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Would you be using an interest only 1 year ARM  to finance a house right now?  Would you be doing cash out refinancing with an interest only 1 year ARM right now in order to finace a business or investment?  Would you do such a thing if you knew you probably couldn't start to pay down the princip...
The Case-Shiller housing numbers came out today.  I updated my chart showing the twenty different market areas.  I put in that purple line that represents the government's assessment of the rate of inflation.  In the long run, one would think that housing should keep up at least with the rate of ...
Sometimes you think you have a grasp on what is and isn't allowed but then you read something that makes you doubt whether you know anything at all.  Comments in a recent featured post have me wondering if I'm missing something about real estate licenses. I always understood that having a real es...
Here are my charts for the average price of homes in areas around Metro Atlanta.  These are updated with the August 2010 numbers that just came out. These charts here are the 12 month moving averages weighted by sales volume.  For days on market and list/sales price ratios for all of the areas, g...
While showing homes to a buyer yesterday we stumbled upon a screaming deal.   It's funny.  My buyer was laughing at me at how excited I became.  I'm usually pretty quiet and low key but when I see an incredible deal I can't help but get excited.  I begin breathing heavy and get all shakey. Unfor...
Here are some amazing maps.  Eric Fischer mapped out the ethinicity data from the 2000 census using color coded dots. It's amazing how segregated cities are. Each dot  represents 25 people.  Red is white, blue is black, yellow is Hispanic, green is asian, and gray is other.  Here is the map of At...
There seems to be a really big mess with how mortgages have been transferred and sold and packaged into mortgage backed securities(MBS).  Lisa Udy did a good job with a post today explaining the situation. Most states have very specific laws and regulations on what has to happen when selling mort...
Many believe that a massive government spending stimulus is needed to get us out of this recession.  Usually World War II is used as an example of how we got out of the Great Depression.  I saw it mentioned in a comment yesterday.  "Which is why the stimulus was put in place.  But with a recessio...
Your buyer is excited about the house they have under contract and can't wait to get in there and make it their own.  It seems like they want access to the home just about every day in order to take measurements, meet with repairmen, meet with designers and so on and so on. Some sellers start to ...
I read through the comments of a featured post yesterday about "low ball" offers. The advice given by the writer is to "make fair and reasonable offers that are a "win-win" for you and the seller". So many  agents talking about making "fair" offers.  So many agents scoffing at and dissing buyers ...

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Truth, Excellence and a Good Deal
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