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What appears to be the beginning of a beautiful landlord-tenant relationship can turn ugly faster than you think.  So notes seasoned real-estate lawyer Ron Gitter, whose sage advice has graced this blog before and whose Web site contains much more valuable information.  "Perform your due diligen...
If you think the weather's fine, just dive in. (Flickr photo by SuperFantastic) There is a pretty strong likelihood that soon-to-be released second-quarter reports will show pretty strong sales in Manhattan along with prices that have more than held their own. Indeed, the Wall Street Journal sai...
The winning bid of $2,047,500 (including buyer’s premium) was rejected today for the 2,255-sf  penthouse at m127 following yesterday’s auction of six condos in the building, at 127 Madison Ave. in Manhattan, according to Paramount Realty USA, which conducted the event. With three bedrooms, two a...
  This poorly illuminated photo may give you some idea of the crowd. In the event you want to see the official press release from Paramount Realty USA on yesterday’s auction of six condos at the building called 127m, at 127 Madison Ave. in Manhattan, I figured I’d make available the first of near...
Hiding in the dark at the left is the auctioneer (thanks to my limited flash). An estimated 250 individuals filled the room in which six new condos listed for a total of $12.25 million in a building called m127 went up for auction today. In bidding that accelerated in mere seconds before nearly ...
Purchasers who forked over $30 for a bidding package learned minutes ago that the developers of the building at 127 Madison Avenue in Manhattan no longer face foreclosure. According to an announcement by Paramount Realty, which is conducting the auction, “as of Friday, June 25, 2010, Bank of Smi...
The law minces no words. When it comes to letting buyers know about a defect in a property that can materially affect its value, it is impossible for sellers to err in disclosing what they know. And when it comes to working with a broker, the broker may not fail to disclose his or her relationsh...
Flickr photo by Capture Queen. Although I have been writing about real estate auctions for some time, the interest that I have observed in the selling of six condos at 127 Madison Avenue in Manhattan this coming Sunday at the Roosevelt Hotel has been intense. Hundreds of readers have looked at m...
For some folks, arrogance knows no bounds. (Image from the New Yorker.) Possibly the biggest bane facing buyers, sellers and their brokers is property managers in New York City. You’d be hard-pressed to find one of us who praises any of them. In a purchase of a Chelsea co-op that finally is sche...
Living room of $660,000 one-bedroom co-op on Manhattan's Upper West Side. This is one of four apartments that I took the opportunity of broker open houses to visit last week on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The price of $660,000 for perhaps an 800-sf co-op may or may not seem too steep in th...

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