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It's that time of year down here in Atlanta where everything gets covered with a layer of green pine pollen.  It's really incredible.  I couldn't believe it the first year that I moved down here.  There's a greenish yellow haze on the horizon and everything gets covered with a layer of green dust...
It is very interesting to look at a 10 year chart of housing prices in the 20 metro areas that the Case-Shiller  Index tracks.  If I didn't know any better, I'd say that many markets that have had huge run up in prices are just barely starting to come down.  It doesn't look at all like a crash so...
Google just did another Google Dance this month.  In the SEO world, one thing is certain: Nothing is certain and things keep on changing.  After every dance I try to  see if I can I can spot any new patterns to try to deduce what might have changed to the ranking criteria.  Google uses a big secr...
I was meme'd a few months ago and didn't participate. I was kind of new here and didn't feel comfortable sharing yet.  I guess it was my natural shy character holding me back again.  Jeff Belonger was kind enough to meme me again.  So here I go with 5 things about me that you wouldn't really know...
Some things just sound like the right thing to do.  Who doesn't want everyone to be a homeowner?  It's the American dream.  Who doesn't want to save the environment by driving a fuel efficient Prius instead of a gas guzzling Hummer?  But sometimes good intentions have unintended consequences.I he...
I'm a real estate agent.  This means that I help people find homes and assist them in negotiating a good deal.  Come to me only when you have decided that buying a home is what you want to do.  Tell me what you want, how much you want to spend and I'll go to work for you.  Should you buy a home? ...
Sometimes I take my preferred loan officer for granted.  He makes it look so easy.  Once in a while he does something incredible that makes me realize how lucky I am to know this guy.Last year I was working with a first time buyer who had found me over the Internet. He was preapproved with a lend...
I am throwing my hat into the ring for the project blogger competition.  Hopefully there is still a slot available for an apprentice.  If not, I will continue on as a lone wolf learning the craft of blogging all by myself.I love to write and I think that I come up with some interesting posts ever...
I just passed my state's real estate broker's test!!!  I must say that I really enjoyed the new class that they started and the new test that they are now giving.The test consisted of 12 computer simulated case studies of real broker situations.  A scenario was described  with limited information...
03/13/2007 makes it easy to run TV ads on some major stations for a lot less than you would imagine.  Nice looking ads can be produced for as little as $499. I haven't tried it out yet and am looking for someone who might be able to share their experience with it. I've played around with thei...

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Truth, Excellence and a Good Deal
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