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Below are some quotes from a doctor regarding our national healthcare policy.  My question to you is, "Do you want this doctor involved in your health care decisions?" Covering services provided to individuals who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens are not ba...
Here's a video showing how wrong Ben Bernancke was from 2005-2007.  A good analysis of this video was done over at the website. No one will ever know if he saved us from finanacial meltdown last year. But he sure seemed clueless in the few years leading up to the crisis.  It's funny how...
This video is for all of those angry Tea Baggers and all the people shouting at their government officials. Let's lighten up. Sit back and watch this light hearted video and I'm sure it will make you feel so much better. Or maybe cry.  I guess it depends on how you look at it.       Here's anothe...
I saw this opinion piece in the Washington Post going into the legal details about a proposed "individual mandate" that would require all Americans to buy health insurance. Congress hasn't seemed too concerned about following the Constitution in the past but it is an interesting read. It explains...
I rented Dr. Strangelove last week.  I had first seen it in Theater Arts 101 in College at Penn State.  I really enjoyed it and wanted to share some of my favorite scenes.  It looks like you can probably watch the whole movie on YouTube now. Slim Pickens going down with the bomb caught me by surp...
Reading this article in Money magazine from May 2005, Boomtown USA,  seems funny now that we know what has happened four years later. It's about how everyone in San Diego seemed to be getting rich by buying real estate. Read the whole article. I picked out the best lines that stood out for me. Wi...
Cash for Clunkers seems to be a very popular program.  But have you really thought about what's actually happening?  I always like thinking about things down on a level that I can understand.  I came across this article that explains the program better than anything I've seen yet.  It brings it d...
I've seen many  stories and YouTube videos showing crowds of angry citizens at town hall meetings standing up and voicing their opinions about their opposition to the proposed health care bill.  Many in Congress and even the President have dissed these citizens and explained them away by saying t...
I received a nasty cease and desist certified letter this past week.  It said that I was using the Intellectual Property of Bring the Blog LLC.  They said they were coming after me for $150,000 in damages. They enclosed a copy of the blog they said I had copied.  It was an Active Rain post that I...
Ice melting! Rising sea levels! Polar bears drowning! Ice shelves falling into the ocean!  All because of man made green house gases. These are some of the scary scenes in the Academy Award winning Al Gore movie, "An Inconvenient Truth". It opend my eyes and made me do a little research to see if...

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Truth, Excellence and a Good Deal
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