veteran home loans: Mortgages Tips from Markita, What is the Lowest Down Payment Allowed? - 06/07/22 02:12 PM
In this weeks #MortgateTipsfromMarkitaWoods, #WoodbridgeVA, #MortgageLender is discussing minimum down payments, debunking some myths around higher down payments for FHA and Conventional home loans, and some options for 1st time buyers.
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veteran home loans: Cash and Homebuying, what not to do… - 04/14/22 10:22 AM
In this weeks #MortgageTip Markita Woods, Woodbridge VA mortgage lender is sharing why you cannot put large amounts of cash in your bank account when buying a home.
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veteran home loans: How Much Time is Needed to Complete a Mortgage? What is a quick timeline for that process? - 03/08/22 04:10 PM
In this weeks #TuesdayTip Woodbridge, mortgage lender, Markita shares just how long does it take to close on a new home loan. It might be faster than you think…

veteran home loans: What’s the difference between down payment and closing costs? - 03/01/22 01:08 PM
In this weeks #TuesdayTip Woodbridge, VA,  mortgage lender, Markita Woods breaks down what are closing costs when buying a home. 
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veteran home loans: A Real Life Example Of Why It's Wise To Take Owner's Title Insurance - 06/01/21 07:00 AM
When folks go to settlement on a house they are buying, they are told, "The closing costs include a lender's title insurance policy. The title company asks you if you want an owner's title insurance policy. Folks are often befuddled, and don't know what to do, so they say, "Yes, I'll take it," not really sure of what they just bought.   Owner's title insurance protects you financially should there have been fraud in the title prior or your ownership.   Here is a real life example of owner's title insurance saving a family that my mentor helped buy a … (0 comments)

veteran home loans: No Limit On Home Price With A VA Home Loan - 10/21/20 12:47 PM
October 22, 2020
The maximum VA loan for veterans to buy with no down payment was $625,500 last year. This year, the Veterans Administration blew the minds of everyon in the mortgage business when they removed the cap, and said the VA will guarantee any loan, of any amount, and require no money down payment.
You may now buy a $1.5Million house, if you have the income to qualify, with zero down payment. Is a $2Million house more to your liking? You can buy it with zero down and have a mortgage interest rate of 2.5%-2.875%, over 1.5% lower than conventional jumbo loans … (2 comments)

veteran home loans: Can I Have Two Veteran Home Loans At The Same Time? - 08/15/14 01:36 PM
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were referred to me by a local Woodbridge Agent, after they had been told by their credit union and a national bank that they needed to use a FHA Loan or Conventional loan with a twenty percent down payment to buy a home, although Mr. Johnson is active duty military.
Mr. Johnson had been deployed overseas but upon his return he would be stationed in Northern Virginia. He and his wife wanted to have a place to call home upon his return and renting was not an option.
The Johnsons owned another home which was secured by his … (3 comments)

veteran home loans: Seller Paid Off My Car to Buy Their Home! - 04/16/12 01:47 AM
This is exactly what my Veteran Home Loan buyer in Virginia is saying since their closing last week.
Veteran Home Loans have features and benefits unlike any other loan program (rightfully so).
In this week's VA Loan Tip we share how to get the seller to pay off your car to buy their home.
Subscribe to our YouTube channel Veteran Loans to learn more useful tips about your Veteran Home Loan Benefits. … (3 comments)

veteran home loans: Veteran Home Loans and Cosigners - 01/16/12 03:34 AM
Veteran home loans are no money down home loans up to $625,500 in Washington DC Metro Area.
When buying a home typically two incomes are better than one for qualification but what are the rules for VA Loans and cosigners.
In the short video below we answer the question, Can I Buy A Home With My Girlfriend Using My Veteran Home Loan?
If you can't view this video click Veteran Home Loans … (18 comments)

veteran home loans: VA Funding Fee Decrease Actually Was A Trick! - 10/04/11 04:08 AM
 VA Funding Fee Decrease Actually Was A Trick! After posting Government Loan Changes Effective October 1st, I was given an update that the VA Funding Fee will remain at current levels pending the President's signature of a bill that passed the House and the Senate.
The pending legislation will have an effect on if or when the VA Funding Fee will be decreased.The tenative date is November 17th.
Not sure what exactly the VA Funding Fee is... watch this short video about the use of the VA Funding Fee and Mortgage Insurance for VA Loans.


