northwest wisconsin: Amazon's Agent NEO app Could be a Game Changer for Real Estate Agents - 12/06/17 10:21 AM
Amazon's "Agent NEO" app Could be a Game Changer for Real Estate Agents
Inman News is talking about this. I haven't seen it mentioned on Active Rain yet, but it's certainly getting attention elsewhere. And if you've missed it, you might benefit from doing a little research.
Agent NEO is Amazon's latest foray into providing a service to the real estate profession. The Agent NEO app is currently in Beta testing. It looks like both large and small brokerages are applying to test the new app.
Who couldn't use another way to reach real estate consumers? Alexa has become a popular way to keep … (17 comments)

northwest wisconsin: Pocket Listings...They impact Appraisal values. Don't do it! - 07/04/17 02:11 PM
Appraiser and blogger Mary Thompson has really hit it out of the park with this post.
Sellers, want to see yourself get ripped off by selling your property without exposing it to the market?
Just fall into the "pocket listing" trap (or more gently put, "private listing"). It's a windfall for the agent who takes a pocket listing on your property.  But it's a disaster for establishing comparable sales in your local market.
The point of this blog is to remind the real estate agent community that pocket listings are often absent from market data. This is the data that reputable agents and appraisers … (4 comments)

northwest wisconsin: A Crib Dock Can Add Value to Your Waterfront Property Shoreline - 04/11/16 06:33 PM
A Crib Dock Can Add Value to Your Waterfront Property Shoreline
In our geographic area in northwest Wisconsin (the Apostle Islands region of Lake Superior), it's not uncommon to see what are sometimes described as "permanent docks" or "crib docks" along the shoreline.  Among the twenty-one Apostle Islands, Madeline Island is home to perhaps a couple hundred of these crib docks.
Construction of these crib docks generally consists of oak cribs, pinned together with heavy iron spikes and filled with large brownstone boulders. The rock-filled cribs are then "topped" with planking, allowing a dock surface that can be equipped with mooring cleats or dock … (7 comments)

northwest wisconsin: Superb Brickyard Creek Waterfront Home in Bayfield WI - Sale Pending - 03/15/16 07:00 PM
Superb Brickyard Creek Waterfront Home in Bayfield WI - Sale Pending
One of our favorite Madeline Island Realty listings ever  is now a Pending sale.
Built by renowned Minneapolis & Saint Paul master builder Tony Eiden in 2003, this magnificent waterfront home in the Brickyard Creek development, adjacent to Roy's Point Marina, is in superb condition.
The exceptional view of Basswood Island (in the Apostle Islands of northwest Wisconsin) is an "up-close-and-personal" focal point of this luxury waterfront home. From the large, elegant tiled foyer and formal dining room to the dramatic wall of windows in the living room facing Lake Superior, the construction quality and attention … (8 comments)

northwest wisconsin: With Vacation Homes, Expect Time on Market to be Longer - 03/13/16 11:17 PM
With Vacation Homes, Expect Time on Market to be Longer
Every so often, a prospective buyer points to the "Days on Market" number on the MLS data sheet and asks, "why has this property been on the market for such a long time?"  I believe that many of these would-be buyers are looking for another way to ask, "what's wrong with this house?"
But market times can be much longer in a vacation home/recreational area, particularly when tourist activity is unquestionably seasonal. With few exceptions, in our Apostle Islands real estate market (in northwest Wisconsin), our tourist season is six months long, with the remaining winter months … (4 comments)

northwest wisconsin: 2015 Has Been a Unique Year for our Madeline Island Real Estate Market - 12/05/15 10:28 PM
2015 Has Been a Unique Year for our Madeline Island Real Estate Market - Market Report by Eric Kodner, with Madeline Island Realty
It's early for me to prepare a year-end summary on the 2015 real estate market right after Thanksgiving, but I'd say it's timely.  2015 was a year like no other, maybe even a forecaster's dream, as it offers some powerful clues to where the market for homes and vacant land may be headed in the future.
Let's begin with the good news. The 2015 market for upper-bracket homes on Madeline Island started strong and buyer interest in that market segment has held through late in the year. The first … (3 comments)

