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A few personal observations that tell me that people are still out there spending money. On Friday night after my son's basketball game, my family and another tried to find a place to eat.  The first place, Taco Mac, had a line coming out the door.  It is a very large sports bar and it was packed...
I love springtime in Atlanta.  I grew up in Pennsylvania where it was tough to do much outside until April.  I wait in anticipation for the first signs of Spring beginning on Ground Hog Day.  Once in awhile there will be a few daffodils that open up on that day.  This year I'm still waiting for t...
The US hockey team will be playing for the gold on Sunday against Canada. In 1980 it was a big deal when we beat the Soviet Union. They made a movie about it and below is the clip of the pre-game speech that Herb Brooks gave. A whole generation is learning about it through the movie.  Watch the s...
Do you take Lawrence Yun's  economic forecasts seriously? If so, let me be the one to burst your bubble.   Not that I don't like the guy, I just don't like seeing people being misled and having a false sense of security. I have read comments and postings from agents who say that Lawrence Yun has ...
I don't know how I missed this crazy story a few years back.  This is Henry Waxman giving a statement during his questioning of Paul Bremmer back in 2007. In a 13-month period from May 2003 to June 2004, the Federal Reserve sent nearly $12 billion in cash, mainly in $100 bills, from the United St...
Bloomberg has an interesting story today about how "crazy and unrealistic" loss projections on mortgage backed securities just one year ago are now turning into reality.  Last year the Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle said that the accounting rules forcing them to mark to market and therefore wr...
Yea, I know.  Who really cares about a Senate race in Connecticutt? But the more I watch Peter Schiff videos, the more I love this guy.  He's the guy who predicted the housing crash when others were laughing at him and calling him crazy. Watch these videos showing a talk he gave to a small group....
Here's a simple picture to help you understand what went on with some of the synthetic derivatives that AIG blew up with.  Remember, the taxpayers are on the hook for $180 billion due to the AIG bailout. Imagine that you sell a very expensive car with faulty brakes to some unsuspecting car buyer....
Once upon a time there was a small village with 100 families.  Each family had a small business that provided a service or product. Times were tough and everyone was just getting by. People just weren't spending their money, mostly because they didn't have much to spend.  They all had large credi...
I used to think that inflation wasn't a big deal.  Prices rose but your income also rose.  My Mom would talk about buying a loaf of bread for a nickel but I'd just say that incomes were proportionately less back then too. On the surface, inflation seems pretty benign. But I've been doing some stu...

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