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The Fed just announced that it will buy up $600 billion of mortgage backed securities.  This is something that is separate from the $700 billion bailout that Congress passed in October. Either I missed something important in the last three months or Congress and the Fed have been misrepresenting ...
I've read several posts today about Jim Cramer saying that now is a great time to buy real estate.  I guess it's nice to hear someone say that but before you get too excited, do a little research about his past predictions. This guy acts like he knows what he's talking about and has developed a p...
This is the coolest mapping thing I've seen in some time.  I love using Google Street View but I also love the Bird's Eye view  of Microsoft's Virtual Earth. Google satellite view gives another great view point depending on what you are looking for. I found a site that allows you to combine all t...
Uploading a video to YouTube sometimes takes quite a bit of time.  You can spend all day uploading a video to 20 different video sharing sites or you can up upload your video to TubeMogul and set it up so it gets uploaded automatically.  The best thing is that they have a beginner's plan that is ...
Below is an image of what you usually see at the end of a typical YouTube video. Notice all the garbage they serve up.  Who wants to tempt their hard fought for viewer with more videos to watch?  They might never find their way back to your site. Wouldn't it be nice if the video ended with nothin...
I almost gave up on YouTube because everytime I uploaded nice looking video, YouTube just degraded the resolution and it really looked bad.  I just accepted that as a fact of life and it moved me along to open up a Mixpo account. YouTube has changed.  They now actually store a "high quality" vers...

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