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Can you believe these stats: Defaulted borrowers were spending an average of 469 days in their home after ceasing to make payments as of July 31, That's over 15 months of no payments.   Even though seriously delinquent mortgages have increased over the last two years, the number of default notice...
Some how I missed this Super Bowl ad.  It's an Audi commercial showing how the police will be  cracking down on environmental abusers and if you're driving a "green" Audi you won't have to worry about it.   I saw this story on about Cleveland going high tech with their recycling...
I bought an iPad 3G about a month ago. I love it.  It has come in handy with buyers out in the field. 5 years ago I bought a Toshiba Tablet comuter and had a Verizon wireless card.  I had the vision of being out there with instant access to the Internet and being able to check things on the fly. ...
I know. I know. Not another post about short sales. If you are an agent, just click on by. Nothing new to see here. If you  are a person who has never bought a home or if you haven't bought a home in a few years, you might not know what a short sale is. I didn't know about short sales until a few...
Are you relocating to Atlanta and will you need to find a home quickly? Here's my new service, The Atlanta VIP Relo Express. I'll go out and take full video tours of up to 10 homes that are most interesting to you.  I put them up on a private YouTube link.  Takes you through the entire home in ab...
Let's face it.  Pictures lie. Even videos can lie. (Have you seen the video of flying penquins?)  Forget about relying on the agent remarks in the listing sheet.  We all know that agents get special training in creative writing. Yesterday there was a featured post about an agent complaining about...
Here's my solution to get upside down homeowners enough financial liquidity to get their home sold and move on with the rest of their lives.  It motivates the seller to  try to get the most for their home.  It makes the banks take a big loss but not as much as they would under a typical short sal...
I had seen the "Hindenburg Omen" mentioned last week.  It's a little known technical stock market indicator that has a fairly good track record in predicting major market corrections. You can read about the technical details here.  It doesn't send off a signal that often so when it does,  some ma...
This report just blew me away. In 2010, Cost of Government Day falls on August 19.  Working people must toil 231 days out of the year just to meet all costs imposed by government - 8 days later than last year and a full 32 days longer than 2008. In other words, in 2010 the cost of government cons...
If you reach the point of knowing that you will eventually have to go bankrupt, how do you run your financial affairs?  Many think that if they are going to lose everything, they might as well go out with a bang.  They might begin running up their credit cards and live it up or at least try to st...

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