veteran home loans: Veterans and Active Duty Military Have A Secret Weapon When Buying A Home in Virginia and Maryland - 06/02/11 11:14 AM
Veterans and Active Duty Military Have a Secret Weapon When Buying a Home in Virginia and Maryland. Veterans and Active Duty Military have a secret weapon when buying a home in Virginia and Maryland. The secret weapon is a Veteran Home Loan with No Money Down. There has been much talk about the changes in regulations and guidelines on just about every other loan type. In my opinion many have not been beneficial to consumers. The Veteran Home Loan guidelines have remained virtually the same for years making it easier for Veterans or Active Duty Military to qualify for a home … (2 comments)

veteran home loans: Does Your Preferred Lender Do Loans For Buyers With Less than 620 Credit Score? - 05/10/11 03:27 PM
Does your preferred lender do loans for buyers with less than 620 credit score?
In late August 2010, Mr.Buyer was referred to me by an agent to get pre approved.  But this was not a ready to go client. We provided the client a detailed roadmap to
get mortgage ready in the next six months.
Many times we do this (you know give the buyer a chance to participate in their own rescue), but when we check-in a couple months later via phone the buyers have not done anything to change their situation.

Well this client was different he … (4 comments)

veteran home loans: Veteran Home Loan Rates Are Higher Than Market - 05/06/11 01:48 PM
Veteran home loans rates are higher than market in Northern Virginia....really?No, but the conversation went something like this:Hey Markita, this is Ms. Realtor with ABC Company and I am checking on the pre-approval for Carl Client. After sharing the pertinent updates, Ms. Realtor then stated that Carl Client has a certificate of eligibility for a Veteran Home Loan but I have advised him against this type of financing.
(Really I am thinking in my head) But out loud I ask:Why would you do that? Does he have twenty percent downpayment?Ms. Realtor says her client does not have twenty percent down payment but … (2 comments)

veteran home loans: Veteran Loan Tips for Northern Virginia Relocation - 05/03/11 03:04 PM
Veteran Loan Tips for Northern Virginia RelocationVeteran loans are by far the best mortgage financing available on the market today. Veterans and active duty military can purchase a home with no down payment on homes up to $818,750 in Northern Virginia.
Here are five VA loan tips you should know:
Veteran Loans do not have expensive monthly private mortgage insurance like FHA and conventional loans. (FHA coinciedentally just raised there's higher at the time of this post) VA loans can be streamline refinanced up to 100% of current market value . Streamline means no credit qualifying. Veterans can have two zero down … (1 comments)

veteran home loans: Are You Eligible for A Veteran Home Loan? - 03/23/11 04:44 PM
Attention Veterans: Are you sure you are eligible for a Veteran Loan?

Mr. Veteran found me, "Your FHA/VA Lender" on the web and called for an appointment to discuss his situation. After review, Mr. Veteran had great income, but needed some "credit updates". So over the next 90 days with our guidance we raised Mr. Veteran's score from 579 to 627 an acceptable score for a No Money Down Veteran Home Loan. During our time of credit updating, we also gathered income, and Veteran- specific paperwork such as a  copy of his DD214. He even had an original Certificate … (6 comments)

veteran home loans: Another Happy Veteran Home Loan Buyer! - 11/11/10 12:25 PM
Another Happy Veteran Home Loan Buyer!
Veteran Home Loans are the best financing option on the market today. Watch this quick video from another Happy Veteran Home Loan Buyer that purchased his home using his Veteran Home Loan Benefit.\ Looking for a local, accountable, VA Home Loan Lender? Call Markita, and start the process of purchasing a home with no money down. And of course...

veteran home loans: My Top Ten Questions on VA Loans - 08/16/10 07:05 AM
My Top 10 Questions on VA Loans
1. What is a VA Home Loan?
A Veteran Home Loan is a zero money down home loan for veterans and active duty military (that meet certain service criteria). The loans are guaranteed by the Veterans Administration, but funded by lenders, credit unions, and banks.
2. Who is eligible? How do I know if I am eligible?
Active duty military and veterans. Check out your eligibility at the VA Eligibility Center.
3. What if I can’t find my DD214 (which documents my service dates)?
That’s okay visit my website forms…download … (1 comments)

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