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Can your sign take abuse and still stand straight and tall?   Can it get wacked by a lawnmower?   Can it take the hit of a run away tire?   Can it take the impact of an 18 pound watermelon?   Watch the video to find out how my sign system stood up. Call me crazy, but I love doing experiments in m...
I have a buyer who actively participates in seaching for homes that might meet her needs.  This past week she has sent me lists of homes that she's interested in seeing.  Unfortunately when I pull them up in my MLS, the majority of them are Pending Sale.  Some of them have been pending sale for o...
I am working with a buyer who is moving to the US and is trying to decide between Atlanta, Dallas and Austin. One key concern is crime.  It seems that Atlanta is perceived as a high crime area.  I live in the Sandy Springs area which is just north of the city limits.  Crime isn't a huge concern i...
You gotta love it.  Come and get your free phones.  Get one. Get two.  Hell, get thirty while your at it. It's only costing everyone who actually pays for a cell phone an extra $3.14/month on their cell phone bill.  It feels so good to know that I'm making a difference in someone's life.        H...
I couldn't believe this story.   "Last August, Morrison's front and back yards were filled with flowers in bloom, lemon, stevia, garlic chives, grapes, strawberries, apple mint, spearmint, peppermint, an apple tree, walnut tree, pecan trees and much more... When she heard they wanted to cut it al...
Canadian home buyers and sellers, beware of the bursting housing bubble. I know many Canadian real estate agents will be the last to admit it.  Warning people that prices are likely to drop just doesn't sell well.  It brings sales to a halt and you can't make commissions if buyers are afraid to b...
Would you feel safe or comfortable in a country where your president sings "Shoot the Boer with machine guns"? Just remember, a Boer is not some wild pig, it's a white farmer. I understand it will take some time for race relations to heal after all the years of Apartheid, but cut me a break. Havi...
I thought this was an interstesting story. "A man on a big farm tractor, angry about his recent arrest for resisting arrest and marijuana possession, was rolling across their vehicles -- five marked cruisers, one unmarked car and a transport van"  

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Truth, Excellence and a Good Deal
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