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I didn't know much about the big Cap and Trade bill that the House just passed on Friday.  I'm sure most of the Congressmen didn't take the time to read the 1200 pages.  A 300 page amendment got added at 3am Friday morning, hours before the vote. This sounds so much like the $787 billion TARP pac...
I thought I saw everything.  Here's a middle school kid making a full court shot.  That's pretty darn difficult by itself.  But he took it to a whole other level.  He did a full forward flip as he was shooting the ball. I wonder how he even thought of doing such a thing.
I saw an article about the soon to be announced "pay czar". It made me laugh.  It seems like they have a czar for just about everything now.  I did a little research and found that Obama now has 16 czars working for him.  This is way more than any past administration. Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske, f...
On January 10th 2009, the Obama team came out with their economic recovery plan that they were going to immediately get implemented.  They put out a really nice report with a lot of big numbers.  These are the best and brightest people working on the economic plan.  They had one nice chart showin...
I'm seeing a lot of foreclosures being priced very aggressively.  It's creating multiple offer situations.  I am working with a buyer right now who has been beat out of a foreclosure deal by someone else four times over the past few months. He tells me that if it's a "buyer's market" why should h...
I feel sorry for people who bought at the top and now have to sell and take a big loss.  I know how it feels to lose big because of bad timing. But I have much less sympathy for people who used their homes as an ATM machine as the value of their home increased.  They refinanced and kept taking mo...

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Truth, Excellence and a Good Deal
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