advice: Moving Your Houseplants - 08/21/08 05:13 AM
If you feel you cannot move your plants with you to your new home, all is not lost.  You can take some cuttings (small clippings) of your favorite plants before giving them away to friends or neighbors.  Pack the cuttings in damp paper and place in unsealed padded mailers along with a bit of its original soil, if possible.  The clippings can survive like this for several days until you arrive at your new home, and then you can then replant them with plenty of water.
If, instead, you'd prefer to bring your special house plants with you, here are some … (0 comments)

advice: Surya Yoga Academy - 08/20/08 05:29 AM
Yoga is an ancient practice that can benefit mind, body, and spirit.  For those interested in the physical and stress-relieving benefits of yoga, Surya Yoga Academy in Summit is a great choice.  They aim for an intense and thorough workout in each class.  While their Introduction to Yoga classes take place in normal room temperatures, most of their other classes take place in temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is referred to as "Hot Yoga"-a series of yoga poses done in a heated room. 
Hot yoga is designed to increase stretching abilities while avoiding injury.  Proponents of hot yoga ascribe to … (1 comments)

advice: The Messy Artist - 08/14/08 10:31 AM
The Messy Artist, an art studio for kids, focuses on sensory exploration and the process of art. All the art projects we do are open ended in nature, and the children can use the materials in any way they choose. We follow a "hands off" rule and request that adults not to touch their child's artwork and instead create their own projects alongside their children.  The Messy Artist believes this approach encourages  independence and success, and builds self-esteem.
The Messy Artist program was created by Donna Bernstein, an early childhood educator and child development specialist with a Master of Arts degree … (0 comments)

advice: The Connection for Women and Families - 08/13/08 06:13 AM
The Connection for Women and Families provides programs and services to women and families of diverse economic circumstances, race, gender, age, sexual orientation, culture, and physical and mental abilities.  The Connection offers a wide range of affordable classes, programs, and events for the personal, professional, and physical development of all who attend.  
In addition to a full fitness center, The Connection offers classes and programs not only for adults, but also for parents and children together, preschoolers, school-aged children, after school care, and those with special needs.  Fall registration start o August 12 at 10:00am and the fall session runs from … (0 comments)

advice: Color Me Mine, Paint-Your-Own-Pottery - 08/13/08 06:11 AM
Color Me Mine is a fun and fresh Paint-Your-Own ceramics studio who invites the community to come in and "discover the Art of Having Fun" in their relaxing and inviting studio space that houses warm, natural wood furniture, contemporary music, and a friendly environment.  Finished pottery pieces decorate the studio, inspiring those who come in to do their own works.  Color Me Mine offers over 400 different unfinished ceramic pieces (and adds about 100 styles each year) for those who want to create their own gifts, host a unique party, or just have fun and relieve stress.
Everything is food-safe-their glaze … (0 comments)

advice: Energy Efficiency Standards for Apartments - 07/18/08 07:54 AM
Leaders in the building community recognize the importance of making their building more eco-friendly where possible.  To help builders and developers who are aiming for a greener future, the National Multi Housing Council (NMHC) and the National Apartment Association (NAA) produced a new report titled, "Strategies and Costs to Exceed ASHRAE 90.1-2004 Requirements in a Multifamily Apartment Building."
Newport performed extensive energy modeling of a typical apartment property in three U.S. climates to determine what would be needed to exceed existing requirements by 15 percent, 30 percent and 50 percent as well as the payback for those investments.  Unfortunately, according to … (1 comments)

advice: Bad Recession News Improves Home-Buying Conditions - 06/23/08 11:34 AM
The increase in "McMansions" is hurting the new home market because many people can't afford to buy them.  In 2008, new homes were 25 percent higher in cost than existing homes, and the gap is widening.  Existing homes are selling better than new homes because they are less expensive existing sellers are more negotiable.  In addition, the median existing home was $195,900 in February, down 8.2 percent from last year. 
Home prices are dropping, interest rates are likely to drop further, and the housing inventories are saturated which offers the best selection to consumers.  Buyers-could you ask for anything more?


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