northwest wisconsin: If You Text Message us to Schedule a Showing, Identify Yourself - 09/12/15 02:42 AM
If You Text Message us to Schedule a Showing, Please Identify Yourself
I realize that we have more than one MLS in the Apostle Islands area (a few real estate brokerages belong to NorthstarMLS, others to SAAR and still others to Northwest Wisconsin MLS).  Online services like ShowingTime or Book-a-Showing are rarely (if ever) used by real estate agents in this part of Wisconsin.  Cellular phone reception is poor to nonexistent around here and signal coverage is spotty at best. Most agents in this area appear to use pushbutton lockboxes or dial combination lockboxes, instead of electronic lockboxes.  Showings in our area are most … (9 comments)

northwest wisconsin: August is Decision Time - Want Your Vacation Home Sold in 2015 or Not? - 07/28/15 01:07 PM
August is Decision Time - Want Your Vacation Home Sold in 2015 or Not?
In the northern United States, where shopping for a vacation home is a seasonal affair, the beginning of August is something of a decision-making moment.  In our northwest Wisconsin real estate market (the South Shore of Lake Superior, including Madeline Island and Bayfield, Wisconsin), August marks the beginning of "crunch time".  For many reasons, the price and condition of your home listing at this crucial time of year will make or break the success of your listing.
We often remind our sellers that they need to pay close attention … (0 comments)

northwest wisconsin: Ferry Service Between Bayfield, Wisconsin and Madeline Island Resumes - 03/24/15 02:13 PM
Ferry Service Between Bayfield, Wisconsin and Madeline Island Resumes
Today was the big day.  Yesterday, the Madeline Island Ferry Line made its first crossing of 2015, opening up a narrow channel in the ice between LaPointe, Wisconsin (Madeline Island) and Bayfield, Wisconsin on the mainland. And today, the Ferry Line made its first scheduled trip across the 2.2 mile stretch of Lake Superior that connects Bayfield with the Island.
The motor vessel Island Queen  made the first passage of the season through the ice yesterday late in the morning.  Apparently the crew nearly turned back, but their efforts prevailed … (3 comments)

northwest wisconsin: Sellers, Spring Cleaning Can Help Sell Your Vacation Home - 03/09/15 02:31 AM
Sellers, Spring Cleaning Can Help Sell Your Vacation Home
I believe most homeowners think of "spring cleaning" as something which takes place after the last of the snow melts and the leaves are on the trees.  In our part of the United States (northwest Wisconsin), spring cleaning usually doesn't wait for things to green up.  From the perspective of a Realtor, it probably shouldn't wait that long.
The end of winter and very early spring is a perfect time to begin sprucing up your property and cleaning your home.  With the snow melted and no greenery yet, there's not … (10 comments)

northwest wisconsin: Signs Point to a Bayfield and South Shore Market Rebound - 03/22/14 12:30 PM
Signs Point to a Bayfield and South Shore Market Rebound
The purpose of a Market Report is to do more than quote statistics.  Ideally, we're supposed to draw conclusions from the information in front of us.  Some would call that prognosticating, but we're convinced that there are increasing signs of a market rebound in the Bayfield, Wisconsin real estate market, as well as increasing interest in the rest of the Apostle Islands region of northwest Wisconsin.
During the past month, we've received more email and telephone inquiries and more general interest in Bayfield and the South Shore than I've seen in five years or … (3 comments)

northwest wisconsin: The Return of Multiple Offers - 02/09/14 11:10 PM
The Return of Multiple Offers
Multiple offers have returned to real estate, not just in large metropolitan areas and suburban communities, but all over the country.
In a multiple offer situation, the listing agent receives more than one offer within a narrow time frame.  Once the multiple offers are presented to the seller, a seller must examine the offers carefully and make a decision based upon the price and terms of the respective offers.
The listing agent is responsible for presenting the offers objectively, leaving to the seller the ultimate decision about which offer will be accepted.
This multiple … (38 comments)

