va loans: Mortgages Tips from Markita, What is the Lowest Down Payment Allowed? - 06/07/22 02:12 PM
In this weeks #MortgateTipsfromMarkitaWoods, #WoodbridgeVA, #MortgageLender is discussing minimum down payments, debunking some myths around higher down payments for FHA and Conventional home loans, and some options for 1st time buyers.
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va loans: A Real Life Example Of Why It's Wise To Take Owner's Title Insurance - 06/01/21 07:00 AM
When folks go to settlement on a house they are buying, they are told, "The closing costs include a lender's title insurance policy. The title company asks you if you want an owner's title insurance policy. Folks are often befuddled, and don't know what to do, so they say, "Yes, I'll take it," not really sure of what they just bought.   Owner's title insurance protects you financially should there have been fraud in the title prior or your ownership.   Here is a real life example of owner's title insurance saving a family that my mentor helped buy a … (0 comments)

va loans: Buy A Home With A Zero Down Loan Have Payments Cheaper Than Rent - 06/05/18 10:13 AM

You want to buy a home in Northern Virginia (NOVA) with your veterans benefit for a zero down home loan. Perhaps ypu are a first-time buyer, using your VA home loan for the first time. Or perhaps you are using your VA zero down loan for the second, or third, or fourth time, or more.  One thing for sure is that the military didn't tell you how to use your VA loan.
What you need is a loan officer with a respected loan company who specializes in VA zero down loans. Believe it or not, there are loan officers who have been … (1 comments)

va loans: 3 Ways to Buy A Home With No Down Payment in Woodbridge Virginia - 08/17/14 02:29 AM
In the Woodbridge, Virginia area renting is more expensive than buying a home but many people are still renting and here is money for a down payment.
In the video below, we share three ways you can buy a home with no money down in Woodbridge, Virginia.
Excellent credit is not needed but good credit is required. Watch this short video about zero money down home loans.
Contact your local woodbridge mortgage lender at 703-497-3936 to ask a question, get pre-approved and get rid of your landlord.


va loans: Can I Have Two Veteran Home Loans At The Same Time? - 08/15/14 01:36 PM
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were referred to me by a local Woodbridge Agent, after they had been told by their credit union and a national bank that they needed to use a FHA Loan or Conventional loan with a twenty percent down payment to buy a home, although Mr. Johnson is active duty military.
Mr. Johnson had been deployed overseas but upon his return he would be stationed in Northern Virginia. He and his wife wanted to have a place to call home upon his return and renting was not an option.
The Johnsons owned another home which was secured by his … (3 comments)

va loans: Veteran Home Loans and Cosigners - 01/16/12 03:34 AM
Veteran home loans are no money down home loans up to $625,500 in Washington DC Metro Area.
When buying a home typically two incomes are better than one for qualification but what are the rules for VA Loans and cosigners.
In the short video below we answer the question, Can I Buy A Home With My Girlfriend Using My Veteran Home Loan?
If you can't view this video click Veteran Home Loans … (18 comments)

va loans: VA Funding Fee Decrease Actually Was A Trick! - 10/04/11 04:08 AM
 VA Funding Fee Decrease Actually Was A Trick! After posting Government Loan Changes Effective October 1st, I was given an update that the VA Funding Fee will remain at current levels pending the President's signature of a bill that passed the House and the Senate.
The pending legislation will have an effect on if or when the VA Funding Fee will be decreased.The tenative date is November 17th.
Not sure what exactly the VA Funding Fee is... watch this short video about the use of the VA Funding Fee and Mortgage Insurance for VA Loans.


va loans: My Top Ten Questions on VA Loans - 08/16/10 07:05 AM
My Top 10 Questions on VA Loans
1. What is a VA Home Loan?
A Veteran Home Loan is a zero money down home loan for veterans and active duty military (that meet certain service criteria). The loans are guaranteed by the Veterans Administration, but funded by lenders, credit unions, and banks.
2. Who is eligible? How do I know if I am eligible?
Active duty military and veterans. Check out your eligibility at the VA Eligibility Center.
3. What if I can’t find my DD214 (which documents my service dates)?
That’s okay visit my website forms…download … (1 comments)

va loans: Military Mortgage Rebate Will Save Veterans and Active Duty Military Money when purchasing a home in Virginia - 07/19/10 06:11 AM
Do you want to save money on your new home purchase in Virginia?
Veterans and Active Duty Military in Virginia, I can help with our Military Mortgage Rebate.
Did the seller counter your closing cost help?
Whatever the reason we can save you money when purchasing a home in  Virginia.  Below is a list of benefits: Discounted Origination Fee $250 appraisal credit No lender "junk" fees Realtor Closing Cost Credit up to $5,000*
    Here is an example using a $250,000 sales price:
    We start off with $250,000
-The typical origination fee 1% is discounted … (3 comments)

