buena vista: The mountains are coming to life. - 05/17/10 07:27 AM
Here in Buena Vista, there is a lot of snow on the mountains.  It seems to me as though they are whiter than normal for this time of year...but it could be me.  The good news is that while hiking yesterday I spotted a bunch of Pasque flowers...they are the real indicator of Spring here it the Colorado Rockies. 
Everyone here...well we real estate brokers...are really ready for spring.  Actually the first few months of the years showed more activity than a year ago, but those of us who have hung on are ready for some real mountain action.  There is … (1 comments)

buena vista: Lookin' like the old west - 04/13/09 05:49 AM
Buena Vista is central to kayaking, rafting and mountain climbing in Colorado.  It is a small town and some of the streets are still unpaved...in fact Main Street has only been paved for 50 years or so.  Now it is unpaved again...looking a bit like the old west...as we prepare for pedestrian bumpouts, benches, landscaping and new lighting along our main drag.  BV as we call it...is a popular area for retirement and second homes. Recently younger families are moving here to live where they play and enjoy small town mountain living.  It feels as though fresh thinking has reached critical … (2 comments)

buena vista: The safety of the Colorado mountains - 02/20/09 01:41 AM
I just love showing property here on the side of the Continental Divide...surrounded by 13- and 14,000 foot peaks.  The beauty is astounding and so far, the housing market is holding tight.  I have not noticed any real slip in property values, although sales numbers were down for 2008.  On the other hand, I have the longest list of potential buyers that I have ever had at this time of year and many of them are actively looking and plan to buy this Spring.  This early season activity is supported by my colleagues in other offices, which makes us feel very … (3 comments)

buena vista: Still paradise - 01/17/09 11:36 AM
I just returned from snowshoeing in the Sawatch range between 10 and 11,000 feet.  What a day!  Typical Colorado blue sky and lots of dry crunchy snow.  The views are wonderful, the forest silent, yet alive.  One couple had just summited Mt Yale (14,200 ft) and others were asking if it is always like this in Buena Vista.  Well, pretty much.  Last year, 337 days with sunshine.  Plenty of snow in the mountains, none on the valley floor at 8,000 ft.  After 30 years as a meteorologist...I picked right.  Now I sell homes to others who have discovered the secret.

buena vista: Good times - 12/02/08 06:43 AM
The morning office meeting is over and once again I realize that I am very fortunate to be here.  Every broker at the meeting had positive things to say about the office, the business and the state of affairs.  Certainly sales are down a bit this year in the Colorado mountains, but values are holding and there are still buyers.  In fact, I detected an up-tick in activity during the last week of November.
This is one of the most beautiful valleys in the country and working and playing here are a real treat. Working with colleagues that don't wallow in … (1 comments)

buena vista: Property values holding in the Colorado mountains - 11/14/08 01:25 AM
Here in Buena Vista, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, property sales are down from past years mainly because our buyers come from places where the real estate market has taken hard hits.  The property values here are holding quite well, foreclosures are not an item, and finding bargains is not easy.
Potential buyers coming here with some cash to make a deal have been disappointed that there are not loads of sellers just waiting to be saved.  While on an individual basis, there may be a deal to be had, they are not wholesale.
The good news is that those already … (5 comments)

buena vista: A sign of the times - 09/22/07 03:52 AM
Business has been booming and it seems that there has been no time to get to the high country...really high that is.  Fortunately, long-time hiking friends from Michigan let us know that they were headed this way, so I took myself off the schedule with the hope of getting some hiking in.  As it turned out, the night before a planned walk on the new CDT, south of Cottonwood Pass, it snowed and the result was enchanting.  The walk was cold and the trail slippery in spots, but the texture of the views, with turning aspen and willows, new snow and all … (4 comments)

buena vista: Happy 4th of July! - 07/02/07 03:15 AM
With the celbration of the 4th lasting for about a week, Buena Vista is bustling with visitors.  It appears as though every room in town is taken and that will be the case now for much of the summer.  This is one of the most intersting, beautiful and out-door oriented places in the country.  It is so much fun working with new comers to help them find a property that suits them and allows them to come live where, in many cases, they have come to play over the years.
Now that the Upper Arkansas Valley has really caught on as a place to be, there … (1 comments)

buena vista: Snow and Opening Day - 05/25/07 08:48 AM
Back when I lived in Detroit, Opening Day meant the season opener at Tiger Stadium.  I was a meterologist at the NBC affiliate in Detroit and that meant the forecast had to be right.  On occasion the forecast included snow.  
I also had my Captains license and loved being on the water.  I had a Friday night gig operating the J. W. Westcott mailboat.  The only boat with its own zip code.  We would go out and deliver mail to the passing freighters and often change out crew members.  Service stopped in the winter, but in the spring we would start operations again...that was … (0 comments)

buena vista: No sales dip in the high county - 03/15/07 04:20 AM
Buena Vista. What a place to live!  I sit here looking at a clear cobalt blue Colorado sky and 14,000+ foot snow-covered peaks pasted on the sky.  At 8,000 feet in this alpine valley, the real estate market is busy.  In years past, sales tailed off around Thanksgiving and picked up in March.  The rafters would be here in late April and there would be 5 or 6 cars in line at THE traffic light in June.  There were always plenty of days for rafting, climbing, snowshoeing, skiing and then 2006.  We have been discovered and sales are booming.  We will never … (0 comments)

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