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As an up in coming star in the world of New Jersey Real Estate (shameless self plug) I find myself in some wacky adventures as I navigate through helping buyers and sellers but none more wacky than the following.... So I was visiting one of my listing because my sellers were out-of-town and I wan...
Being born in Brooklyn NY, I would say I am a little judgmental, aggressive, stubborn, out spoken...(OK I'll stop there) So naturally moving to New Jersey was a real big deal for me (even though I can get back to the old neighborhood in about 35 minutes) There's a BIG difference... Yeah a tree gr...
Here's something interesting that happened to me a few days ago that I thought I'd share with you all.  I was at the grocery store picking up a few items (you know the usual) bread, eggs & milk etc...and when I got to the check out line the cashier asked paper or plastic?, then she noticed my Bro...
Being a Realtor who manages his own team, I take on all types of responsibilities throughout my daily routine, none more important than training newer agents; I was talking to a new agent who was explaining to me that he just got a property under contract (his 1st) & he's ready to get paid! I exp...
A friend of mine was sitting down with an investor the other day and heard some startling news, the investor told her that he was interested in buying a property; Good News right? well maybe not, the investor told her that he wanted to write up an offer but before she could grab a pen for him to ...
A funny thing happened on the way to the bank....I closed a deal, got my commission check, cashed it, became a hero, the seller lost job and his home in two short years later.  How could this happen you ask?  well before we answer that lets go back to where this all started... The seller (who we ...
So for all my people in the NJ/NY tri state area who just came off a great 4th weekend, are now in the midst of a serious heat wave with tempatures topping 100 degrees in some areas   After a sunny and dry weekend, the Garden State is about to get warmer. The National Weather Service has issued a...

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