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Is it discrimination to not want to work with buyers who only can afford a home under $20,000? Is it discrimantion to not want to work with people who want to look at rentals? I received a call from a lady who vented on me about not being able to find an agent who wanted to work with her.  She wa...
I know many agents swear that they will never be a "pop tart" agent.  They have stories about jumping up to show homes to buyers before they have them qualified and ending up wasting a whole lot of time.  I thought I might share a "pop tart" success story to kind of counter balance all of those n...
I am so confused.  I heard many experts say that Social Security and Medicare are not bankrupt.  Their special Trust Funds will be able to make scheduled payments for 20-30 more years. Now I read a letter that Tim Geinthner put out saying how important it was to raise the debt limit so that the g...
If you are upside down on your mortgage and think that foreclosure is right around the corner, this video might be the most important video you've ever watched.  There is a "Dignified Foreclosure Solution".  It's called a short sale.  You probably have more time than you think. Foreclosure is not...

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Truth, Excellence and a Good Deal
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