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My honest opinion on things that I find interesting about the real estate industry. I'm here to help you save money and avoid making mistakes.



 The Guarantee That Lures Them InKey Points I learned the details of the "Guaranteed Sale Program" You attract business with the guarantee but never give out the guarantee You make enough restrictions so no one qualifies You sell them instead on your regular program  Have you ever wondered how so...
 Just Finish ItKey Points Many ideas never get completed Is it because I want it perfect? Is it because I might find out that it's really not a good idea afterall?  I wish I would just finish all of the little projects that I get started. I get totally obsessed with something or an idea, spend co...
 Emotions Choke Out My WordsKey Points Funerals can paralze you with grief  Have your words written down or they might never get said  I watched Jeb Bush give a beautiful eulogy for his mom. I envied his skill and composure to be able to hold it all together at such an emotional time. It brought ...
 Laws of Physics Trump Pedestrian LawsKey Points Pedestrians oblivious to their surroundings  Bicyclists trusting drivers not to hit them When you're dead it doesn't matter that you had the right of way  I'm sure you've seen them. Someone taking their good old time crossing the street, oblivious ...
 Getting Your Spouse on BoardKey Points Having a supportive spouse makes all the difference  But do what you do because it feels like it's your purpose in life There's a reason for everything  I saw this posted the other day on Ryan Fletcher's Facebook. It is so true. I couldn't have said it bett...
 Key Points Storytelling is the key to success in business and life A new system to Give you a place to practice Change the world by impacting others who then impact others and so on...  This is day one of my new storytelling boot camp program. It's a first step in improving my storytelling skill...

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Truth, Excellence and a Good Deal
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