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Does anyone know of any place that has digitized Realtor map books?What I'd like is to be able  to select an area on a map and have it print out a large map at the same resolution as if I had copied and pasted together map pages from a map book.  I'd like to print it out on a large plotter type p...
I keep hearing about all of the gloom and doom on the TV and radio.  I hear many agents in my office complaining about their listings not being shown.  But in the last month, we've had 3 buyers get beat out of homes by competing offers.  All of them were in no rush because they thought it was a b...
A bad C.L.U.E. report can really mess up a transaction.  Imagine this.  A week before closing, your buyer tries to get home owner's insurance.  The seller has only lived there for 2 years and nothing was mentioned to him when he bought it about some water damage claims the previous owner had 5 ye...
Do you ever have a client who refers to areas using zip codes.  I know the zip code that I live in but I surely don't have any idea exactly where the boundaries are let alone the boundaries of any other zip code.  I found a great site where you type in a zip code and you get a Google map that has...
The late Milton Friedman popularized the expression "There's no such thing as a  free lunch".  By listening to some very popular radio ads by an Atlanta mortgage company you would think that anyone who willingly pays closing costs for a mortgage is either an idoit or is being ripped off.  This gu...
I never thought of Atlanta as a place that someone would want to retire to.  But in the last two years I've been working with more and more people coming from California, Arizona and Florida who are finding Atlanta as a great place to retire.  Most are impressed with the type of home that they ca...

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Truth, Excellence and a Good Deal
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