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What if you didn't care about making friends?  What if you didn't care about developing relationships for  future business?  What if you didn't care about losing current business?  How would you talk to people?  What if you were free to give your honest to goodness opinion without any concern for...
Many people who haven't bought a home for a while or are first time home buyers are always amazed at the electronic lockbox keys.  Agents are so used to them that they just take them for granted.  There is some amazing technology embedded in these simple looking devices.I really don't know how bu...
Do you think the housing slump has hit bottom and things are picking up?  The worse might be yet to come.  It's sometimes hard to get a really good analysis from general newspaper or magazine stories.  They usually have an agenda and they need to write what sells. I never put too much trust in th...
It's funny that after the initial excitement back in December when Zillow started allowing homes to be listed, talk sure seems to have quieted down.  The first week I had put my five listings up on Zillow and mentioned it to several agents in my office.  At the time no one had heard of Zillow.  M...
Love is important for marriage but is dangerous when buying a home.  Even though many people say they are committed for life to their home, most will eventually move  on within 5-7 years due to changes in their life. Many marriages don't even last that long. We all know that love can make us do s...
I think that adding video and audio to a blog will make a huge difference in conversions to real business.I have a friend, Mike Stewart, who is preaching and teaching this.  It is something that is high on my list of things to do in the next few months.Mike sends out an email every week or so wit...
After four weeks of an intensive participatory broker's training course, I've come to the conclusion that I want to remain a sales agent and want to leave all of the management stuff to my broker.  I'm glad I learned everything and it made me appreciate the great deal I have right now as an agent...
Zillow is on the cover of Fortune Magazine.  Here is the 3 page online story.I hate that they went and found a Phoenix real estate agent who kind of gives off the stereotypical image of a real estate agent:Specializing in a planned community near Scottsdale, Barry lords over his territory in a ca...
Fair Housing rules are a big deal.  The consequences of not complying can be very severe.  I wanted to put together the information that I had gathered while I was researching Fair Housing rules while commenting on a recent post.I really don't want to argue or get personal with anyone.  I just wa...
Honestly, how many agents take the time to look up the sign ordinances for the various communities where they stick up real estate signs?  I usually look around and see what other agents are doing and figure that I'll just do the same.Our Atlanta Board of REALTORS® has put together some nice tabl...

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Truth, Excellence and a Good Deal
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