georgia: 3154 Justice Mill Court Kennesaw GA Listed at $169,900 - 06/16/14 11:03 PM
Kennesaw Home for Sale
One Level Ranch with Sunroom
Liberty Commons
3154 Justice Mill Court
Listed at $169,900
Full Screen High Resolution Supersized Slide Show
3 Bedrooms, 2 baths One level ranch
One of three homes with extra-wide floor plan
Wider family room and dining room
Custom features
Brick front, low maintenance vinyl siding
Hardwood floors in entire home
New Silent Bosch Dishwasher
Top of line Waste King Disposal
High Efficiency Trane HVAC, 3 yrs. old
Large master bedroom
Separate shower and tub
Fireplace in family room Separate dining room Patio overlooks fenced backyard Community Swim/Tennis/Playground HOA … (2 comments)

georgia: HUD Foreclosure, Woodstock GA. Bid Deadline Midnight September 19, 2010 - 09/09/10 08:50 AM
Here's my HUD Foreclosure video tour of the week.
It's up in the Fairways off of Town Lake Parkway in Woodstock Georgia.
I provided all the information you need in the links below.
516 Fairway Drive, Woodstock, GA 30189 $218,000
HUD #105-279857Property Condition Report
Comps. for The Fairways
Detail sheets for Comps.
To learn more about HUD foreclosures in Georgia and placing bids on them.

georgia: 80% Commission on Title Insurance in Georgia. New HUD-1 Reveals the Secret - 04/24/10 01:43 PM
Many in Georgia didn't know that a big profit center for real estate closing attorneys was from the sale of title insurance.  Some insiders knew that they received a commission from these sales but I could never get any of my attorney friends to tell me how much.  I figured it was probably 10-20%. 
I was shocked to find out that it is as much as 80% commission!!!
My latest closing with the new HUD-1 form shows it all.
The total title insurance fee was $1492
Line 1107 shows $1193.60 going to the closing attorney
Line 1108 shows only $298.40 going to … (9 comments)

georgia: Long Tail Search "real estate agent in atlanta, georgia, foreclosures,condo" Gets Me a Good Lead - 03/18/10 11:55 PM
I received the following email this morning,
Hello Tim ,
I entered the following and yours was the first and the only site I am responding to for now.
real estate agent in atlanta, georgia, foreclosures, condo
Our needs are very specific.....
He went on in detail about what he wanted.  He wants to spend up to $275,000 so it shouldn't be too difficult to find something for him.  He actually is looking for something within a couple of miles of where I live.
I did a the Google search that he mentioned and there my site was in the number … (3 comments)

georgia: Atlanta Real Estate Market Statistics for November 2009 - 12/31/09 08:34 AM
Below are the latest charts for the Atlanta real estate statistics.  They are for single family detached homes.
Average sales price Units sold Total days on the maket Sales price to original list price ratio Both raw numbers and 12 month moving averages for each stat. These numbers are from the entire FMLS area which covers a large portion of north Georgia.
For a more specific area, go to my site that has Atlanta real estate market statistics for 30 market areas around Atlanta.
From the 12 month moving averages, you can see that the number of units sold made a … (2 comments)

georgia: Rainy Days in Georgia Exposing Homes with Water Issues - 12/21/09 11:22 PM
This past year has been incredible as far as rain goes.  We started the year in a very severe drought with Lake Lanier being about 20 feet below full level.  Docks and boats were stranded in the mud.  Atlanta was down to just weeks before their drinking water supply would run out.
(Video version of this post.)
In the past three months, after we keep having days where rainfall amounts of 2-3 inches seem to be common, many are praying for the rain to stop already.
We had some major flooding in September and we have continued to have large … (4 comments)

georgia: Oh, To Be in Georgia Now That Spring Is Here - 03/02/09 11:06 AM
I did this video three weeks ago.  I was bragging how nice it was living in Atlanta where we can start baseball practice on February 11th.  It was 67 degrees and things were starting to bloom.
I guess I jinxed us.  Yesterday, March 1st, baseball and softball practice were canceled due to snow.  Instead of baseball practice, the kids got to slide down our front yard and we were able to build a respectable snowman.  Instead of throwing baseballs, we practiced our snowball throwing.
But Wednesday we will have practice again with temperatures predicted to be 55 and by Friday we should be back … (7 comments)

georgia: Atlantic Station Sales Are Slow. Prices are Dropping. - 06/30/07 12:47 PM
Atlantic Station is the newest big development in Atlanta. It's a brand new little city, 138 acres, built on the spot of an old steel mill. They say that it will house 10,000 people.  It's just north of the Georgia Tech campus and it's on the west side of the interstate across from midtown.  It is a total community consisting of shopping, entertainment, business and housing. 
It was the hottest area of town a few years ago when they were still building it.  People were lining up to buy condos and townhomes.  Prices shot up quickly.  But now it seems like things are changing.
I went on a the shortest listing … (4 comments)

georgia: Do You Ever End Up with a Contract that No One Can Read? Counter Offer Forms Are the Way to Go. - 06/26/07 09:40 AM
I used to always make counter offers by scratching out things and making changes directly to the contract.  After every change, the contract is usually faxed over to the other party and then faxed back.  Before long, you ended up with a contract that no one could read.  It's just one big black smudge.  Someone must then retype the contract so everyone can read it.  When you retype a contract, you run the risk that you might get something wrong.  Whoever makes the mistake is  liable.
I had always been reluctant to use the counter offer forms because I never knew for certain … (7 comments)