va loans: I Foreclosed on a Home with My VA Loan...Can I Purchase Another Home Using My VA Benefits? - 06/25/10 03:31 AM
Caller: In 1998, I was uh,careless and walked away from a property I could not sell. I purchased the home with my no money down VA loan. Can I purchase another home using my veteran benefits? This seems like a great time to buy another house....
Answer: Yes, BUT it depends on the amount of entitlement you have left, if any. To determine the VA Home Loan Benefit we instructed Mr. Veteran to submit this form to the Regional Veteran Affairs Office requesting his Certificate of Eligibility. This certificate allowed us to determine any entitlement due to the veteran.

Upon return … (14 comments)

va loans: Washington Mystic Now Woodbridge Mortgage Lender! Can I Play on Your Team? - 06/23/10 08:02 AM
Former Washington Mystics Player Now Woodbridge FHA/VA Lender. Oh those were the days running out on the court in front of fthousand fans to play a game I love, needless to say it was a dream come true!                                                  
Nights of studying game film of the other teams have been replaced with nights of studying loan underwriting guidelines. I competed against fast, strong basketball players, now I compete against other lenders, appraisals, and … (2 comments)

va loans: Credit Union May Not Be the Best Option When Purchasing Homes in Woodbridge VA - 02/10/10 08:35 AM
I am not a member of a credit union but I believe credit unions are a great option versus traditional banks.
However when purchasing a home in the Woodbridge, VA area Credit Unions may not be the best choice.

After chatting with Peggy James, a super-duper agent with Exit Realty, she informed that some credit unions are issuing 45 to 60 day approvals. Sixty days, oh my what's the problem? After you have found your home of choice are you going to lose the contract based on the closing date, maybe. No offense Navy Federal and USAA but sixty days in our (sellers) … (1 comments)

va loans: Do I Need Mortgage Pre-Approval To See a Home in Woodbridge VA! - 01/16/10 05:02 AM
So it's a lazy Saturday afternoon, the beginning of a three day weekend in Woodbridge VA. And while surfing the net you came across some beautiful homes in your area. You call over your spouse and say what do you think? And sure enough the home listing has peaked his curiosity as well. The family really has outgrown the three bedroom apartment, you keep hearing its a great time to buy a home (low prices and $8,000 bonus cash makes a home an excellent investment), and you are just ready to get out and visit some properties.
Well you call and … (3 comments)

va loans: Purchasing A Home in Woodbridge, VA without a Down Payment Or Veteran Home Loan Eligiblity - 01/13/10 07:12 AM
Lately I have been asked where all the 100% financing programs? They still exist for buyers that have VA Loan Eligibility in the DC Metro Area. Or buyerss willing to live in Rural Development areas. The property address will determine the Rural Development eligibility.You can visit for more information. Of course, Woodbridge, VA would not be considered a rural area unless it was 20 years ago.....

The next best alternative to VA or Rural Development loans is VHDA FHA Plus financing. If you do not have downpayment but desire to purchase a home in Woodbridge, Virginia and surrounding areas. … (0 comments)

va loans: The Tax Credit and Repeat Buyers: What Move Up Buyers Need to Know About New Loan Qualifications. - 12/10/09 03:51 AM
The Homeowner’s Tax Credit Extension has been extended to include repeat and move up buyers. Buyers will be eligible for up to $6,500 tax credit if purchasing a new principal residence before April 30th. For frequently asked question about the tax credit and who qualifies click here:
Mortgage financing has probably changed since you purchased your home. Here’s a few things you should know about mortgage approval in today’s world of short sales, bailouts, and foreclosures. Gone are the days of low down payments with no income or asset verification. Today’s closing dates are targets due to the changing landscape … (0 comments)

va loans: VA Loans Can Assist Buyers in the DC Metro Area - 11/23/09 04:26 AM
There are several military bases in the DC Metro area. There are a large number of veterans and active military personnel in our capital city area. This indicates that there will be many veterans looking to purchase homes, and if you are a veteran who lives in the DC Metro location or still currently in the military and coming to this location, this is the right time to get your VA mortgage loan.
VA home loans are an excellent option for any eligible veteran who wants to purchase a home. With the economy being the way it is now, it … (6 comments)

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