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Youtube is a wonderful thing.  You can go back in time and get clips of politicians saying the darndest things. Here's Obama on July 3, 2008.  I really liked what he was saying.  I was so upset at Bush for running up the national debt more than anyone else in history and here was Obama voicing my...
We had the first Atlanta ActiveRain Meetup group meeting last night. I thought it went very well.  Unfortunately, the time just flew by too quickly. We had 12 people who were able to make it.  We had several people who cancelled at the last minute.  We all know how real estate can be. Getting to ...
If the Congress passed a national sales tax of 5% on top of all of the taxes we already have, do you think that we would have a lot of people screaming and yelling?  No exemptions for food.  No exemptions for poor people.  Everyone pays the same on every purchase that is made.  Anyone calling for...
Our Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack,  says that food stamps are the best possible stimulus for job creation.   But wait a second.  I thought that Nancy Pelosi said that unemployment benefits are the biggest stimulus for the economy.  She says that it creates jobs faster than any other initi...
Paul Krugman is a Nobel Prize winning economist.  I think he's going a little crazy. He had an interesting discussion with another economist, Ken Rogoff, yesterday on one of the Sunday news shows.  Both of them were for creating inflation to help get out of the recession.  Krugman has said before...
Last year there was a frenzy of activity and closings in May and June due to the ending of the $8000 tax credit.  One would have thought that it would be difficult for sales in May and June of this year to be anywhere close to where they were a year ago. But guess what. Sales for single family de...
Go to the Meetup page for this group to RSVP. I volunteered to get a group going.   So let's have an initial organizational meeting two weeks from today on Wednesday August 24, 2011 from 7-9pm. Let's make it cheap and easy. At least for the initial meeting.  Let's have it in a place where it's e...

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