georgia: Million Dollar Homes in Atlanta Still Selling Well - 06/25/07 03:15 PM
The latest sales numbers for the Atlanta FMLS recently came out.  Overall, the total number of closings in May were down 28.5% vs. May of 2006.  But the average sales price went up from $263,087 to $264,487.
The reason for this increase in average sales price was due to the million dollar plus homes being a larger proportion of the total number of homes that have sold. In May of 2005 there were 50 homes over one million dollars sold which accounted for 4.36% of sales.  In May of 2007, there were 97 of these homes which accounted for 9.12% of total sales.
My … (1 comments)

georgia: Homes Seem to be Selling in My Area of Atlanta - 06/18/07 09:57 AM
I hear a lot of doom and gloom about the real estate market.  I like to be up to date on the general market conditions.  I read the monthly numbers that are put out by the MLS and I read all the national updates by the NAR.  The FMLS numbers for April said that sales were down by 15% over the previous year. That sounded pretty bad to me. Many buyers are hearing the same thing and are expecting to find bargains out there.
I've been working with a few buyers in the East Cobb area and we have found it difficult … (3 comments)

georgia: Great Reason to Have Owner's Title Insurance. Entire Subdivision Affected. - 06/14/07 07:44 AM
I often get asked whether it is worth it to purchase owner's title insurance when buying a home.  I always say YES.  I like to tell the story of what happened to a group of homeowners in a little subdivision, Anne Place,in Cobb County Georgia.
A man in Cobb County had inherited over 50 acres of land from his grandmother.  It just so happens that he married a lady who had the same name as his grandmother. Unfortunately they divorced and he had moved out of state. 
His ex-wife, pretending to be the grandmother who had the same name, went ahead and sold … (11 comments)

georgia: My Best Stuff All in One Place - 06/03/07 03:02 AM
You might be wondering, "Who is this Tim Maitski? Is he really nuts about Atlanta real estate or is he just plain nuts, like crazy nuts?"
"Can I trust this guy? Does he know his stuff?"
That's what this blogging is all about.  Through my writing, I hope that you will get a feel for who I am and what I know. Then you can decide if you trust me enough to help you accomplish whatever it is that you want to do with real estate.
I pulled together some of the better articles that I have written to make it easier for you … (5 comments)

georgia: Condo in Midtown Atlanta. Walk to Piedmont Park - 05/31/07 08:08 AM

georgia: Waterfront in Roswell, Georgia - 05/31/07 07:07 AM

georgia: Good Bloggers Are Like Good Negotiators - 04/06/07 03:41 AM
I read Herb Cohen's book "Negotiate This! By Caring, But Not T-H-A-T Much" and it hit me how similar successful negotiators are to the bloggers who I admire here at ActiveRain.
Cohen says there are certain style characteristics of successful persuaders, whether they be politicians, managers, salespeople and, I'd like to add to this list, bloggers.
The ability to express ideas in simple terms, framing issues so that choices are clear-cut.An optimism and hopefulness about the future.Coming across as the embodiment of ordinary folk--regular guys or gals.A congenial, humble, and unaffected way.The use of self-deprecating humor to humanize and make fun of themselves.If I … (34 comments)

georgia: Leasing Back Home for Two Months Messes Up Financing. How Do You Get Around It? - 04/03/07 08:20 AM
I have a buyer whose new home won't be complete until July.  With a three month window, we thought it would be good to get his current home on the market.  We priced it a little high since we thought that we had time to adjust if necessary.  So what happens? We get a good offer in 5 days with a closing date within 30 days.
But now my sellers don't want to be homeless for two months and incur the expense of a double move.  Being the smart agent, I suggest that we try to close in 30 days and then lease … (10 comments)

georgia: Attention Buyers. To Buy or Not to Buy, That Is Your Decision - 03/20/07 04:58 AM
I'm a real estate agent.  This means that I help people find homes and assist them in negotiating a good deal.  Come to me only when you have decided that buying a home is what you want to do.  Tell me what you want, how much you want to spend and I'll go to work for you. 
Should you buy a home?  That's not for me to say.  Is it a good time for you to buy? I really don't know.  You are going to have to make that call yourself.
Some agents want to give advice and take on the responsibility of … (2 comments)

georgia: Watch Out for Polybuytylene Pipes. They're a Ticking Time Bomb. - 03/01/07 01:47 PM
Polybutylene pipes are a real problem.  More and more pipes are springing leaks that can cause some serious damage.  If you are buying or selling a home you need to face the issue and not stick your head in the sand and hope nothing ever goes wrong.
Polybutylene is a type of plastic pipe that was used in the mid 1990's.  It was inexpensive and very easy to install.  There's just one huge problem.  It seems like the chlorine in drinking water slowly corrodes the plastic from the inside.  It takes years before the pipe bursts and so far only a small … (5 comments)

georgia: The Housing Bubble. It Could Get a Lot Worse. - 02/23/07 06:53 AM
Do you think the housing slump has hit bottom and things are picking up?  The worse might be yet to come.  It's sometimes hard to get a really good analysis from general newspaper or magazine stories.  They usually have an agenda and they need to write what sells. I never put too much trust in the headlines.
A good friend and great financial advisor, Chris Morris of CMA, sent me a story that brings up some very interesting perspectives on several factors that could really add up to major trouble for both the housing market and the economy.  It could get really scary. This article … (6 comments)

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