs into a USB port in my laptop), I'm able to get on the Web anywhere I can get a cellphone signal.  My rule of thumb … (20 comments)

minneapolis: Wisconsin "Epic Vacations" Commercial Features Apostle Islands & Lambeau Field! - 04/30/08 04:54 AM
This morning, on the CBS affiliate television station in Minneapolis & Saint Paul (WCCO Channel 4), I noticed a thirty-second commercial for "Wisconsin Epic Vacations" that opened with video footage of the Michigan Island lighthouse, located just off the northern tip of Madeline Island!

[Michigan Island Lighthouse in the Apostle Islands, Ashland County, Wisconsin] 
It turns out that the commercial was intended to promote tourism on behalf of Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers football team. 
In addition to all the photos of Lambeau Field and the Packer Hall of Fame Museum, plus photos of "keeper-size" fish jumping next to a boat, the … (2 comments)

minneapolis: Trouble in Paradise - Second Home Owners' Complaints About Property Taxes on the Rise - 04/12/08 03:55 PM
In the past two months, I've been receiving an unusual volume of calls from past clients and other property owners in Ashland County, complaining about their assessed valuation figures.  Most of the calls I receive on this subject are from out-of-state landowners or second homeowners who absolutely flipped when they opened their most recent property tax bill!
The typical call involves a landowner who calls to say "there's no way I could possibly sell my property for this figure, so how in heck did the Assessor come up with a valuation that exceeds the current market"?
These days, complaints about assessed valuation are no surprise.  … (6 comments)

minneapolis: What On Earth Are BPO Companies Thinking? - 01/08/08 11:09 AM
Our office received a phone call from a BPO company in Florida early today.  The young lady requested that we do a drive-by BPO on a home in rural Wisconsin, about three hours from our office in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area and about an hour and fifteen minutes from our Wisconsin office in Ashland County.
She was in a bit of a panic.  She told us the BPO was needed for an approval that had to be ready by the end of the day today.  She was totally unfamiliar with rural northwestern Wisconsin.  She didn't know anything about distances, location, much of … (18 comments)

minneapolis: Flat On My Back Today With the 'Flu..Need Your Advice On Home Remedies! - 12/10/07 04:13 AM
I woke up this morning with a sore throat, fever and chills.  The last few days I've gotten a bit run down, driving back and forth between Minneapolis and Lake Superior (to Duluth, Minnesota and Ashland, Wisconsin), wrestling with the snow and outdoor temperatures hovering around zero.  Looks like I'm paying for it this morning!
So today I'll be reading and commenting from bed.  I don't plan to move around much, other than making occasional trips to the kitchen for hot tea or chicken soup.  I feel pretty crummy.
What do you do when you come down with a severe cold or the 'flu?  Does … (30 comments)

minneapolis: It's Official ! I've Been Re-elected to the Board of Directors of the Twin Cities Musicians' Union - 12/08/07 08:41 AM
The phone call came in about forty-five minutes ago from Tom Baskerville, Secretary of the Twin Cities Musicians' Union.  Ballots were counted today and I'm told I have been re-elected to a fourth term as a member of the TCMU Board.  We are an AFL-CIO Union local, members of the American Federation of Musicians.
The Twin Cities Musicians' Union (Local 30-73, AFL-CIO) serves the greater Minneapolis and Saint Paul metropolitan area, including a portion of western Wisconsin close to the Minnesota border.  Our officers and board members assist with contract negotiations on behalf of musicians in organizations such as the Minnesota Orchestra, Saint Paul … (22 comments)

minneapolis: The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Goes To Battle Against The Practice Commonly Known As File-Sharing - 12/05/07 07:00 AM
Music celebrity Prince, who got his start in the Minneapolis music scene and who has enjoyed three decades of huge popularity with fans, used to be a huge advocate of selling music online.  Prince was a pioneer in the Internet music scene and even received a "Webby" Lifetime Achievement Award for his "visionary use of the Internet to distribute music".
But that's all changed now.  Prince has decided to get tough with file-sharers and music pirates.  Just two months ago, Prince announced plans to sue YouTube, eBay and Pirate Bay, claiming that they were encouraging people to violate copyright laws.   Reportedly, his organization has … (16 comments)

minneapolis: I Spent My Afternoon & Evening With Marie Osmond Yesterday! - 11/30/07 02:46 AM
Marie Osmond, recently featured on ABC television's "Dancing With The Stars", was in Minnesota yesterday, appearing in a Christmas show at Grand Casino Mille Lacs, in Onamia, Minnesota. 
It was my privilege to be part of her back-up orchestra for the show, which provided me with a mini-vacation from the real estate business for a day!  Band leader/trumpet player Bernie Edstrom (who hires some of the best show orchestras in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area), called me a month ago and asked if I'd be available to play French horn for Marie's show.  Bernie and I used to work together at the Guthrie Theater  in … (19 comments)

