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I spent the day yesterday with an investor couple who are looking to buy a few more investment homes.  They like buying $70,000 homes that take about $5000 to clean up and then rent out for over $1000/month. They have been successful with a few that they bought earlier this year and are ready to ...
I just updated my Atlanta Market Stats with the latest data from November. Prices have continued down but volume has formed a noticable upward trend.  Below is my 12 month weighted moving average for single family detached homes for the entire FMLS area.  We clearly are experiencing a double dip ...
This post isn't about politics.  It's about being able to trust what you read in the main stream media.   ABC News is regarded as a very respectable news agency.  I want you to read the story below.  See what kind of picture it gives you.  Fortunately, CSPAN was there taping the event that was re...
I'm sure you've heard of 9-9-9.  Herman Cain's catchy name for his tax proposal. It inspired me to come up with a catchy name for what I've been doing for the 12 years I've been a buyer's agent. I call my system the "12-12-3 Buyer Plan" Quite simply, I want you to see 12 homes in three hours on d...
Since surveys aren't required by lenders anymore, I have difficulty trying to convince buyers of the importance of getting a survey.  It's been especially difficult in the past few years when most surveyors seem to be charging close to $500.  I'm so excited about finding Brendan Blake of Blake En...
"What city or county around Atlanta has the lowest property tax?" I get that question asked a lot.  Unfortunately, the answer isn't clear cut.  It all depends on your indvidual situation.  You can't just look at who has the lowest millage rate. What's the price of the home?   Some counties have h...
A question I get asked a lot is about how property taxes vary from county to county or city to city. Does it really make much of a difference if you live in Sandy Springs vs. Atlanta even though both are in Fulton County? Can I save money by living in East Cobb or Dunwoody? If you are talking abo...

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Truth, Excellence and a Good Deal
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