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I think MERS sees the writing on the wall.  After a few recent court rulings going against them, it looks like they are getting the message that their system just won't cut it anymore. They are changing their membership rules and are putting a 90 day halt on any members foreclosing in MERS' name....
Matt Taibbi has a good article in The Rolling Stone "Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?" I always say that when things don't seem like they make sense, it only means that you don't understand the whole story yet.  There's a reason for everything. Not a single executive who ran the companies that cook...
The HUD-1 statement can be very confusing to someone who hasn't sold a home before. Instead of sending the document and then trying to go over it over the telephone, how about doing a quick video explaining it just like the attorney will do it at the closing table. I used to do a screen ...
Sign My Pad is the simplest digital signature app for the iPad that I've seen. I did a quick video showing how easy it is.  Just open a PDF file, sign your name with your finger, press a button and you're sending it as an attachment on an email. I really don't know how they can make it easier.  
I enjoy pointing out obvious lies and deception that the major news organizations put out.  My philosophy is "how you do anything is how you do everything".   So if you are willling to deceive a little bit, you probably are also willing to deceive on a bigger scale.  Watch the video that someone ...
You've probably heard it before.  A buyer might say that they heard that no one is buying homes because the banks aren't lending any money. Sometimes you can overcome that thought by anecdotal observations.  It's great when buyers  can see it with their own eyes.  Like yesterday, as my buyers and...
Who's worse, the bankster or the deatbeat homeowner who has stopped making his mortgage payments? We've heard all the arguments before.  This video is a great summary that is also very entertaining.  They could have put in even more arguements against the banksters but I think they did a good job...
Are the policies of the US Federal Reserve responsible for the rising food prices in Egypt and other countries where people are now rioting in the streets because of it? Ben Bernanke says no.  Others disagree.  They say the the bailouts of the "too big to fail banks" are responsible for much of t...
I've always said that it's the message that matters.  The right message given by a person with passion is all it takes to move people to action.  A simple video posted on Facebook can be more powerful than any million dollar Super Bowl ad. Forget about thinking you have to be beautiful.  Forget a...

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