minneapolis: "Wild Rice" Restaurant in Bayfield, Wisconsin Hosts its Annual "Tired of Turkey" Dinner on November 24th - 11/21/07 03:10 AM
This weekend, turkey-weary tourists and locals alike in the Chequamegon Bay area will be able to take refuge at the popular Wild Rice restaurant, located on Old San Road, just south of Bayfield, Wisconsin.  Wild Rice will be hosting its annual "Tired of Turkey" multi-course prime rib dinner on Saturday, November 24, at 6:30 p.m.
Wild Rice is renowned for its extraordinarily beautiful setting (as the website says, "Near the water, in the woods, on Lake Superior"), its huge wine cellar, and critically-acclaimed cuisine.  The restaurant building is an architectural masterpiece by architect David Salmela, with huge windows and a Scandinavian flair.  … (16 comments)

minneapolis: New Facilities Planned for Birch Creek Music Performance Center in Door County, Wisconsin - 11/21/07 02:22 AM
In 1976, James and Fran Dutton created the Birch Creek Farm Music Festival in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.  At the center of the music festival campus was an old hand-hewn barn that the Duttons painstakingly fashioned into a concert hall, with stage and seating for perhaps 150 people.
The barn and concert stage is still there.  And in its fourth decade, the facility, now known as Birch Creek Music Performance Center, has grown in stature and scope to become one of Door County's most popular performing arts sites, as well as a nationally-known summer music camp.  As Birch Creek has expanded its … (4 comments)

minneapolis: Has "Working Your Farm" Become a Load of Manure? - 11/20/07 01:17 AM

This post was inspired by another, written by a Broward County, Florida agent and posted two days ago.  That agent's post described as a "scam" the actions of a competitor who took a listing twenty miles from her "farm" area.
Is the tried-and-true concept of staying close to home and "Working Your Farm" obsolete? Has the Web made listing less local?  As long as you act in the best interests of your Seller and serve the client's needs, is it unethical to take a listing twenty miles away from your primary service area?  Do you consider working in more than one county or area … (8 comments)

minneapolis: Madeline Island Music Camp In LaPointe, Wisconsin - 11/11/07 02:30 PM
The Madeline Island Music Camp was founded in 1985 as a two-week learning experience for young chamber musicians.  In the past twenty-two years, the Music Camp has grown to a four-week season, with nearly fifty string and piano students in attendance.
Between mid-June and the end of July, the Music Camp is a beehive of artistic activity.  The majority of concerts take place on Saturdays, but there are occasional Wednesday and Thursday performances as well.
The Music Camp facilities in LaPointe, Wisconsin have expanded along with the length of the festival.  MIMC owns a ten-acre site with practice facilities and student housing.  There is … (0 comments)

minneapolis: Couldn't Avoid the Dreaded MeMe! - 10/28/07 10:51 AM
Actually, I asked for this.  My friend Mike Jones caught me at an unguarded moment and inquired if I'd ever been meme'd.  Me and my big mouth..
Mike's post that started this rolling can be found here:
Okay, let's get this over with!  My understanding is that I'm supposed to come up with five things that most of you don't know about me.  Here goes.. 
Below is a photo of me at the piano keyboard, at age seven.
I was a symphony musician and conductor for twenty-five years before switching careers and venturing into real estate.  Most of my family members were in the arts in some … (37 comments)

minneapolis: Lake Nebagamon Is Like No Other Resort Community in the Upper Midwest - 10/27/07 04:59 PM
In the late 1890s, lumber baron, Fredrick Weyerhauser moved his family to the Lake Nebagamon and established a resort community there.  Weyerhauser and others fell in love with the area and built it into one of the most charming summer communities in all of Wisconsin, comparable with vacation destinations like Bayfield, Madeline Island and Door County.
Around the turn of the century, the area experienced considerable growth and popularity.  President Calvin Coolidge visited in 1928.  The Weyerhauser Company constructed camps, added rail service and built a mill, company office buildings, horse stables, boarding and rooming houses and a general store.
Lake Nebagamon … (8 comments)

minneapolis: Take The Road Less Traveled Next Time You Visit Madeline Island & Enjoy The Scenery! - 10/23/07 06:44 AM

The typical visitor to Madeline Island is in a hurry to get here.  That's no problem, but next time you visit, consider taking your time and choosing an alternative to freeways and traffic.  Your trip may take a bit longer, but you'll enjoy some fabulous scenery and learn something about rural Wisconsin at the same time.
Many of our customers and clients drive here from Minneapolis-Saint Paul or from Madison or Chicago or Milwaukee.  The customary route is either Interstate 35 (from the Twin Cities) to Highway 2 in Superior, Wisconsin, to Highway 13.  Or visitors from southeastern Wisconsin will … (0 comments)

minneapolis: What did you do for a living BEFORE your real estate career? - 07/12/07 08:21 AM
I know some ActiveRain members have been in real estate all their adult lives.  But some of us made a career switch to this business.  Maybe you're among those who made the change to real estate from a former career.
Before I earned my real estate license, I was a professional symphony musician, college music instructor and conductor (yes, the person that waves a baton in front of an orchestra).  I began my career as a symphonic French horn player in the Israel Radio Orchestra back in the mid-1970's.  I was right out of Indiana University School of Music and it seemed fun and exciting to be invited to work overseas.

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