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I couldn't believe what I read in the Wall Street Journal.  It made me believe that there might be a wee bit of hope that a few realize the root of the financial crisis we are in.  When I read this snippet I had to slap myself because I thought I was dreaming. If capitalism depends on designating...
So much for having time to digest and understand one of the most important bills that will have a huge impact on all Americans. Rep. Michael Burgess mentioned that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that she would use House Martial Law for the balilout bill. That term scared me so I did some dig...
This guy seems to make a lot of sense.  He says that if this bailout passes, it's really going screw up the trust in the system which will really mess things up.  He seems to feel very strongly that we'll end up in a depression if this bailout is passed. I'm no  expert but I never think much good...
I've heard many versions of what happened to cause the current financial mess that we are currently in.  I'm not a big fan of President Bush anymore but I must say that he explained how we got here very well.  Probably many missed his speech on Wednesday night, so I wanted to post his explanation...
YouTube is such a great thing.  No one can hide anymore from a bad prediction because somewhere, somehow, someone recorded it and put it on YouTube. Here's a funny video clip from a Financial News show back in December 2006, way back in the good old days.  This was back when many "experts" were s...
Broker Bryant reposted an article that he wrote back in July 2006. He had great foresight back then.  He seemed uneasy about seeing buyers buying homes with no money down and very risky adjustable mortgages.  He  predicted that he thought many  buyers were putting themselves at  risk if there was...
This bailout negotiation on Capitol Hill reminds me of a short sale negotiation.  You can come up with any price you want between the buyer and seller but it's all meaningless if the bank doesn't approve it.  In the end, the bank has to decide which is best for the bank.  A loss now or a loss lat...
There's a lot of blame to go around for the financial crisis that we seem to be in.  Today there were Congressional hearings trying find out what happened and what can now be done. The bottom line is that we all spent and borrowed more than we could afford.  Sure the banks made it easy for us to ...
We are all hoping that the worst is past and we've reached the bottom.  Things can only get better, right? I am an eternal optimist but I've been making the mistake of following two guys over the past year who have been calling for a lot more gloom and doom.  These guys have been on target with t...
Along my four mile commute into my office I pass by 10 gas stations.  This morning, all ten were completely out of gas.  For the past 10 days only about 3 of the ten have had any gas on any particular day.  I'm down to having 270 more miles before I need to refill. I was going to show some homes ...

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