woodbridge mortgage lender: Mortgages Tips from Markita, What is the Lowest Down Payment Allowed? - 06/07/22 02:12 PM
In this weeks #MortgateTipsfromMarkitaWoods, #WoodbridgeVA, #MortgageLender is discussing minimum down payments, debunking some myths around higher down payments for FHA and Conventional home loans, and some options for 1st time buyers.
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woodbridge mortgage lender: Cash and Homebuying, what not to do… - 04/14/22 10:22 AM
In this weeks #MortgageTip Markita Woods, Woodbridge VA mortgage lender is sharing why you cannot put large amounts of cash in your bank account when buying a home.
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woodbridge mortgage lender: How Much Time is Needed to Complete a Mortgage? What is a quick timeline for that process? - 03/08/22 04:10 PM
In this weeks #TuesdayTip Woodbridge, mortgage lender, Markita shares just how long does it take to close on a new home loan. It might be faster than you think…

woodbridge mortgage lender: Top 3 Tips for 1st Time Buyers - 02/22/22 09:42 AM
In this weeks #TuesdayTip, Markita shares the top three things you must do to make sure you have a smooth home buying experience.

woodbridge mortgage lender: Self employed and looking to buy a home? - 02/15/22 02:03 PM
In this weeks #TuesdayTip Woodbridge, VA, mortgage lender, Markita shares how you can buy a home if you are self-employed, business owner, or an independent contractor. Check it out.

woodbridge mortgage lender: A Real Life Example Of Why It's Wise To Take Owner's Title Insurance - 06/01/21 07:00 AM
When folks go to settlement on a house they are buying, they are told, "The closing costs include a lender's title insurance policy. The title company asks you if you want an owner's title insurance policy. Folks are often befuddled, and don't know what to do, so they say, "Yes, I'll take it," not really sure of what they just bought.   Owner's title insurance protects you financially should there have been fraud in the title prior or your ownership. www.queenofmortgages.com   Here is a real life example of owner's title insurance saving a family that my mentor helped buy a … (0 comments)

woodbridge mortgage lender: How to buy a home and get money back at closing. - 09/06/15 11:07 PM
Lorena found me on the web at my site www.queenofmortgages.com (feel free to check it out). She was looking for a woodbridge mortgage lender to help her and her fiance buy her their first home using first time buyer programs. We spoke a few times by phone and met in person to discuss our simple four step process to homeownership.
They followed the plan and trusted my guidance and boom! Here we are below at their closing.... 
By the way I am glad you asked about the check they are holding. The check represents the down payment funds they recieved using our exclusive Gold Star Grant … (4 comments)

woodbridge mortgage lender: The Lender Is the Krazy Glue! - 03/19/13 12:23 AM
Elmers or Krazy Glue? Which one would you choose if you need a lot of pieces to stick together? Hopefully the Krazy Glue, which is what your FHA and VA Lender is when buying a home in Virgina or Maryland.
The graphic below shows all the "pieces" we need to stick together to get your home loan APPROVED in a timely manner.

Make sure you choose the right glue, an experienced mortgage professional serving buyers and agents in Virginia in Maryland.

woodbridge mortgage lender: Renting is Good! Yeah I Said It - 08/29/12 12:34 AM
Renting is good.....I know this is not a common statement 
from a Woodbridge Mortgage Lender.  
But it is true, renting is good,  if you meet one of the following criteria:
You are only in the area for a short period of time You enjoy paying someone else's mortgage You like the yearly rent increase without an increase in services or amenities. Rent in your area is cheaper than buying and you just can't afford a mortgage (In Woodbridge, VA rent is actually higher than mortgages based on recent affordability studies) You enjoy white boring walls with no chance to express yourself through … (8 comments)

woodbridge mortgage lender: Don't Listen to Suze Orman! Find Out Why... - 07/14/12 11:38 PM
Last Saturday, I sat down after a long day to watch some TV.  I clicked on the Suze Orman Show and this is where the disagreement began.  I ended up leaving the room screaming at the TV, "Don't Listen to Suze Orman!"  Watch the short video below, Don't Listen to Suzie Orman to see if you disagree as well. 

I am not a financial expert on all money matters, but I'd like to think I am the expert for Mortgage Planning when buying a home in Woodbridge,Virginia. And what is suggested to the caller sounds like mortgage fraud and more.....

woodbridge mortgage lender: How to Avoid Fireworks Before Your Closing - 07/06/12 01:10 PM
In the spirit of the 4th I am sharing how to avoid fireworks before your home purchase in Virginia or Maryland. 

Buying a home has become an exciting yet stressful time when using mortgage financing.  FHA loans, VA loans, and Conventional loans all have different guidelines to follow, but here are the things to do to avoid the fireworks before closing:
Do not transfer or deposit large sums of money into your bank account without being able to source the funds.  Do not send what you think will suffice for loan approval conditions.  For instance, if you are … (21 comments)

woodbridge mortgage lender: Woodbridge Mortgage Lender | Happy Easter! - 04/06/12 02:11 AM
Have an egg-ceptional Holiday!

 Check out our new Timeline
Happy Easter!

woodbridge mortgage lender: Buyers don't want a mortgage By FHA Mortgage Lender - 03/19/12 12:02 AM
As a FHA Mortgage Lender I have come to the conclusion that buyers do not want a mortgage. What they do want is a place to create memories, security, stability, or maybe to start a family.
Hey first time buyers let's not put the cart before the horse. Unless you can pay cash a mortgage loan is a means to an end.
So before you go to find your stability, security, and a place to call your own, it is a must to get pre approved for financing.
Never find your new home without finding your new mortgage loan.
Below is … (2 comments)

woodbridge mortgage lender: I Can Always Count on ActiveRain for Inspiritation- Day 24 of 31 Day Challenge! - 05/24/11 02:53 PM

It's nice to know I can always count on AR for a little inspiration. After a very tough day in the mortgage business I was completely spent. Today in the business it "seems" like every scenario is a "square peg for a round hole".
Anyway, I logged into AR and on my home page I had moved up on the leader board in my area from #8 to #7, thanks to participating in the "31 Day Challenge". The challenge has been a journey with days of interesting to not so interesting posts. I know it's not about the points, but … (9 comments)

woodbridge mortgage lender: No I'm Not Pregnant, My Shirt Is Just Too Small! - 05/19/11 07:52 AM
"No I'm not pregnant, my shirt is just too small,"
was my response to a colleague the other day (or my tummy is too big). I probably should be embarrassed to say this, but I have no qualms about making fun of myself. "Live, love, and laugh" are my motto!

Well there goes my self esteem, thanks Debbie Direct! Sooo, I guess it's time to dust off the membership to Retro Fitness in Woodbridge, VA. After years in the WNBA, I never thought I would become a skinny, chubby chick all at the same time. 

If you need to get … (19 comments)

woodbridge mortgage lender: Shut Up Mommy! - 03/14/11 10:19 AM
"Shut up Mommy!" yelled my two year old the other night...as much as I was surprised, partly because I have never told my sons to "Shut up" (I prefer a stern "Be Quiet!"),I was somewhat amused. So I decided to post on my Facebook status, "What do you do when your two year old yells Shut up Mommy?" Again, I was surprised and amused with the many responses. They ranged from, "Has that two year old come to yet?" all the way to a lengthy response about discipline now or he may be a serial killer or woman hater...(okay I'm exaggerating), … (6 comments)

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