northwest wisconsin: Primary Home Stats Won't Help Much When You're Selling a Second Home - 12/30/12 01:17 AM
Primary Home Stats Won't Help Much When You're Selling a Second Home
Looking at recent sales statistics can be one of the ways a real estate professional can provide useful advice to sellers.  But it's important to realize that comparing sales statistics in primary home communities to those in vacation and recreational markets won't be very useful, for a number of reasons.
First, the demand for primary homes is far stronger.  Urban and suburban dwellers in population centers need a roof over their heads.  A second home is, after all, a discretionary purchase. 
Another big factor is mortgage interest … (0 comments)

northwest wisconsin: Search Homes & Real Estate For Sale in Hayward WI - 03/11/12 01:24 PM
  Search Homes and Real Estate For Sale in Hayward, WI  
Search Hayward WI Homes For Sale
  We know the Northwest Wisconsin real estate market, including Hayward, Wisconsin. Madeline Island Realty (and its Minnesota affiliate, Wayzata Lakes Realty), work together as a team to market and sell properties throughout the greater Minneapolis & Saint Paul metro area, as well as real estate on Madeline Island and in Northwest Wisconsin.

northwest wisconsin: NAR's Yun Blames Inflated Sales Figures on Duplicate Counting of Closed Sales - 12/18/11 10:00 AM
NAR's Lawrence Yun Blames Inflated Sales Figures on Duplicate Counting of Closed Sales  
The National Association of Realtors revealed this week that estimates of previously-owned home sales have been inflated, due in part to "double counting".
The practice of double counting can be attributed to multiple MLSs reporting the same closed sale.  NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun mentioned the Denver, Colorado area real estate market as an example of duplicate reporting of home sales.
We see the same situation in northwest Wisconsin, where some properties appear on multiple MLS systems.  In an area like ours, it isn't uncommon for agents and brokers … (110 comments)

northwest wisconsin: Madeline Island Real Estate Market Report - Month of November 2011 Ends with Further Downturn in Average List Price - 12/13/11 05:52 PM
Madeline Island Real Estate Market Report - Month of November 2011 Ends with Further Downturn in Average List Price

According to statistics from the Trulia website, the average list price of a listed dwelling on Madeline Island dropped to $383,729.  The new average price in the 54850 zip code area represents a 0.4% drop from the previous week.
Continued weakness in pricing can be attributed to a number of factors, including the typical winter seasonal slowdown in Madeline Island tourist and visitor traffic.  A lack of available mortgage lending in rural northwest Wisconsin is also a contributing factor.
At the same time as list … (2 comments)

northwest wisconsin: National Association of Realtors Report - Average Realtor Nationwide Completes Seven Transactions Per Year - 08/02/11 02:15 PM


Consumers, listen up.
According to a 2010 NAR study, the average residential sales agent completed just seven transactions per year, an average of around one closed sale every two months.
In Northwest Wisconsin, that average appears to be lower, perhaps much lower.  I know area agents who haven't made a closed sale in six months or more.  There are even some real estate licensees in our area who haven't made a sale in the past two years.
What does this mean to the buyer … (3 comments)

northwest wisconsin: A Qualified Buyer in Winter is Generally a Very Serious Buyer - 11/26/10 06:06 AM
Rainer Michael Delaware of Battle Creek, Michigan, has written an excellent post that is pertinent to our own Madeline Island real estate market in northwestern Wisconsin. The winter buyer prospect IS very often a serious buyer. And we take extra effort to continue marketing our listings aggressively during winter for that reason.
A qualified buyer in winter is generally a very serious buyer.  If you live in Michigan, and are considering placing your home on the market, do not buy into the old saw that you should wait until spring to place your home on the market.  Too many sellers hold off for this, … (0 comments)

northwest wisconsin: Blogging On The Road In Northwest Wisconsin - 05/06/08 09:51 PM
Tonight I'm tapping this out on my laptop in the car, at a wayside rest stop on the east end of Superior, Wisconsin.  It's about 4:45 a.m. and I drove up here from Minneapolis late last evening, a trip of about 160 miles.  I'm on my way to Port Wing to show one of my listings there, a $1,150,000 log home on Lake Superior.
Thanks to the "miracle of technology" (a small wireless modem that plugs into a USB port in my laptop), I'm able to get on the Web anywhere I can get a cellphone signal.  My rule of thumb … (20 comments)

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