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Lenn Harley did a post about how she feels that if your primary purpose for getting into real estate is to "help people" then you should reconsider.  She says: I disagree with the want to help people thing because it's an emotional do-gooder policy that should have no place in business... Until t...
Mistakes happen.  It's what you do after wards that earns you respect and shows your character. I had a closing happen yesterday, Friday night at 8pm on Memorial Day Weekend. I'll make a long story short.  My buyer's loan officer sent over a loan package on Tuesday for a 10am Friday closing.  The...
Update:  Ten minutes after I posted this I received an email from Brandy Green, the VP of the REO division of McCalla Raymer saying that they will close my deal at 7pm tonight.   I had emailed her the draft of this post earlier today and told her I would post it if they weren't going to close tod...
You have to watch this video.  Two southern boys showing how some common hay can be used to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf. If the oil comes up on the beaches, there's going to be one big mess.  It's going to sink into the sand and be almost impossible to get rid of. But oil seems to stick to...
I saw some clips of Mexico's president speaking to the U.S. Senate about our immigration policy.  He received a standing ovation for more than half of the Senate. I assumed that Mexico would want us to follow their example so I did a little research into how they handle immigration coming into Me...
I just couldn't believe what I read this morning.  Eric Holder, the US Attorney General, says that he hasn't yet read the Arizona Immigration Law even though he has come out saying that he thinks it might be unconstitutional and would lead to racial profiling. "I've just expressed concerns on the...

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